If you post something on social media, you are explicitly inviting people to comment and share their opinions. If that is not your intent then set privacy settings accordingly.

Regardless if you post something and are offended by respectful differences of opinion, and go so far as to silence those opinions, then **you** are the problem.

If you expect people to listen to your views on blast without giving them the common decency to reply, and be listened to in return, its time for you to reevaluate yourself because you are likely the perfect example of why the world is falling apart right now.

@freemo Living in an echo chamber is actually pretty unhealthy in the long run

@Saederup92 an echo chamber i see as subtle different. Thats where you speak, and only blast your opinion to people who agree with you in the first place, so all you hear are people agreeing to you.

I'm talking about people who may have amore diverse audience, they post to an audience filled with both people who agree and disagree but find it offensive when people disagree with you "on your own post" but praise those that agree with you.

I know its subtly different but this particular form, to me, is even more offensive. At least in an echo chamber if im not in it i dont get the "spam" of needing to listen to you in the first place.

@freemo Although two different things they're both still a very unhealthy approach to debates


@Saederup92 @freemo
The word "debate" reminded me something about myself.

I used to hate debates, or any variations of the word: arguments, or even discussion, to a degree.

Since childhood I cultivated an anxiety that people just don't like me and everything I say is wrong, even my personal values. So I'd get personal in debates very easily if I get disagreement from what I say. A reasonable disagreement in reality is supposed to feel more like a prod on my shoulder, or even just Link's fairy going "hey, listen!", but fear turns any disagreement into imaginary machine guns blasting at my way, and I have to put up some thicc bullet proof walls to protect myself.

I still have that anxiety on my low days and it's certainly not healthy. Frustrating to come across people who refuse to understand that psychology though.

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Nothing wrong with hating debates mind you. If you just dont like or are not interested in debates than when someone offers a difference of opinion just say "Thanks for sharing your opinion, I respectfully disagree but am not interested in getting into it right now".. thats a perfectly respectable response.


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