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I made the transition to the day Elon closed his deal. Looking back, the difference is surreal.

On Twitter, my feed was full of political trolls pushing my buttons and pissing me off and making me question my faith in humanity.

On Mastodon, I get to read opinions from many of the same people I respected over there... but also I get brief, random windows into subcommunities like , which is a delightful group of nature weirdoes and scientists posting pictures of moss they see out in the wild. It's so wholesome and positive that it restores my faith in humanity.

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A good way to start a feed on a new social media site is doggo pictures, right?

Continued misadventures with trying and failing to install :

I re-downloaded the Fedora image and it still failed to validate before installation.

I tried the latest bleeding edge version of LinuxMint and it only shows up on one monitor (even though the desktop covers the others). Once I update the graphics driver, it stops showing up at all, and all I get after login is a black screen with a frozen mouse.

PopOS installed easily enough, but whenever I tried to adjust the display settings, I'd lose all displays and have to reboot. Also, running apt-get upgrade caused the whole OS to crash.

Anyone got any other suggestions for distros that might actually work for a dev machine with a 3080?

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A version of Calvinball that merges cards, dice, D&D, and other games with a frenetically dynamic rule system would be:

I will never understand people who enjoy grinding in video games.

What, your day job isn't monotonous enough?

Performance sucks? Can't find anywhere worthwhile to optimize?

Time to jump off the multi-threading cliff!

Just wait until someone starts incubating human gene sequences that were assembled by an LLM.

Steve Herman  
A Japanese research team says it has succeeded in mass-generating cells capable of turning into sperm or eggs by using human induced pluripotent ce...

I bet a lot of the people that were screeching that mask mandates in Home Depot during a deadly pandemic before even a vaccine or treatment was available were tyranny are gonna be all for mask bans now.

At any rate, regardless of how anyone feels about the effectiveness of masks, a mask ban with no exceptions for sick people is actually big government stepping on us.

Doctors rail against proposed ban against public masking -

Ugh, Windows' short support life for 10 is far more egregious due to its absurd hardware requirements. The amount of e-waste that's going to be generated in October of 2025 is going to be ridiculous, and should pay for that.

So, I figure, maybe it was just not the best distro. So, I try downloading a whole other one. It has its own program to download an image and write it to a USB stick. Great. I wait and that finishes and I try to boot it and... it fails disk validation.

People, this is why will never overtake Apple & Microsoft. I want to believe and I'm super tech oriented and I can't even install the damn thing.

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Well, that went poorly. Just a bunch of blank screens and unresponsive flashing cursors, even after updating graphics drivers.

Oh well. Maybe I'll try again in 2034.

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Okay, I'm doing it. I'm giving a fair shot for the first time in about a decade. You fediverse people convinced me.

Hmm, that icon is strangely placed and colored... I wonder if... Aha! It is a button that reveals a hidden menu that has exactly the option I needed to accomplish my current goal!

(Video games taught me so many useful life skills.)

Hear me out: If you are programming something with the intention to evoke a specific feeling or express an idea, you are an artist.

I don't like how programmers are often left outside of creative discussion.

For 2 decades there was not a single art file in dwarf fortress and i will fight whatever who tells me there is not artistic intention there since the beginning.

Programming is a tool. Game programmers use that tool to create... The game.

I remember when cheating in video games only required looking six inches to the left.

Making it acceptable to kill someone with different politics is not anything like the rule of law. If you follow this policy to its logical conclusion, it doesn't go anywhere good.

"Currently, experimental studies should not be used to support the conclusion that social media use is associated with mental health. Taken at surface value, mean effect sizes are no different from zero. Put very directly, this undermines causal claims by some scholars (e.g., Haidt, 2020; Twenge, 2020) that reductions in social media time would improve adolescent mental health."

What's next? A ban on sugars that are easy to convert to alcohol?

NPR :press:  
New York proposes a ban on guns that are easy to convert to illegal automatic weapons Meanwhile, Maryland's governor signs a bill to address the su...
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