I'm starting to get the feeling that most people would see the future described in Wall-E as a utopia to which to strive.

I still have no idea how british currency works. I hear "shilling" and "pence" and have no idea what the relation between these are.

There are few things sadder than reading accounts of hunting expeditions in the area I live from the 1800's. Many of the species they talk about no longer exist here and none in the abundance they describe. All replaced with concrete and fast food.

It sounds crazy that there were once herds of buffalo east of the Mississippi

Spotify isn't really great for video or podcasts

My understanding is that the US and France are the only countries who have independently developed nuclear weapons. All other countries who have nukes have either stole the technology from the US or stole/been given the tech from someone who stole it from the US. Except for France who did it themselves because we didn't want to share.

This is now my screensaver.
After testing all "modes" in xlock, I found this one randomly, called the "lament" mode. I assume it's an easter egg as it isn't in the mode list in the manual (there are some other hints, though). I'm quite happy because I like Hellraiser a lot.

The company I work for is wrestling with not enough IPv4 addresses. IPv6 needs to get here quick.

youtube.com/watch?v=QhfluziKZB Now I need a CP33 so I can do this at a match and confuse the heck out of boomers.

Wow Trudeau might lose to the Conservatives

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