Glad to say that my newest research is available at ArXiv!

It might interest you if you're curious about using metalearning for small tabular datasets.

One free message per day to GPT-4 and Claude+
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Today we are launching Poe subscriptions, which will provide paying users with access to bots based on two powerful new language models: GPT-4 from OpenAI and Claude+ from Anthropic.

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Next Wed (10:15) I will give a seminar on my @ERC_Research StG COeXISTENCE at @UniWarszawski - I will introduce the challenges and complexity of this research and will invite you to join our newly forming team @JagiellonskiUni - more details:

Gpt4 is cool and all, but remember that chatbots aren't limited to OpenAI
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After working for the past few moths with key partners like @NotionHQ, @Quora, and @DuckDuckGo, we’ve been able to carefully test out our systems in the wild. We are now opening up access to Claude, our AI assistant, to power businesses at scale.

I'd expect the much more accessible flan-t5 to make the waves that Llama is making instead. Is their difference in quality that big?

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Apparently @gpt_index is rebranding itself as LLamaIndex - but isn't Llama model hardly usable due to its licensing?

On the field of ChatGPT's competitors it's not nearly as impressive as @AnthropicAI's Claude, but it's a step in the right direction
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The first open-source ChatGPT alternative got released! 🚀@togethercompute released a 20B chat-GPT model on Apache-2.0 🗣🆕

You can try it for free on Hugging Face. 😍


RT @_philschmid
The first open-source ChatGPT alternative got released! 🚀@togethercompute released a 20B chat-GPT model on Apache-2.0 🗣🆕

You can try it for free on Hugging Face. 😍


I've created an open source meeting summarizer and deployed it to Huggingface. It accepts texts of arbitrary length, going beyond the default token limit.

Here are some notes taken from Hamlet:

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Imagine opening a @Nature article that has always been free and suddenly finding it paywalled. That’s what just happened to almost every Comment, News, and @NatureFutures article. This is disastrous. We NEED these freely available to the public (1/n)

Wygląda na to, że wśród pojawią się moje badania z XAI w biotechu.
W końcu wszyscy chcemy być zrozumiani, białka też na to zasługują

A healthy competition for ChatGPT is finally here! Claude by @AnthropicAI is available to use for everyone at, created by @Quora.

In a few years we're going to look at this problem the same way that we now look at SQL injections
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Indirect Prompt Injection: Turning Bing Chat into a Data Pirate

by modifying a website that bing chat reads alongside a user, the chat agent is able to have its goals modified by that site, unbeknownst to the user



Nikt się tego nie spodziewał, ale "status: rozpatrywany" wskazuje na to, że Perły Nauki znowu mają opóźnienia względem opóźnionego terminu.

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Try your best & take the challenge! First up: Track anti-microbial resistance in data & find the origin of resistant isolates from their ! Subscribe for more challenges 👉 @metasub @JimGolden23 @Niamh_Oh @mason_lab @GeoSeeq

I think I've found the one weird trick for 10xing my research career.

There is an unpleasant lack of metagenomic datasets on @huggingface so I've decided to add some, starting from Feng Q. et al.'s "Gut microbiome development along the colorectal adenoma-carcinoma sequence " publication.

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✈️ Krajowe loty poselskie to szara strefa wydawania publicznych pieniędzy.

Posłowie nie muszą raportować:

➡️ skąd lecą,
➡️ dokąd lecą,
➡️ i w jakim celu.

W tej kadencji na ten środek transportu wydaliśmy 12 720 486,36 zł.

👉 Zapraszam na materiał:

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Ponieważ w sobotę minął rok od złożenia naszego wniosku w Perłach Nauki mieliśmy dziś małą imprezę rocznicową w labie razem z ówczesną magistrantką a dziś już doktorantką Moniką Malon! Dziękujemy @MEIN_GOV_PL za tą przygodę, czekamy na drugą rocznicę!

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