Whoa this was a cool signal. Magnitude 6.8 #earthquake near the Prince Edward Islands (South East of South Africa) about one hour ago (2023-05-21Z14:56). Signal on GEOSCOPE station G.CRZF (Port Alfred - Ile de la Possession - Crozet Islands: probably the closest open station at about 1000 km distance)

School Seismology activity book: namazu.unice.fr/pdf-cahier-sis is an English translation of a workbook from the French school seismology network. It looks very suitable for a secondary school / high school science club. The diagrams are still captioned in French.

Earthquakes: Cross-correlation detector in is used to match a template from one seismic event to a longer trace from a seismometer, returning events which correlate above a user-defined threshold. Applying this to
RD884, in Constantine, Cornwall, UK at a threshold of 0.80, I have identified 33 separate events in a swarm of multiplets (or repeaters) from the last week, identical earthquakes produced repeatedly from the same source. 12 of the events from this swarm have also been reported by . The largest event has a magnitude of 1.7, so they are all very small, although the M1.7 event was felt at the surface. The tutorial I followed is here: docs.obspy.org/master/tutorial and
report the swarm here: earthquakes.bgs.ac.uk/earthqua.

A M5.8 14 km NW of Ciranjang-hilir, Indonesia at 2022-12-08 00:50:58UTC recorded at 109.3° away in SW England and Brittany on and networks, in the core shadow zone. See: earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquake. Uses , & libraries.

Magnitude 5.6 #earthquake on #Java #Indonesia about one hour ago (2022-11-2ZT06:21) a little south of #Jakarta. There are reports of damage. Signal on station GE.BBJI (Bungbulang, Garut, Java) courtesy of @geofon and displayed using @obspy software. I hope that damage and injuries are limited. earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquake

@planetkooler, welcome. Add a bio to your account, using # to mark key topics of interest. Favorites are nice, but Boost is the way to spread information around as there are not the same algorithms as elsewhere. If you look on my feed, I have boosted some etiquette advice about alt text on images and use of camel case in tags.

I should have acknowledged that the plot is a time frequency representation created using the plot_tfr function in .

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Surface waves from a M6.9 near Bengkulu, Indonesia at 18/11/2022 13:37:09UTC, received in the UK ~11500 km away approximately an hour after the earthquake on and devices. The frequency of these waves is shown on a plot from the BGS Elmsett seismometer. @PoLaRobs

This most recent #Fiji M7.0 earthquake is not as close to the bottom of the local #intraslab seismicity as the previous deep #earthquakes a few days ago.
(note that the focal #mechanisms are projected onto the vertical cross section)

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Two things that are really important on here:

♿ Add text descriptions to your images/videos/audio. Accessibility is fundamental. More info: fedi.tips/mastodon-and-fediver

⚠️ Use Content Warnings on anything that people may not want to read right now. It could be upsetting like violence or politics, mild like movie spoilers, but either way it shows empathy and consideration for strangers. More info: fedi.tips/staying-safe-on-mast

These features are key to keeping this place friendly. Please use them. 🙏 ❤️

A few weeks ago I published an #OpenAccess paper in the Journal for Peace and Nuclear Disarmament. I examine the #hydroacoustic network of the #CTBTO and find which data is currently open via #IRIS
and show processing examples. I want to encourage exploitation of this data. doi.org/10.1080/25751654.2022. (thread)

I show a number of examples of how you can access data using only a PC with python (and in particularly #obspy) This is the signal at HA11 generated by the seismic waves from the September 3, 2017, North Korean nuclear test - recorded deep in the ocean.

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Magnitude 7.3 #earthquake offshore Tonga 45 minutes ago (2022-11-11Z10:48) - Normal faulting. Incredible signal at station IU.CTAO (Charters Towers, Australia, available via IRIS)


See tsunami.gov/ for #tsunami information. Advisory in place

Responses to today's M7 earthquake from the Fiji region at 2022-11-12 07:09:14UTC recorded in SW England and Brittany, France on the
and networks. See: earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquake. Uses , & folium libraries.

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Selected responses across the British Isles to today's M7 earthquake in Fiji 2022-11-12 07:09:14UTC recorded on citizen science seismometers, plotted using , , folium.

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Section from today's M7 earthquake in the Fiji region at 2022-11-12 07:09:14UTC recorded across the globe on the citizen science seismometer network. See: earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquake. Uses ,

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