I've been hankering to do some EE work lately... I think I want to do something analog, maybe RF, but what to do....


@freemo get yourself a red pitaya and a directional coupler off eBay and you'll have everything to make a one-port VNA for €300.

@comphys I already have relatively high end spectrum analyzers and scopes. I even have several directional couplers 3 of which I made myself. The issue I have had with all the directional couplers I used so far is they tend to either not support the power or vary with frequency. I need to give it another go but success has been limited.

@comphys Here is a directional coupler and VNA board I built on my bench, without the microprocessor bit attached.

@freemo that's really cool, I'm very jealous of your electronics skills!

@comphys I'm more noobish in the EE world than I look. I know the theory very well but have a lot to learn about real world prototyping of RF designs. But I'm getting there.

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