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FM4 hat gesagt, ich solle mir das ansehen:

Returning to Monkey Island - Noclip Documentary

Der ist wirklich gut!

Schlimmer Verdacht: Erzählt die „Sendung mit der Maus“ Kindern Märchen?

Erst hier hab ich den Spin gecheckt :)

„Ein Eichhörnchen, das dem Kammerdiener das Frühstück bringt – noch dazu eine Brezel – hat es nirgends und zu keinem Zeitpunkt der Geschichte gegeben.“

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Sorry for that link to shitter, but this is a well researched thread about ultrasonic humidifiers that are producing a lot of air pollution pm2.5 that is not good but bad for your lungs.

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Dear @mozilla
Please, please, please put the RSS indicator back in Firefox.

People need to know about this technology which empowers users over greedy, controlling corporations.

Waiting for the naxt app crash. Funalyzing

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When people say “RSS is dead” what they really mean is “we couldn’t figure out a way to monetise RSS.”


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On the quest of finding a hostname from remote without

So, streaming is not that bad, although nobody owns no more music. Not my world, but those emerging artists thing sounds super interesting 😃

The standard says that you have to GET used to it to have no body.

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How it comes that if you GET to REST in peace, then you have no body

Kindof the sessions we used to use during the panda times 2020

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A that is kind of family safe, does not require a phone number or an email so it runs on child phone without a simcard. Wifi only.

Any suggestions?

Docker Desktop port conflict is a lame excuse for

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