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"First they came for #Assange and #Chelsea, and I didn't care because I read too many articles about #Assange's persona and was gullible.

Then they came for #Greenwald and I didn't care because I 'had no time' and because 'hacking is a crime, you see?' and because Brazil is far away..

Then I realized: 'oh wait?! what?! Shit!!!', shortly before I got arrested myself by fascists hordes."

#MastoFiction #OrIsIt? #FreeAssange #FreeChelsea #DontExtraditeAssange

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Does anyone know any #linux #distro that is in need of #mirroring ?
I do mirror the popular ones already at but I am looking into helping out smaller #distros that does not have the money or capacity to spend on bandwith.

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So, the original patents for x86 expire next year. Hmm.

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@tindall found this.

some x86 patents are already expired and x86-64 is set to be free in 2023. amd and intel have an agreement between them but this'll open the market to more companies

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@dgold after reading this I think you might find interesting and my

I've found particularly interesting your insights about and in .

I reached a similar conclusion, but I noticed that one of the issue is that corporations have legal personhood, so that such individualism somehow works in their favour instead of the whole humanity.

Thus the restrictions to organizations in the Hacking License.

Do NOT use .

Why should I you, your products or your site if the first thing you do when I enter is to inform stranger of anything I do there?

If you use (or any other Google service that can track your customers) you don't deserve trust.

Nor .

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What shall I name this new RISC-V assembler project of mine? (My current assembler, the one written in Python 2, is named simply 'a'.)

It will target the RV32I and RV64I instruction sets. (A, M, etc. extensions can be added later if/when needed.) I intend on emitting hunk-formatted output files. See and for the reasons why.

I am partial to asm myself. But, I'd love your thoughts on the matter.


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original author:

found it here:

divergefs-fix.tgz is the one that works

the way i actually found the sources was by grepping through /n/9pio/contrib

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more progress towards #Plan9 packaging, because i'm tired of unsafe uninstall rules in mkfiles

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⚠️ New study by the Norwegian Consumer Council exposes how the advertising industry is systematically breaking the law

This is yet another example of how the #AdTech ecosystem is breaching your privacy and putting your #security at risk

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This is neat: There's a microcontroller with RISC-V 16/32 instruction powered only by ambient radio power

There's no onboard battery to replace so the thing can potentially run for as long as there's a strong enough signal in any of the ISM bands or 800, 900 etc... GSM frequencies

It's got 1K of ROM and up to 32K flash and can access reads down to the milliwatt range in power

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Collisions with the windows of buildings kill more birds than wind turbines do, by some orders of magnitude. And that's before we get to cats ...

(Current numbers for the US; ~250,000 per year killed by turbines, ~1,000,000,000 per year by windows. 2.4 billion/year by cats. Numbers via Dunning, B. "Wind Turbines and Birds." Skeptoid Podcast. Skeptoid Media, 7 Jan 2020. Web. 12 Jan 2020. )

So switching to Linux might reduce the use of Windows ... but probably increases use of cat ...

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