Thanks for hosting @freemo.

I'm going to use this account for keeping track of my learning, to complement the theme of Hopefully with that usage it might even be my Mastodon main.

Gonna start my first post with this article I came across on Quora, despite my slight distaste of the monetisation the platform has tread towards:

The article is suggesting the use of handwriting a particular lesson 100 times, before experimenting and learning from it.

I was born and raised in Hong Kong until 15. The way we learn Chinese (a language evolved from pictures, so instead of memorising 26 alphabets that you string together, you memorise >1k different shapes) was largely rote learning - recite a chapter until you can do it from memory, handwrite a chapter 100 times. If you were naughty at school, handwrite a chapter 100 times more.

Sounds daunting and ineffective in Western standards, and I didn't like it, but it did have its merit. Even more so if you care about what you are learning.

The article used copywriting as an example of the learning subject. Since I'm learning programming, I wonder how I'm gonna do this - handwrite code 100 times? Handwrite explanation of algorithms 100 times? I do love handwriting so any excuse to get my pen flowing is a good excuse.

Also my goodness the increased character limit is satisfying. Thanks @freemo

@Rovine Yea its always nice to just speak clearly rather than to stress over how wordy you are being.. If you want to keep it under 500 characters you can, up to you, i see no reason to force people.

@freemo Nah I hate having a word limit lol. I can write to my heart's content at last on my favourite social media tool.

@Rovine We wil likely bring up a federated blogging tool as well to give a UI ore intended for long-form. People will continue to be welcome to long-form here byt some may prefer the blogging platform as an alternative too.

@freemo Blogging format is great for recognising and following individual authors. A place like birdsite or trunksite is more for conversations. Valid either way, but very different focus of content. I'd sign up both.

@Rovine Agreed. Right now I have both. I have a regular blog where I post articles and QOTO for engaging more in dialog and posting ideas. I look at qoto as a micro-blog. So my blog actually has a column on the right that ntegrates my QOTO posts as a microblog addition to my blog.

You can see what i mean by looking here:

@freemo Oooh I should do the same! Will start a new blog with that widget.

@Rovine Its an easy widget to insert. Just a little bit of HTML/JS and your good

@Rovine Once you do that share your blog here and ill reshare it for you if you'd like.

@Rovine Its so great to have you. I can tell already you will be a valuable member of this community.

@Rovine @freemo I do this for physics and maths, if I want to learn a new subject I essentially copy a whole chapter out by hand. I often derive the results rigorously though, where books just quote an answer and I attempt some problems. I have found this to be very effective.

@comphys @freemo Physics and maths would be similar to coding in my case. Do you copy out formulas and then try to use different variables with them after?

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