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Why was the messaging on covid always about masks and lockdowns and never about exercise and diet

I'm so used to xfce letting me snap windows to half the screen that using mac os is getting annoying

If Firefly aired today there would be some outrage that the good guys are based on the confederacy

I think Apple redesigned the Safari logo just to show off the quality of their displays

The movie Wall-E (pre anything good happening) is the perfect utilitarian society.

Why are ruger p95s going for like $500 on gunbroker. That's actually insane

Calvin Coolidge's 4th of July speech from 1926 is the most underrated speech in American history

I had lunch at a burger joint and there was a group of construction workers talking about how their cryptocurrencies were doing over lunch

A 10/22 in 5.7x28 would be an awesome coyote/armadillo rifle. Except for ammo cost.

Holidaymaker offended by butchers’ 6ft shop sausage mascot ‘Big Willy’:

Owner Dennis Spurr said it’s the ‘most photographed thing in Weymouth’ – but not everyone approves.…

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