So much of US politics is an anticontest over which side are tyrants. COVID restrictions, along with "woke" sensibilities that made people feel they had to put caution before candor, helped Republicans make a case Democrats are tyrants.

But then DeSantis—failing to understand the basis for his own success, wanting to tack right for Presidential primaries—started ostentatiously curtailing liberties: reproductive rights, academic freedom, much more.

Chickens coming home

@interfluidity I disagree with this take. Even when he was earning the most anti-tyrant credibility, he was still tyrannical. Nothing has changed.

The key is that he is following the very old right-wing tactic of selling tyranny against the left as anti-tyranny.

Once they've established to their base that their opponents are tyrants, any actions to stop them, no matter how much power is abused, is seen as fighting tyranny.

Jax hasn't been his audience for some time now. He's preaching to the rural midwest and southern states. And they'll still buy him as an anti-tyrant freedom fighter hook-line-and-sinker even after all this.

@LouisIngenthron i’m not sure we’re disagreeing? at the presidential, R primary level, sure, that base’ll lap it up if they don’t like someone better. (which they probably will, i think.)

but here in FL, i think he misinterpreted his success in November as a mandate for his radicalism. but i think persuadable voters went for him because he seemed competent and they bought his COVID story, but his behavior since has persuaded a preponderance of them from him.


@interfluidity His actions had betrayed his claims to be a freedom fighter long before the 2022 election, yet he was voted back in by a very strong majority.

I guess my key point of disagreement is that I don't see this Jax thing as being indicative of a statewide shift. A city becoming more Democratic as it grows and develops isn't necessarily a sign that the electorate of the state has soured to its governor, but many people (not just you) are characterizing it as such.
I could very well be wrong, but I don't think we're in hardly any different a position now than we were in November 2022.

@LouisIngenthron i could be grasping for straws, for sure. but there could be a shift too! he’s been so egregious these last few months, maybe i’m projecting, but i can’t help but think it’s had an impact.

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