“Das Proletariat (von lateinisch proles ‚die Nachkommenschaft‘) bezeichnete im antiken Rom die gesellschaftliche Schicht der land- und besitzlosen lohnabhängigen, aber nicht versklavten Bürger im Stadtstaat, die nicht steuer- und wehrpflichtig waren.” —

Leute, ohne Land um sich selbst zu versorgen, sind keine , sonder sie vermieten sich nur!

“For the sophists, the primary purpose was to win the dispute in order to prove their excellence in word usage. They were convinced that there was no verity, but there were different opinions, equal in importance, and the "verity" was the only one that would be more convincingly demonstrated by the rhetorician.” (from ) but new to me that this kind of / is at least 2500 years old.

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