I've been playing crusader kings 2 off and on for about a year and I'm still not close to getting over the learning curve

I’m very honored the #Fediblock people went out of their way to artfully craft this beautiful collage of brave and true beliefs.

Maybe McCarthy was right. Some old hollywood movies do seem to be communist propaganda

This is the worst fight choreography I've ever seen. Other than that I like the movie so far

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I'm only five minutes into The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1938) and a character is spouting marxist propoganda. I was not expecting that

Pizza parties are protected by the constitution

Ive registered for my first shooting competition since august! Bully! I hadnt been able to get primers since then

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Braveheart is about the American revolution

So apparently the picture of the french soldier covered in sausages is from a french movie, not real.

There needs to be an edit of die hard with every scene with the annoying reporter removed. The movie would be perfectly fine without him

How have I never heard of the French islands off the coast of Canada

I keep thinking about getting a vr system solely to do the "we need guns" scene from the matrix

What's the difference between a submachine gun and a pdw? pdws are smaller?

This is the single greatest email I've ever gotten and I was accepted to college over email.

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