Started working on a new to migrate the OSM-tools from to + + + .

Jumping into the deep end on most of the new technologies and get to try to reverse engineer my understanding onto them.

Currently struggling to understand if one should rather use defineProps or defineComponent when dealing with child components in vue.

Really enjoyed the simple setup of bun and creating a project with vite isn’t that much harder. Though as stated in the bun’s docs, the performance of vite still hasn’t been maxed out.

Previously wanted to familiar myself with and used it for one file projects, though with the new hype surrounded around bun, might as well skip deno altogether.


The continues with a custom date picker instead of using a predefined component from to learn more how the library is built.

Also chose to use the over , mainly because I am more familiar with the former. With this the app has HTTP access and converts the XML response from OSM to JSON.

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