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I learnt about #TempleOS after his death and I was very sad.

I think that TempleOS is probably one of the best #hack, of the most valuable #FreeSoftware we have right now.

On par with #Oberon or #9front.

Davis had a unique perspective, none of us "sane people" could have. I guess we'll find gems everybody overlooked, in his code.

Ultimately, he was a fellow #hacker. He was talking with #God in a weird way.

But all hackers are weird and we really need more hackers like him.

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"What have I learnt?" asks Niklaus .
" must not be regarded as for , but as for "

I hope that one day people will really understand and embrace Wirth's legacy.

We will have a better cybernetic world then.

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🚀 CryptPad 4.7 is now live on!

This version introduces the new Form application to collaboratively create surveys and polls. This is a Beta version of the app with more features to be added in the coming weeks.

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The Freenode administrators shut off Chanserv. I can no longer defend #cat-v on that ircnet, so I'm disconnecting.

#cat-v is on

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I really like Fexl ( ) but I'm not sure it's quite what I want. Not quite data-friendly enough? It's doing very good things with syntax though - I love the ; for list pivot. Very very useful - it makes all the difference between "parenthesis spaghetti" and "actually readable code". PicoLisp can do something similar.

PicoLisp, Retro Forth, Fexl, Dialog, and maybe Red seem like a handful of languages that "get" the idea of radical simplicity. But there's room for more.

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Hi. #BTC pyramid need new suckers to pay the energy bill : Around $20 millions daily. Grid operators cannot be paid in crypto. They need your fiat. Please send your life savings to one of the private exchange platforms and receive chocolate coins in exhange. Thanks in advance.

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I love that project: Low Tech Magazine Solar-Powered Website:
it goes offline when the weather is bad for a too long period. the footer is including a weather forecast to give you an idea about future availability <3

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Youtube vi diverte ma non siete molto d'accordo con la politica di tracciamento di google ?

Invidious è un #frontend per youtube, serve a guardare video senza un account google e senza il tracciamento e le pubblicità.

Dai un'occhiata a Invidious sull'istanza italiana:

si può automatizzare con un'#estensione per #browser:

o con #app:

#foss #opensource #freesoftware #privacy #invidious #youtube #tracciamento #google

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I am delighted to launch the 'Libre Tech Shop' - a unique shop for products that respect your freedom to learn, hack, extend and do things yourself.

Check out the online shop at:

The background story behind this launch:

Here - you'll be able to buy liberated computers, hackable mechanical keyboards, private and secure home automation solutions, wireless routers, spare parts and much more.

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The audience award of this year's #BigBrotherAwards goes to … #Doctolib for their appointment scheduling portal for medical doctors which leaks personal information to third parties, breaking patient–doctor confidentiality.
Full laudation:

It is closely followed by #Google who received the award in the new #WhatMakesMeReallyAngry category for recently exposed large-scale manipulations of the Internet #adtech market, for starving creators and the media, and for dispossessing our digital personalities.
Full laudation:

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the MNT Reform campaign just cracked $400k. thank you for your incredible support everyone ;_;

we are working hard on assembling and shipping these in a team of 3. we completed a bit more than 100 devices so far.

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“The appropriate technology movement is attributed to E.F. Schumacher, a German-British economist … During the 1970s, he became widely known for his heterodox economic ideas that lambasted the mainstream emphasis on profit over human needs. In his best-known, 1973 book, Small is Beautiful: A Study of Economics as if People Mattered”

His book was titled WHAT? 🥰

Must read it. So sad to learn he died the year after I was born.

#AppropriateTechnology #SmallTech #degrowth

Just discovered (VPN mode).

Strongly advised.

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Cos'è successo con l'app #Io di #PagoPA?
Il #GarantePrivacy dispone “in via d’urgenza” il blocco provvisorio di alcune funzioni dell’app in quanto alcuni dati degli utenti vengono trasferiti al di fuori dell’Unione europea (India, Australia e USA)
Di Raffaele #Angius su #Wired

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The science denial industry has deep roots - tobacco-cancer denial, lead paint/gas denial and other ancestral forms of commercial denial gave birth to modern forms of denial: anti-vax, anti-mask, "stop the steal" and, of course, climate denial.

The denial industry has a well-developed and constantly evolving playbook.


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