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Looking for contributors to our open source project, OpenRTP.NET, basically what we are doing is porting RTP to the .NET platform so that we can use it in our apps. For more information, check out the GitHub: github.com/JacksonDorsett/Open

Or if you want a more fluff description: OpenRTP.NET is an open source implementation of the RTP protocol adhering to the RFC 3550. OpenRTP.Net will be an easy to integrate and easy to extend for whatever streaming purposes the user needs.

And our discord is at this link. Do consider helping us out if you have the time :)


Anyone want to chat and discuss/get help with coding and interact with like-minded software devs?

Join here: discord.gg/W8WBpjAa

Brace yourselves for a peaceful transfer of power ;)

Source: J. Scott AppldWhite, Associated Press

Seems like ammo supplies are running low in Tacoma, WA

Question: My mom wants to use a FOSS operating system on her phone unrelated to Google because she is mad about events of late. Because I'm making Android apps, I don't want to do this on my phone, but does anyone know of any viable Linux based alternatives to Android on mobile?

So far I know about Plasma Mobile and Ubuntu Touch, but I'm not well versed on either, perhaps someone else could point me in the right direction?

G'day y'all.

I'm Nathan, a bored college student majoring in Computer Science, that joined this social network because FAANG's actions scared me a bit. I guess what else you should know about me is that I proudly use Linux Mint, and think that is superior to arch/gentoo/basically everything. I enjoy Taekwondo and girls, and I think mobile development is pretty cool. It has been 300+ days since I have actually been to school because of COVID, so the boredom is really creeping in. Well, that's enough about me, lets hear about you!


Check out the Android program that I just made which allows you to cheat at Scrabble! It is still very much a work in progress though

Anyone want to talk about coding? Feel free to msg me!

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