Twitter to end free access to its API in Elon Musk's latest monetization push

Twitter will discontinue offering free access to the Twitter API starting February 9 and will launch a paid version.

Now, is that good for ? Will new users migrate to here?

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If I say I will do it, I will do it. You don't need to be reminding me every 6 months about it.

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What a mess :ablobtoiletflush:

  • When will you have the Scratch app available for Linux?

    • The Scratch app is currently not supported on Linux.
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You should read @Mer__edith's thread on all this,¹ and it's worth remembering what @signalapp does and does not do.

Signal does not protect you from:
• an untrustworthy chat partner
• a compromised device
• corporate device management
• your device's Operating System

Signal does protect you from:
• a hack of the Signal servers
• a subpoena of the Signal servers
• the wire between you and the Signal servers


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Wie Bargeld eure Freiheit schützt:

✅Kaufen und Spenden ohne "Schere im Kopf"
✅Kein Ausschluss bestimmter Personengruppen
✅Keine Kartensperrung
✅Keine technischen Störungen
✅Keine Negativzinsen


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@AriaaJaeger I never heard about this before in my life.

But I didn't find confirmation about the "exclusively" part - seems hard to imagine, with so many people around the world wanting to hear from him.

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*** Important Friday Filing Status Report Update ***

OMG. It's finished. YAAAAAAAY!

The #weekend is officially here!

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Die Entwicklung von #CryptPad hatte ich länger nicht mehr verfolgt - das scheint inzwischen eine vollwertige #Office-Suite zu sein:

Es gibt natürlich mehrere Instanzen davon, entwickelt wird es von @cryptpad

I found this video in my memes folder, kind of funny

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Hi , great to be back!

In mastodon is blocked :/

But has begun, come on friends, let's take a ride 🚀 🚀 🚀

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#FDroid in an #EU "Pilot project — De-monopolized access to EU applications"... "The focus of the pilot project includes EU institutions releasing their apps on existing alternative app stores, including f-droid that aims at promoting apps released under open source licenses"

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