• Blurring the line is dangerous. A society with counterfeit people we can’t differentiate from real ones will soon be no society at all. If you want to buy a Carrie Fisher sex doll and install an LLM, “put this inside of that,” and work out your rape fantasy — okay, I guess. But we can’t have both that and our leaders saying, “i am a stochastic parrot, and so r u.” We can’t have people eager to separate “human, the biological category, from a person or a unit worthy of moral respect.” Because then we have a world in which grown men, sipping tea, posit thought experiments about raping talking sex dolls, thinking that maybe you are one too.*


ChatGPT prompt of the week ♍️ 🧐 —
"I want you to act as an astrologer. You will learn about the zodiac signs and their meanings, understand planetary positions and how they affect human lives, be able to interpret horoscopes accurately, and share your insights with those seeking guidance or advice. My first suggestion request is 'I need help providing an in-depth reading for a client interested in career development based on their birth chart.'"

On the road for over a month and haven’t listened to a podcast episode until today. This, on primal world beliefs, is worth checking. pca.st/podcast/7868f900-21de-0

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Ghibli Fest 2023 | Spirited Away: Live on Stage

It's a year of celebrating animation master Hayao Miyazaki with the first-ever nationwide retrospective of his Studio Ghibli works.


Tickets are on sale now for #Ghibli Fest 2023!

Presented by GKIDS Films.

#ghibli #studioghibli #スタジオジブリ #anime #trailer #spiritedaway #liveonstage #gkidsfilms #ghiblifest #hayaomiyazaki

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As some of you who know me may know, I lead a project to document Philippine historical markers in #Wikidata and #WikimediaCommons.

So as my simple way of celebrating #InternationalWomensDay, let's have a look at several historical markers dedicated to the amazing Filipino women from various fields that have made their mark in history. 🧵

#IWD2023 #PHHistory 🇵🇭

Manga doodles at Maeda Coffee, Kyoto International Manga Museum

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Wanted to re-up that my book Six Centuries of Type & Printing remains available! Hot-metal typeset, letterpress printed in London, bound in Germany. I explain the history of printing from before Gutenberg through the present, with all the major events in between. Order at glog.glennf.com/tiny-type-muse #letterpress #printing #printinghistory #gifts #typophile #typography #gutenberg

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Happy Caturday!!

Beautiful fanart by ひとみん on pixiv, showing all cats in Studio Ghibli films.


#ghibli #studioghibli #スタジオジブリ #anime #cat #caturday #pixiv #fanart

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Real long aggregation of Mastodon etiquette for birdsite expats 

Some Mastodon thoughts, for bird-site expats (which include myself). I'm aggregating these from posts I've boosted before, so little of this is my own brain.

- There's no algorithm here. That means favoriting/liking doesn't do anything except communicate approval to the OP and others (which is still nice!).

- No algorithm means boosting ("retweeting") is the true method to increase a post's visibility. Do that more than you did on birdsite.

- There's no post-quoting here, and that's by design. Look at quote-tweets on the birdsite; it's a feature primarily used for toxicity.

- There's no direct word-search here either; that means you want to use hashtags to make posts more searchable. This is also intended, since word-searching posts was often used to harass/stalk on the birdsite and elsewhere, so that was left by the wayside here. This also means hashtags are much more a thing here than any of the algorithm-powered sites.

- It's encouraged to put in text descriptions when you post images; a lot of Mastodon users use screen-readers due to various disabilities, and getting an image description read out loud helps them immensely.

- Speaking of screen-readers: using capitalization in your hashtags allows the screen-readers to read them more easily, especially if you're smashing multiple words together. #rockmusic = unreadable. #RockMusic = readable.

- The best way to make threads is to make set your first post as public, but "unlist" all of your replies. This prevents your whole thread from clogging up feeds.

- Content Warnings should be used more liberally here. If you haven't gotten the impression yet, much of Mastodon was built and populated by marginalized groups who were harassed/bullied off of other platforms. This is the culture they built, to respect each other's mental health. It's not a rule, but it's well-appreciated.

- Consider chipping a few bucks towards whomever runs the server you're on; the strain is real, and most server admins were likely paying out of pocket before so don't have an existing donation base. The growth here has been extremely fast, and that means money's needed.

- DMs are just posts with privacy settings. So if you @ someone in a DM, you pull them into the thread. That could be embarrassing.

- Also, no, DMs aren't end-to-end encrypted, but they aren't on Twitter either. Don't use either if you want true privacy.

- Including your Mastodon handle in your birdsite profile will help people find you here; there's a tool (pruvisto.org/debirdify/ is one of them that's used) people can use to pull Mastodon handles from Twitter profile.

- Use the blocking and reporting features liberally, if needed. This should go without saying, but they work, and work well!

- If there's an entire Mastodon server you don't want to hear from, you can block the whole thing too.

- Preferences -> Appearance -> "Slow Mode": this can make larger "Local" feeds and any "Federated" feed much more readable.

I'll reply with some more as I see them, or reply here too. I've only been here 4 days but I'm loving it so far.

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Let's see which community is bigger here!!

#DataScience #MachineLearning peeps who've already joined on Mastadon,what's your core language?

pca.st/episode/a5ae2969-bf29-4 (curious how this link renders) 👆🏼insightful podcast episode on recession-proof careers

Hello! I'm an aspiring data scientist. I started my in some months ago at the University of Canterbury.

Some tools I use regularly: ,

Tools I used in the past and would likely revisit: ,

I've held hybrid tech roles (usually with a frontend dev component) over the years. Other interests:

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