Just ran into some anti-vaxxing toots. What's the approach to fact checking in the ? The usual tools of replying or quoting are unhelpful as they effectively promote problematic toots.

Twitter is able to label fake news as such, especially in relation to : bbc.co.uk/news/technology-5263

@underlap depends on where it was posted.

If you don't want to see it, mute user/keywords in your feed.

If it's against qoto rules, report it to your server admin

If it was posted on a politically correct instance or at least not a "free speech" one, theres a good chance the admin will censor it for you, if you send a copy of the report to both servers when reporting

If it was on a "free speech" instance, you can block it from your end ... but "decentralised" means their server their rules

@rose_myrtle Thanks Alison. I'll look into it further.

@rose_myrtle I blocked the user in question, but after checking out brighteon.social, I blocked the whole domain. It was full of anti-vaxxers and other fake news accounts. How thoughtful of them to cluster on a single domain for ease of blocking. ;-)

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