Im surprised there arent more resources for starting a public apt repository mirror. Yum has a great how to page

Star Trek TNG's protagonist is wesley crusher

I often go to a coffee shop when I want to work on stuff. The place I go has one restroom and the number of people who walk up to the closed restroom door and try to turn the knob to see if it's locked is incredible. Have people totally forgotten how to knock on doors?

It seems like the argument was mostly that the previous system encouraged corruption. I don't know if that would still be true today.

What were the arguments made for the direct election of senators?

Ive been watching lots of star trek tng and I havent figured out, do they have a nightshift? Does stuff ever happen when the captain and first officer are both asleep

Other than being too old and retired, Trump's sister is legitimately qualified to be nominated to the supreme court

I understand euler's identity just enough to want to stare at it

Anytime there's a major historic event the Babylon Bee has to race to get out their parody of the media before the actual media reporting so that people don't think they're just copying real stories

Do you think Nvidia buying ARM creates an opportunity for RISCV to replace ARM among smaller companies?


Joe Rogan moderated presidential debates would be great

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