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The is ready! ^^

I might create the whole 2023 in the time of this month.. If you have suggestions, this is the time :ablobuwu:

It is hosted on the awesome at licensed under BY-ND in A4 and !

They also have an instance here on , go check it out! here a quick handle: @internetarchive !

writes without hands on a with his !
What do you think about this ? I would already know how to use it! when modelling in I always to perform actions without moving the hands in the keyboard/mouse, but I can't, so i grab them and do it the old way.
But with , that could be done instead!

I did say I would post my new stuff too so here’s the latest. I’m so sorry.

What app do you use to connect Mastodon ?

Boosts are appreciated

Today's procrastimaking activity has been porting my weather rainbow 🌈 project from ESP8266/Arduino to @Raspberry_Pi Pico W/ #CircuitPython. It's so nice to be able to store WiFi and OpenWeatherMap info/credentials in an editable text file rather than messing around with the Arduino WiFi manager libraries. Also much easier to parse the weather data in #Python. Still todo: coding LED animations for displaying temperature and weather conditions.

in during the period was quite different from the 24hrs used today!
In fact, there were only 12 and not divided equally! Mind blowing, uh? :ablobwink:
Check out This video to go deeper! :abloblamp:

Took a bit of tweeking to get this finally into #inkscape

Thanks to pbs for reviewing my code.

You don't have to rely on people putting their election toots behind a CW. You can do that on your end using filters and hiding toots behind a CW if it contains keywords

Because is not , someone still haven't got it.
I am pro for this take down, have to be respected.
They could have bought a to use the content in the way they wanted: without Attribution.
It's a little but important part of this license, and the reason why I love it. You can find the sources of the content used and who created it.
the work of others. Don't claim it like yours!


Tech News Worldwide  
Company ‘Hijacks’ Blender’s CC BY-Licensed Film, YouTube Strikes User

United Federation of Instances now has hundreds of thousands of users! We had a few more join last night.

DM me if you want to join, be a founding member. Joining will be a much harder process once we launch in about a week.


Reminder: If anyone from any instance, large or small, wants to be added as a founding member of the United Federation of Instances please send me a private message. Happy to add anyone who adheres to the code of ethics.

You can always leave any time.

We have close to 200,000 members right now.


You know the boiled frog legend, right? What are the steps that led the frog not to jump? Was there no awareness in the oddity of being placed in a pot full of water? Has this ever happened to you? If you were slow-boiled to death, what, and how did it happen, and were you aware?

Fun Japan fact: small LNG trucks roam my neighborhood playing an ice-cream truck version of Beethoven's Ode to Joy. I imagine my elderly neighbors running for the trucks with beatific smiles

Autum walk at golden hour 🌄​🍁​

Une balade d'automne champêtre à l'heure dorée, quand la lumière peint les paysages tels des tableaux.

#photo #art #mastoart #automne #photography #champêtre #balade #goldenhour

Holy hell, I only opened up applications for member sof the UFoI and we already have over 200,000 members total in the application list (the sum of all users across all instances applying).... amazing!


🎓 Dr. Freemo :jpf: 🇳🇱  
I am now compiling a list of all servers who may have an interest in joining the United Federation of Instances. Quite a few instances have already...
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