"Modern imperialism is embodied by industrial capitalism, which prioritizes resource extraction and maximizing profit. This paradigm is deeply embedded in the fabric of global affairs, influencing international trade, political dynamics, and the economic frameworks of nations".

Charles Fletcher, William J Ripple, Thomas Newsome, Phoebe Barnard, Kamanamaikalani Beamer, Aishwarya Behl, Jay Bowen, Michael Cooney, Eileen Crist, Christopher Field, Krista Hiser, David M Karl, David A King, Michael E Mann, Davianna P McGregor, Camilo Mora, Naomi Oreskes, Michael Wilson, Earth at risk: An urgent call to end the age of destruction and forge a just and sustainable future, PNAS Nexus, Volume 3, Issue 4, April 2024, pgae106, @economics @climatechange @politicalscience

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@bibliolater When future intelligent species discover our records (that survived) they'll go "Hmm, that was an intelligent specie, but any top predator that fails to evolve to avoid overpopulation is doomed for extinction by polluting their environment and depleting their resources, like microbes in a petri dish." Likely too late now to do anything about it: large populations make technology a necessity, and our technology will now ensure we remain too large and fragile to last forever.

@JeffC1956 "Likely too late now to do anything about it"

I think it is never too late to change, whether that change has the desired effect is another matter.

@bibliolater I do believe we certainly have an obligation to our descendants to give it our best try. Promoting "planned degrowth" however, is proving to be quite the challenge. Accomplishing it would certainly be one of the top accomplishments in this century. Sounds like a good topic for one of the X-prizes!

#progress #degrowth

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