Im watching lotr and wondering how these people feed themselves. There dont seem to be any farms in these kingdoms.

As much as I appreciate the bill of rights today, had I been alive at the time I likely would have opposed it. The arguments made in opposition at the time were that the government should be so limited by the various enumerated powers that a bill of rights was unnecessary and adding such a bill would imply that the government can do anything not listed in that bill of rights.

Critics: "Am I out of touch? No, its the public who's wrong."

Finished the Terminal List and it's 9/10 as a whole. I'm glad the didn't try to setup a sequel or second season.

Second episode of the Terminal List is a 10/10

The Terminal List is pretty good. I've only seen the first episode but so far it's 9/10.

Once again Americans gather to celebrate the legend that is Joey Chestnut

The pistol 1950's doc fires in back to the future part 3 clearly has legit recoil. I think they actually fired a gun

"Our first object is to secure the Liberties of our Citizens in the Seperate States. Our second to maintain and Strengthen the Confederation. Our Third to purge the Minds of our People of their Fears, their diffidence of themselves and Admiration of strangers, and our fourth to defend ourselves against the Wiles of Europe. My Apprehensions of the Importance of our foreign Affairs, have been much increased by a Residence of five or Six Years in Europe— I see so much Enmity to the Principle of our Governments, to the Purity of our Morals, the Simplicity of our Manners, the honest Integrity, and Sincerity of our hearts, to our Contentment with Poverty, our Love of Labour, our Affection for Liberty and our Country. I see so many Proofs of their Hatred of all this, and of their Dread of it, both as a dangerous Example among their own corrupted debauched Subjects, and as a sure and certain source of Power and Grandeur; I see so many Artifices practised to debauch every Body you send, or who comes to Europe; so many practised by them in America itself hidden, covered up, disguised under all shapes, and I see they will ever have it in their Power to Practice so many of these arts, and to succeed to such a Degree, that I am convinced no Pains or Expences should be spared to defend ourselves."
- John Adams

It completely blows my mind that I can rent out the room where the Putney Debates occurred. Or at least close to it.

I'm supposed to get my motorcycle today and it's supposed to rain this afternoon RIP.

I suspect that loitering munitions will be more significant in the future.

Why is pride month in the summer?

Because pride cometh before the Fall

AT&T doesn't allow me to change the DNS server configuration on my router so I have to come up with a workaround

The chiappa rhino is used in both the netflix cowboy bebop and in the expanse as a sci-fi gun.

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