Outside of that one beretta I dont think Ive seen a pistol that looks more like it belongs in the hands of a star wars character.

Smart devices which, instead of hosting their own backend servers, have access to your google account and store their state in a google doc that you can edit from anywhere.

I'm watching The X Files and so far they've changed handguns every season. First season Mulder carried a gen 2 Glock 19, second season was a P226, third season is a Smith model 59 (or another Smith double action I can't tell).

"We have a history other companies would kill for, and it’s great to capitalise on it. “

Edgar Heinrich

BMW Motorrad Head of Design


Maybe don't brag about your history BMW. Especially when this is on a page for a bike which is explicitly a modern rendition of a bike from 1936.

The problem is that anytime it's nice enough outside to be working on my bike it's also nice enough to be riding the bike.

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This idiot has a pile of motorcycle parts he hasn't put on yet and instead of doing the work to put those on I just ordered more parts.

S&W is making a sub-2000 that folds to the side so that you can keep an optic on it.

The 22 man saga turned out a lot more wholesom than I had assumed it would be.

The Indian Sport Chief does looks pretty cool. Im surprised there still isnt a version of the Scout with dual front disks.

Why can't I just visit a mechanic without some kind of extra bad news

I dont understand why Harley Davidson doesnt make a two-wheels-in-the-front trike. Thats definitely the better format for a trike.

I had forgotten that in the Captain America movie they defeat the supervillain with sten guns, thompsons, and winchester 97's

I just noticed the guy doing donuts in the promo video for the Scram 411 is wearing a sports coat.
Why is he wearing a sports coat?

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