:lobster: Dear Friends of Space Cadets,

Claws, and up, if life (includes death) is strange? [Lobster raises several feet and tendril] :ablobdancer:

We all that as our , , stocks, landings and rapido :netkitty:

many under and are underway. Small and big, and soon to be :ablobslurp:

For example in my little we are eating once a day to fill gut/belly with , and such as water, herbs and . I likes :autumnleaf2:

Slowly, and with swearing … eh … swifting, I am to OS, franchised , overhyped service and other time and wealth thieves. I those who are also on this :ablobcouple:

there is a will, were-lobsters will leave a will to The Way … :blobfoxprelurkcroutons:


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