We are excited to announce the return of our yPC meets Industry online lecture series.

To kick things off, we will start with a talk on Start-ups in Chemistry. Dr. Michael Bauer (Carbolution Chemicals CmbH, CEO) and Dr. Benedict Diederich (openUC2 GmbH, senior researcher) will share their experiences on starting a company based on their research ideas - from the initial brainstorming to the first business plan! We hope this will serve as inspiration to many of you!

The event will take place on December 7th at 4 pm CET.

Register for the meeting here: forms.gle/XFH8FkncmqhfPYBu7

Award for best PhD thesis in Physical Chemistry 

Did you recently finish your PhD thesis in Physical Chemistry or are about to finish? The German Bunsen Society award the Agnes Pockels Award for best PhD thesis! Send your application until November 30! PhD students from all over Europe may apply for the award. Your application requires a short (2p max) CV, a short summary of your thesis, and 2 recommendation letters from senior scientists (e.g. your supervisor). The 4 best candidates will present a short lecture on their thesis at Bunsen-Tagung 2023 and the awardee will be recognized in the final ceremony of the conference. The winner will also receive 1000 €! Good luck to all applicants! More info (in German) bunsen.de/fileadmin/user_uploa

Hello world! We are the young Physical Chemists, the youth organization of the German society for ! We organize and online and inform you about early career opportunities like open positions and grants!

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