Yes! The dissasembly hex wrench that came with my red dot is the same size as the hex screws in my 10/22 magazines. One less wrench I need to carry

Why cant russia just be nice so we can be friends and I can get cool new AKs

The winchester wildcat is underrated imo. Give it a paddle mag release an it would be my steel challenge rifle

Things that are absolutely seared into my memory:
"Ramirez secure burger town!"

Driving through rural texas is always a fun game of "is that a tree house or deer stand?" Its usually both

Can someone explain to me why it shouldn't just be illegal for companies to buy other companies? I don't see any good that comes of that.

the chip shortage is myfault. I just came up with a salsa recipe i was a bit too enthusiastic about

Second match in a row to be called for weather. I am sad.

Do I have to be a weeb to setup a misskey instance?

We've been conditioned to think that "bat man" doesn't sound ridiculous

What is a magnum pistol caliber? What on earth is a PCC caliber?

The section of Plato's The Republic which describes the golden ratio is 61.8% (the golden ratio) of the way through The Republic as measured by number of syllables.

The width/height ratio of credit cards is the golden ratio

The Texan has an operating tempurature of ~60°F and above

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Shooting competition canceled because Texas boomers can't handle the cold. :(

I've been playing Stardew Valley for a few hours now and so far it's basically the same as Animal Crossing which is great. Honestly possibly better.

I have i3 and XFCE on my laptop because i3 is just not practical for playing videogames with multiple monitors but it's great for productivity.

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