Keyoxide allows me to prove that I own certain email and other accounts by building up a relationship between each account and a public/private key pair. This enables a third party to check that two accounts are owned by the same entity. I say "entity" because it is *possible*, although highly dubious, for someone to share their private key with others. So the proven relationships are really between accounts and a private key. I'm still fuzzy how this relates to an individual's identity, unless that is somehow inferred from a "convincing" collection of accounts.

It appears that claims can only be added for a fixed set of "platforms" and the keyoxide code needs to be modified to add further platforms. This seems inherently centralised. I wonder if it would be feasible to support a more generic approach to claims which would not need to be hardcoded into keyoxide? I guess the platform-specific aspect is being sure that a particular URI points at something which is owned by a user who may be asserting the claim.

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