It's not about clean vs speed.

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do not use in publications when referring to something like a paradise

Eldorado – Wikipedia

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"Unfortunately, the LastPass employee never upgraded their software to activate the patch," Plex said in a statement. "For reference, the version that addressed this exploit was roughly 75 versions ago."

#LastPass #Plex

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Wine pairing. For me it is even simpler, I just drink white wines.

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@lowqualityfacts can you just confirm which part of this toot was meant to be low-quality?

"The second attack specifically singled out one of the four DevOps engineers, targeting their home computer with a keylogger malware to obtain the credentials and breach the cloud storage environment."

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You have nothing to hide until the government suddenly declares your behaviour illegal. #abortion #usa #meta #facebook #google #e2ee #encryption

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Tech industry, please hire more writers. I can happily read docs for 3h and get much more out of them than watching a video for 3h. And while I'm watching the video, I'm making copious notes so that I don't have to watch the video *again* later to refresh my memory. If it was written down in the first place with good indexing I wouldn't have to do that. Video is such a crap way to document things.

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If you're in right wing controlled state like Texas, you might want download a copy of the Tor browser now.

It's frequently used to get around network blocks by repressive regimes. (And can also make it harder for advertisers to track you if you happen to live in a less repressive regime)

As example the BBC produced a tor hidden service version of their site to provide BBC news in Ukrainian & Russian. Tor can view regular webs sites, but I think the hidden sites perform a bit better.

Ideally one would live in a free country not ruled by a repressive state, but apparently we don't get to have nice things like that without quite a lot more political organizing and resistance.

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Now is the time for resistance. To fight for human rights.

To free the internet from mass surveillance. Now is the time to stop #chatcontrol

We urge all politicians of the EU to take a democratic decision.

Read the full story at

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Frage: Brauche ich WhatsApp?

Frage: Ist Microsoft 365 in der EU rechtskonform einsetzbar?

Frage: Sind proprietäre Softwarelösungen im Sinne der öffentlichen Verwaltung?



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Found on the birdsite by @publicdomainrev

This will be sticked as a printout into my kitchen fridge :ablobwave: 🥞 🥞 🥞

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