This evening, I've been having exploring !
I've seen @eibriel posting about It a lot, so I decided to take a look too! :blobaviator:

I like It there! I find it to be a mix between and ! :ablobthinking:
Unfortunately, I've not been able to interact a lot with people, just a quick hey with a person that warned me that my mic was not working, so I fixed it but they went away in no time :ablobnervous:

I've used the Brave to explore the land and had little to no problems on . :linux:

I suggest to everyone to have a look! It's inspiring! A bit empty.... but !

I have also been thinking to make some to wear/sell there, but unsure how and if I really could... Also, lands are veeeeery ! But can be loaned for "cheap" :3

Have you ever explored it? Do you like it? :aphotoblob:

@frayoshi Glad you like it! Now is possible to build by using "Worlds", by having a Decentraland name or hosting your own server (land is not a requirement anymore).

I've been developing, with some other people, a minigolf game at coordinates 47,-46

hahaha love the guy @eibriel !!
Great job with all the setup, the commands are a bit tricky, but it's nice to play!

I noticed the world thing, but still have to buy the username.. anyway, great that we do not longer have to buy lands!

@frayoshi I see that you received the golf emote, congrats! 🏌️‍♂️

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