Guys, am I the only one who didn't know about lending all of users' data to ?

@Shamar You're aware Google Cloud is not Google, right?

@nifker @angristan @Shamar Google Cloud is a service from Google. Twitter is therefore a customer of Google by renting their cloud services. The data is therefore managed by Twitter on Google's infrastructure (which is what stan implies). But I agree that one can easily imagine that Google exploits the data hosted on these services even if I have nothing to prove this.

@Shamar eh there is not really an alternative though. There's AWS (Amazon) and Azure (Microsoft) but they're separate from their respective parent company's data collection habits. Only other alternative is self hosting

It doesn't explicitly say they're sublicensing data to Google, does it?
Or is that a requirement for running things on Google Cloud?

@gamayun @Shamar
Here's my hypothesis: public data / tweets are stored unencrypted, and private messages and data are encrypted. Google would have no more access to data on Twitter than Twitter gives everyone else already through their APIs.

Maybe Twitter is getting a sweet deal from Google in exchange for "private" data data though

I don't think it's the problem here. Does twitter pay in cash or in data? I don't care, but day by day, internet looks more and more like googlenet. Online shops can't survive without AdWords. Developers can't reach users without google store. Content can't reach readers without seo taylored for google. Now twitter can't handle data without google. I'm bracing for physical shops not being able to reach customers without google maps...

@gamayun @Shamar
I have another one : the biggest French car maker, Renault, will use google ai to power his factories. Made by French engineers google vowed in our very own universities (they funded polytechnique's ai lab! Polytechnique is the best engineer school in the country).

@Shamar Storing data on Googles cloud service does not imply that Google is allowed to use the data.
Embedding google ads (doubleclick) on a page and exchanging cookies with other ad tech companies using google cookie matching service sure does.

@Shamar being a customer does not equal willingly sharing data, so this is a bit clickbaity.

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