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‼️ Comunità XMPP:
📢 Annuncio: Eventi mensili in italiano sulla messaggistica XMPP! 🇮🇹
Trovate il video dell'XMPP Happy Hour di aprile nel canale Peertube
della comunità italiana degli utenti XMPP:
🌟 Unisciti a noi per partecipare alle discussioni, e incontrare altri appassionati di XMPP. 🚀

XMPP Italian happy hour
#XMPP #standards #chat #jabber #federation #interoperability

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@320x200 should it scale?

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Public notice that I will be boycotting any software project that includes “AI-powered” features.

Boost to join in.

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I'm proud to announce the launch of the public beta for Clew, my independent web search engine! 🎉🎉🎉

Try Clew:
Add to your browser:

Clew maintains an independent index and is aiming to be a copyleft (APGLv3), self-hostable, privacy-respecting, customizable search engine which prioritizes independent creators/bloggers/writers and penalizes sites with ads and trackers.

Many features are yet to come. If you'd like to support Clew's development and server costs, you can donate to its Liberapay team:

Boosts are very welcome, as is feedback of any kind!

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Meta is allegedly sharing Whatsapp data to the IDF.

"Israel is killing people based on being in the same Whatsapp group as a suspected militant. Where are they getting this data? Is WhatsApp sharing it?"

#Palestine #Meta #

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Secondo la ministra Calderone l'Italia sarebbe sotto la media dei morti sul lavoro tra i Paesi Ue. È falso: siamo tra i peggiori.

(il mio pezzo per @lanotizia_giornale)

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L'alternativa "paghi o ti profilo" adottata da #Meta per #Facebook non è conforme al #GDPR - lo afferma il #Garante #Privacy #EU

Non viene infatti offerta un'offerta equivalente alla profilazione, come per esempio pubblicità gratuita non targettizzata

Diciamo che si sapeva, ma ora abbiamo uno statement ufficiale dell'autorità europea

La notizia si trova qui:

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Ho pubblicato la puntata di #NuovoBarettoUtopia con @pluralistic Cory Doctorow.

È stato un onore e un piacere parlare con lui. Abbiamo parlato di The Bezzle, il suo nuovo libro, ma anche di temi affascinanti come il sistema carcerario americano, gli abusi di potere, le truffe, le bolle tecnologiche e l'IA.

La puntata è in inglese, ma sono disponibili i sottotitoli. Sono felicissimo di pubblicare un contenuto così solo sul Fediverso, senza regalarlo a YouTube.

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I’m trying @librewolf browser and it might seem like a small thing to you all, but they went out of their way to preserve accessibility features for disabled users like myself, whereas other privacy solutions remove accessibility features completely, and their efforts to make sure disabled users have a private focused but accessible browser is more welcome than you can imagine because disabled people need privacy as well. I would argue that disabled people need privacy more. I wish more #privacy advocates took accessibility and disability into account the way they have currently. I hope this remains a core mission of theirs

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Not even 24 hrs after making history as the first company to mass fire workers for pro-Palestine protests, by summarily firing 28 people, Google announced that the “(ir)responsible AI org,” the one they created in response to firing me, is now reporting up the Israeli office, through an SVP there.

Seems like they want us to know how forcefully and clearly they are backing this genocide.

Shamar boosted stop. Nobody asked for this. Nobody wants an "ai browser". I still have no clue what an ai browser even is or does, and I do not see how shoving a statistical model into a browser will enhance anything at all. Nobody is using firefox because they want this kind of crap.Please, for the love of all that is holy, shift focus back onto juat making a decent web browser. Not a single person who uses your browser wants this.

La inizia a comprendere la complessità, i molti rischi e le fragili opportunità della società in cui viviamo.

Bell'articolo con un ottimo finale
(grazie a @lanibaldi per la segnalazione)

Spero che alle parole seguano fatti e che la CGIL inizi a fornire agli iscritti i servizi informatici basilari, come email, instant messanging cifrato (? ?), ed inizi ad evitare come la peste a tutti i livelli quei fornitori che profilano i lavoratori per manipolarli (, , etc...)

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@Pare @LaVi @valhalla @lelevup @mario
A riguardo secondo me e' fatto bene questo libro letto di recente

Juan Carlos De Martin
Contro lo smartphone
Per una tecnologia più democratica

My one-line for :

#define RUN(f) if(f()){printf(#f ": OK\n");}else{printf(#f ": FAILED\n");}
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I lavoratori digitali (platform worker): problemi e prospettive
Sul tema dei lavoratori digitali (platform worker) riportiamo questo articolo di Mauro De Agostini dal n. 6/marzo 2023 di “Collegamenti per l’organizzazione diretta di classe” “Prima di internet, sarebbe stato difficile trovare qualcuno e farlo sedere per dieci minuti a...

Vedi l'articolo

It's amusing to see the mix of moral panic and hypocrisy in arousing around the .

Everybody propose " takeaway", "lesson learned" and so on...

But everybody pretends such kind of carefully crafted attacks to be something new, something clever and unprecedented.

It's not.

For a that has been discovered (by a fortunate and unlikely row of coincidences, while analyzing benchmarks of an unrelated software), thousands are still running in production.

Hiding backdoors in modern stack is incredibly easy due to its huge complexity. And this is obviously true for both and proprietary software.

The only way out is to redesign and rewrite everything from scratch to be human readable.

was right.

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Three years ago, #FDroid had a similar kind of attempt as the #xz #backdoor. A new contributor submitted a merge request to improve the search, which was oft requested but the maintainers hadn't found time to work on. There was also pressure from other random accounts to merge it. In the end, it became clear that it added a #SQLinjection #vuln. In this case, we managed to catch it before it was merged. Since similar tactics were used, I think its relevant now

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Due to supply chain attacks against open source compression tools, all future releases will be created using WinRAR and use the .rar format.
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@djsundog @andrewfeeney I make a lot of finished software. Mostly for personal use. And a lot of it adheres to these principles:

You may also like this:

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xz / open-source libs 

The majority of libs you know at the very least _started out_ as someone just noodling around on their private project and then over time turned into the go-to solution for XYZ.

But for many libs, that's just never been the goal, and pretending that not having that level of ambition is tantamount to failure is also not serving anybody.

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