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A good way to start a feed on a new social media site is doggo pictures, right?

It truly is amazing how Elon can know so little about the site he massively overspent to buy. The scammers aren't using the official API, dude.

Let's say the Chinese government was using TikTok to surveil Americans.

If you ban Tik Tok, the Chinese gov can just legally purchase the same info from data brokers, because the US has almost no privacy laws.

Don't ban TikTok, pass a damn privacy law

Can we have a decade where we get 1960s hairstyles, 1920s formalwear, and 1980s leisurewear?

Please and thank you.

Today in Russia puppet state fails: Belarus had a homegrown globally-successful videogame company, Wargaming. It left over Belarus's support for the invasion of Ukraine.

In retaliation, Belarus put one of the executives on the "terrorist" list. 🤦‍♂️

Twitter, which recently suspended my account and the accounts of several other journalists, allows verified accounts to post recruitment videos urging American soldiers to join Russia's Wagner Group PMC, which is designated as a transnational criminal organization by the US government.

We have one client which we manage an Azure tenant for. They require, and have specified, a zero-tolerance for device non-compliance.

In roughly two hours, 1647 devices are about to be locked out of access to organisation resources, wiped, and removed from Intune permanently.

4 meetings, 124 emails, and two phone calls a day for the last 14 days have warned them of this.

We’ve been *very* clear about what is about to happen for the last 13 months. Their internal management have *acknowledged* what is about to happen. But still, time marches on.

Death by middle-management.


Hey folks:

Is there a word to describe atmospheric aero-braking with the intent to disintegrate the object in question?

Like the theories about intentionally destroying ice asteroids in Mars' atmosphere for terraforming.

I feel like "aero-braking" has the connotation of wanting to keep the object in one piece.

Is there a term for intentional aero-disintegration?

Ta-dah! Felted planets, as seen in visible light, designed and entirely handmade by me. Do you like? #science #crafts #hobbies #felting #space

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Folks. It's 2023. If you're still releasing installers without GUIs, quit your job now.

Nobody should have to go to shell prompts to install shit anymore.

Apparently he just got a stick stuck in his upper palate. I didn't see it last night, so he had to sleep with it, but I was able to extract it this morning and he seems much happier now.

Dummy needs to stop chewing on wood.

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Based on his current behaviour, I think my dog tried to eat a fire ant hill.

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Those who do learn from history are doomed to watch it repeated by those who didn’t.

1.) Tech companies post record profits.
2.) Tech companies lay off tens of thousands of employees.
3.) Wait, where'd those pitchforks come from?

I don't get why haggis has such a worse reputation than regular sausage.

I want a law to say that any elected official who tries to ban the beloved Robin Williams movie Ms. Doubtfire is immediately ejected from office and banned from holding future office.

Peter Bonilla  
Sarah Sanders would appear to be on the verge of inviting the first First Amendment lawsuit of her administration She’s a go getter https://www.ark...

The laws are serving their purpose - altering what is taught in the classroom.

"Nearly 1 in 4 said they have altered their curricula so parents and officials won’t find their teachings controversial. Teachers said they had to skip over classic texts like To Kill a Mockingbird and avoid historical figures like famed abolitionist Federick Douglass out of concern for parental complaints and possible legal blowback."

#education #laws #constitution #lawprofs

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