I've published a detailed intro to CO2 monitoring.
- How to use it
- What it tells you
- What levels should be
- Limitations you need to be aware of
- Gauging risk for airborne disease transmission

I put together a FAQ with 17 common myths and questions about HEPA filters.

How it works
Picking one
Blow the virus around
UV and ionizers
0.3 µm
"we already have mechanical ventilation"
and many more.


Nothing about this sounds safe…

"My coffee tasted unusually bitter, my lips started feeling numb, the roof of my mouth started feeling numb, my tongue started burning, and my throat started burning...I did experience GASTROINTESTINAL BLEEDING," -Therese, 15 miles away from #EastPalestineOH train explosion👇
#Ohio #train


"Sheep living in pasture with solar panels benefit from shade in hot weather and more nutritious grass – and they stop weeds from growing on the panels"

Putting #SolarPanels in grazing fields is good for #sheep | #SolarEnergy |New Scientist

This is not a chart depicting Moore’s Law.

This chart is the CRAYOLA COROLLARY showing that the number of Crayola crayon colors doubles approximately every 18 years.

COVID-19 and Airborne Transmission: Science Rejected, Lives Lost. Can Society Do Better?

Lidia Morawska, et al.,
Clinical Infectious Diseases, doi.org/10.1093/cid/ciad068

This is the sad story of lost opportunities to save many lives. Unfortunately, the errors are still being repeated in poorly designed "pragmatic" RCTs and biased Cochrane reviews.
@linseymarr @EliP

The pandemic has taught us
that we
have been getting the myth
of Cassandra entirely wrong
and it is not that her
accurate warnings
were not believed
but that her warnings
were heard and understood
but those who heard them
just did not care.

“Hundreds of patients have received #LungTransplants due to #COVID19 in the United States. According to data from the United Network for Organ Transplants (UNOS), in the U.S., about one in 10 lung transplants now go to COVID-19 patients.”


This is what I've been clumsily trying to say in media recently. We now have waves of COVID with lower peaks and higher troughs. This is what "hyperendemicity" looks like. So yes, the official pandemic could justifiably be declared over, as that is an administrative definition. But functionally, what we're looking at is a *sustained* assault on our already overtaxed health care system for the foreseeable future.

Solutions? Better treatments, better vaccines (mucosal ones), better engineered built environments.

More on the precautions at Davos. If they are good for them they are good for you too.

Everyone should be safe.

World Economic Forum: Here Are All The Covid-19 Precautions At Davos 2022 via @forbes

@whn #covid #COVIDisAirborne #CovidIsNotOver


Following on the and discourse, we wondered where our range hood vents out to ... and it's right back into the kitchen. 🤦 We just moved house and we brought our electric induction stove with us, but we've been living like this for months! And the previous homeowners lived like this for years!

Elites at the World Economic Forum are doing everything they can to protect themselves from #COVID, because the ruling class know the pandemic is not over.

Meanwhile, they are pushing the rest of us back into unsafe workplaces to protect their profits. This is class warfare.

I've posted an introduction to filtration.
How does it work?
What's a HEPA filter?
What is a MERV rated filter?
Why is MERV-13 so good?
What's a Corsi-Rosenthal Box?
What are the advantages and disadvantages?


Not to be everyone’s cancer awareness auntie but CVS (and likely other pharmacies) has the HPV/gardasil vaccine available right now! 💉💉💉

Any gender can get this vaccine, up to 45 years old (younger is better but any time is still good). Evidence shows it can prevent cervical cancer (if you have a cervix) and throat cancer, the one I have. A vaccine that prevents cancer! C’mon it is a no brainer! You can schedule it online like all the other vaccines.

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BMJ study showing increased risk of post COVID streptococcal tonsillitis in children- peaking at 6 months post-COVID - going on up to 8 months. Could this explain recent resurgence of grp A strep (GAS) & invasive GAS in the UK? Worth considering. twitter.com/dgurdasani1/status

🐦🔗: twitter.com/dgurdasani1/status

Cyclist praying mantis. ☺️
A mantis sits on two fern sprouts.

#nature #mantis

France is mandating clean air in the classrooms, requiring CO2 levels of 800 ppm. I hope this is rolled out in other countries. Apart from lowering #covid risks in the classroom, it will also address other respiratory issues. #CleanAir #COVID #SafeSchools

Never in a million years did I see pandemic safety becoming one of the most punk rock things you could do in this world, but here we are

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Great story about Devon Henry, who has been in charge of removing Confederate monuments in VA and NC. Also lots of details here about routine racism, like how he had to get a crane operator from CT because no local company would help. Read the whole thing: washingtonpost.com/dc-md-va/20

I cannot keep this to myself. There is a website (radio.garden) where you can listen to radio stations all over the world for free. No log in. No email address. Nothing.

When the site loads, you are looking at the globe. Slide the little white circle over the green dots (each green dot is a radio station) until you find one you like.

I have been listening to this station in the Netherlands and it absolutely slaps. I have no idea what they're saying but the music is fantastic.

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