Reddit's core product was effectively completed about 12 years ago. Since then they've tried so many different things that their community doesn't give a shit about at best and abhors at worst. This most recent move is a pretty obvious attempt to kill third party clients and force adoption of their vastly inferior native app in order to drive ad revenue. Given that reddit owes literally all of its success to a revolt against digg's anti user policies, let's see how this plays out.

@jpkmensah Their attempts to shut mobile browsers out of their site in favour of their unstable app has significantly reduced my reddit use, and I'm sure I'm far from unique.

@daburudar @jpkmensah

Yeah, these days when I visit a site using a Mobile browser and half the screen is taken up with "Open In App" "Better in the App" banners I translate this as

"Our janky 200Mb app isn't encumbered by whatever minor privacy and location restrictions are built into modern browsers/OSs so please use it so we can monetize your every click, swipe and pause, oh and wedge tons of adds all over the content. KThxBye!"

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