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As time goes on I realize more and more that Senator Mccarthy had a point.

A massive chemical spill in Ohio. In unrelated news sales of crop tops and short shorts have spiked among local frog populations.

Is the 'traveling' rule just not enforced at the NBA?

Just about every motorcycle insurance add Ive seen has used an indian scout

South Dakota and Wyoming are the only contiguous states without Amtrack rail stations.

Steel challenge GM came to a match yesterday and crushed it with a 10/22 charger with a 4in barrel and a 40mm red dot.

The universe has five fundamental forces, the strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear force, gravity, electromagnetism, and whatever holds stacked five gallon buckets together.

The christopher nolan batman movies use a ton of hk g36k rifles. The gotham police carry them, Raz Al Goul's men carry some, and Bane's men carry them. Did they just have a bunch of them laying around when filming?

Been riding motorcycles for like eight months and I finally just dropped mine.

Keltec is sponsoring a motorcycle show in Florida?

I wish the local bullseye pistol club wasnt just boomers, most of whom arent very good.

Or did they accidentally make these guys copies of the Bolsheviks?

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