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🧡 : this the first in a series of that will eventually be stitched together into a related to πŸ“š and πŸ“˜. (1)

The word 'tooth' is etymologically related to French 'dent', German 'Zahn', Irish 'dΓ©ad', Ancient Greek 'odαΉ“n', and Sanskrit 'dΓ‘n'.

These words stem from the same Proto-Indo-European ancestor.

They are remnants of an ancient present participle meaning "biting".

Here's more:

An international team led by archaeologists from Freie UniversitΓ€t Berlin uncovered fortified prehistoric settlements in a remote region of Siberia. The results of their research reveal that hunter–gatherers constructed complex defense structures around their settlements 8,000 years ago.

This is really quite something... #Antarctic sea ice extent is back to a record low for the current date. This is actually below 2016, which was previously a massive outlier in November and December.

More sea ice graphs at:

"Our results highlight the joint importance of network structure, commitment, and psycho-linguistic aspects of social interactions in characterizing grassroots collective action, and contribute to deepen our understanding of the mechanisms that drive processes of behavior change of online groups."

Cava, L.L., Aiello, L.M. & Tagarelli, A. Drivers of social influence in the Twitter migration to Mastodon. Sci Rep 13, 21626 (2023).

"In this study, we developed a soft robotic model of the right heart that accurately mimics RV biomechanics and hemodynamics, including free wall, septal and valve motion."

Singh, M., Bonnemain, J., Ozturk, C. et al. Robotic right ventricle is a biohybrid platform that simulates right ventricular function in (patho)physiological conditions and intervention. Nat Cardiovasc Res (2023). @science @engineering

"The present study has highlighted the gene-culture co-migration with the demographic movements that occurred during the past two millennia in Central and East Asia. Additionally, this work contributes to a better understanding of the distribution of immunogenic erythrocyte polymorphisms with a view to improve transfusion safety."

Petit, F., Minnai, F., Chiaroni, J. et al. The radial expansion of the Diego blood group system polymorphisms in Asia: mark of co-migration with the Mongol conquests. Eur J Hum Genet 27, 125–132 (2019). @science @biology

"Scientists have developed tiny robots made of human cells that are able to repair damaged neural tissue1. The β€˜anthrobots’ were made using human tracheal cells and might, in future, be used in personalized medicine.

The research β€œpoints the way to a β€˜tissue engineering 2.0’ that synthetically controls a range of developmental processes”, says Alex Hughes, a bioengineer at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia."

Mountains. Drawn & Engraved by John Emslie. London. Published by James Reynolds, 174, Strand. (to accompany) Reynolds introduction to natural philosophy. via @internetarchive

credit: David Rumsey Map Collection, David Rumsey Map Center, Stanford Libraries.

Comparative view of the principal buildings in the world. Drawn & Engraved by John Emslie. London. Published by James Reynolds, 174, Strand. March 30, 1850. (to accompany) Reynolds introduction to natural philosophy. via @internetarchive

credit: David Rumsey Map Collection, David Rumsey Map Center, Stanford Libraries.

"We argue that market power by some corporations and in some sectors – including temporary market power emerging in the aftermath of the pandemic – amplified inflation. It made price increases peak higher and remain more persistent than they would have been in a world with less market power. To be clear: corporate profits were thus not the sole driver of inflation, nor are dominant corporations to blame for the energy shock
caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But we argue that their market power exacerbated the fallout – and that this is not sufficiently captured in the prevailing macroeconomic debate or in workhorse models."

Jung C and Hayes C (2023) Inflation, profits and market power: Towards a new research and policy agenda, IPPR and Common
Wealth. @economics

@bibliolater Don has changed/updated his ideas on this topic. See

McGuirk, Donald L., Jr.; McIntosh, Gregory C.

Depicting Cuba, Not North America: Solving the Enigma of America on Early Maps

Terrae Incognitae, 2023 vol. 55(1) pp. 4–64

Brozio JP, Stos-Gale Z, Müller J, Müller-Scheeßel N, Schultrich S, et al. (2023) The origin of Neolithic copper on the central Northern European plain and in Southern Scandinavia: Connectivities on a European scale. PLOS ONE 18(5): e0283007. @archaeodons @science

The field of archaeology has been continuously evolving in 2023, making significant strides in uncovering new historical findings.

A selection of
Top 10 archaeological discoveries of 2023

"Ample evidence suggests that this landmass represents Christopher Columbus’s discoveries of the north coast of Cuba on his first voyage and the south coast of Cuba on his second voyage, voyages on which he claims to have discovered Asia."

Donald L. McGuirk (2014) The Presumed North America on the WaldseemΓΌller World Map (1507): A Theory of Its Discovery by Christopher Columbus, Terrae Incognitae, 46:2, 86-102, DOI:

@bibliolater @internetarchive @antiquidons

A great introduction to Muller’s work is

Talbert, Richard J. A. β€œCarl MΓΌller (1813–1894), S. Jacobs, and the Making of Classical Maps in Paris for John Murray.” Imago Mundi 46 (1994): 128–50


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