Today the newly fallen through havoc on the transport system in with most vehicles not even attempting to move. The southern Bavarian region got ca. 50 cm of snow since Friday at the forecast estimates it to continue to fall up to 80 cm.

It has been reported that the such a snow storm hasn’t happened in the last 20 years.

The annoyance of transit halt and cancelations are understandable. Further shoveling snow never really stops. If one plans to move about one should question the load baring capacities of trees, which can make matters much worse in a vehicle hindered system without necessary infrastructure if caught underneath.

The forecast for Sunday is to drop the temperature down to -15 °C before recovering on Monday. Flooding might be the next concern, since the forecast claims 5 °C for the weekend.


The main concern when in the cold is hypothermia. Today during my hike, I was welcomed by the following symptoms: dizziness, clumsiness, and low energy. These all align with early onset of .

Though what didn’t make sense is that I was burning up from too many layers and had to remove some to avoid sweating. It is -10 °C, 50 cm of , and here I am undressing from being too hot.

Considering all the symptoms it was actually and was quickly cured with a salt tablet.

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Finally Monday has arrived and infrastructure breakages can slowly be fixed. Due to the heavy mass of snow lots electric cables were caught under fallen trees.

To continue with the fix they had to turn off the electricity for the whole town and it fascinated me how dependent I felt towards .

Without electricity neither WiFi nor mobile data works, one could have gone shopping if one had cash, but with credit card it was not an option. Making anything warm to eat is reliant on electricity unless one has a gas/wooden stove. I could have continued work on my laptop, if I had only updated the repos in time.

Though in the end due to boredom, just decided I might as well get some more hours of sleep. This in return usually clears boredom and starts the new period of time with some extra motivation.

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The one benefit of all this chaos is that a lot of personal daily duties have been permitted as hybrid. Like working from home has been relaxed for many or lectures have been streamed online.

I am wondering how the whole scenario would have been managed if the pandemic never happened. One could argue the silver lining of the pandemic was infrastructure investments to permit users the ability to work/learn from home.

Also wondering if some individuals get anxiety attacks when such a state is called back into action. The horrors that one endured during that dark time and having flashbacks and/or PTSD episodes.

Are we better from it that such a pandemic happened or will we lose all the knowledge left on the table?

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Since I haven’t been outside since Sunday and yesterday it was quite warm causing lots of roof avalanches plus my driveway being quite clear, I thought most of the has melted away. It is true that a lot has melted away, though underneath is a thick layer that isn’t leaving anytime soon.

One interesting thing, I noticed while traveling with the bus into the city is how well the snow cover can be used to evaluate various aspects of traffic with the most noticeable being how dirty the road truly is. Further nothing can be hidden, so your favorite spot in the park could just as well be dogs’ favorite urination spot. Or one can depict which vehicles are barely ever moved, which can be useful info for thieves or city planers.

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TIL that the imense amount of snow that we experienced was already predicted back in August and it is due to the interplay between El Niño and the collapse of the polar vortex.

From my understanding this is not a one off this and will be revisited again at a later date. Though these extreme snow storms won’t last long, which already this past session can align with.

So although during today’s deep snow hike my mantra was “the weather doesn’t wait for anyone”, I could actually be wrong.


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@barefootstache something feels distinctly modern about how we started contextualizing covid and considering its historical impacts as soon as it started. But then I think about the original plague in 1340s Europe and actually it's probably just a human reaction to want to make sense of events so large we can't really grasp their totality.

Of course, whereas 1340s antisemitism was that Jews poisoned wells, 2020 antisemitism is (((George Soros))) developed it as a bioweapon to wipe out non-jews

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