Disney trying to retcon the Christianity in Indiana Jones.

Peter Cushing's performance in Star Wars really is great. I wish I had a pre-special-edition copy.

The install instructions for pleroma are much better than for pixelfed.

SLS has finally launched so now they can launch KSP 2.

It's funny to me that the Canadian national anthem has unrelated lyrics in english and french and the french ones are much more aggressive and nationalistic. It's in character. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/O_Canada

Apparently it's a pretty common strategy to get non-US spec vehicles into the US by shipping them to Mexico and driving them over because Mexico has very few restrictions.

I'm pretty annoyed that the newest forgotten weapons video has a dumb ad in it.

Samsung DEX (their support for using your phone as a desktop/laptop with an external monitor and peripherals) has much better window management than mac OS does. I can snap windows to half screen easily.

I've discovered that my phone will connect to an external display and mouse via a usb-c dongle so along with a bluetooth keyboard I can use my phone as a desktop. I'm not sure what to do with this.

I'm not sure that there are any German philosophers whom I don't actively dislike.

I am 0.02 points (out of 100) from advancing a rank in steel challenge. I had one malfunction last week which probably made the difference.

I'll pick one at random.

Charles Gene Abrell. Korean War.

For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving as a fire team leader in Company E, in action against enemy aggressor forces. While advancing with his platoon in an attack against well-concealed and heavily fortified enemy hill positions, Cpl. Abrell voluntarily rushed forward through the assaulting squad which was pinned down by a hail of intense and accurate automatic-weapons fire from a hostile bunker situated on commanding ground. Although previously wounded by enemy hand-grenade fragments, he proceeded to carry out a bold, singlehanded attack against the bunker, exhorting his comrades to follow him. Sustaining two additional wounds as he stormed toward the emplacement, he resolutely pulled the pin from a grenade clutched in his hand and hurled himself bodily into the bunker with the live missile still in his grasp. Fatally wounded in the resulting explosion which killed the entire enemy gun crew within the stronghold, Cpl. Abrell, by his valiant spirit of self-sacrifice in the face of certain death, served to inspire all his comrades and contributed directly to the success of his platoon in attaining its objective. His superb courage and heroic initiative sustain and enhance the highest traditions of the U.S. Naval Service. He gallantly gave his life for his country.

August 12, 1931 - June 10, 1951

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How about instead of putting actresses and other celebrities on our coins we start putting medal of honor recipients?

It finally happened. My motorcycle set off a car alarm via noise. It backfired starting it in a parking lot and it setoff the alarm in the car next to me.

People saying they'll switch to fediverse because twitter's potential rule changes. Bless your heart, you're in for a surprise.

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