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Have been experimenting with lately, and it inspired me to create a with most of my publications, the free ones at least :blob3c:
You can visit the page via
It also comes with a nice view ^^

I have added information about type, , status, licensability, places where to download... There's still much to be done, will populate more in the coming weeks :blobaviator:

The awesome part about Notion is that you can ... a lot! Until you get what you want in the order you want :blobaww:

I know that there are libre alternatives out there, have tried various, but couldn't get them to work as I wanted to, they still need some development. Affine is an awesome project, for example, but not quite there, yet.

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Have united all my notes about ( ) into 1 , It covers:

Hope this will help some and.. In case you spot some imprecision or error, please please, do point it out! :ablobderpy:

Naming their 'Blockchain' games like 'UndeadBlocks' cause yeah..

I also play World of SQL and MongoDB Unlimited :bloblaugh:

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I can't believe it:

A boy cheated his ex gf time ago and now he wants her back, but she said she won't forgive his cheating.
Then he begs to understand why cheated her: she was really ugly before and since she is very beautiful today, now she realizes what he did...

Damn that jerk... he shouldn't say such words 🤣🤣🤣🖕

#TrueStory #cheating #Idiot #asshole #jerk

GrapheneOS App Store now includes a mirror of Accrescent, which is a privacy and security focused alternative to the Play Store distributing developer builds of apps:

Accrescent comes from within the GrapheneOS community and we're collaborating together.

Accrescent is in alpha and isn't yet open to any developers uploading their apps. It will have a lot more apps available in the future. It will become a full alternative to Play Store permitting closed source apps too, but you'll be able to filter to show only open source apps.

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🇯🇵Japan: For 10 consecutive weeks, COVID-19 infections have continued to increase.

🔹55,072 COVID infections for the week through July 14, up from 11,086 during the week through May 5.

#COVID19 #Japan #COVIDisNotOver @auscovid19


#SVG created with #Blender Grease Pencil and exported with leomoon-bezier2svg, after decimate it.
Use a mesh wire for stroke with SubD and #lineArt #modifier to get a real time Greasepencil stroke, then convert LineArt into a Bézier curve and decimate it around 0.1 to clean up it. #b3d #Blender #inkscape

@doctormo , any work in progress on adding project-specific relative-path fonts? They are very handy :ablobderpy:
Still using that old technique of the CDATA to link them to the document :blob3c:

or maybe it has been added and I just cannot find it? That might be a thing :abloblamp:

It turns out Google Chrome ships a default, hidden extension that allows code on `*` access to private APIs, including your current CPU usage

You can test it out by pasting the following into your Chrome DevTools console on any Google page:

{ method: "cpu.getInfo" },
(response) => {
console.log(JSON.stringify(response, null, 2));

More notes here:

Affinity is now a free six month trial!!

You can have #darktable for free now. And free forever!

How does that sound??

has finally elaborated my from 2008!
Thanks to
- RAVE (unfortunately disappeared)
- Alessio Gasparin
for all the emotions 😊

yes, it appears to be , but is actually Alessio ^^

ListenBrainz link:

My latest astrophoto: The Elephants Trunk Nebula Sh2-131 - IC1396A and neighborhood in duo narrowband with RGB Stars. Almost 7h exposure time with my Baader Travel Companion and CANON EOS R(a).
#astronomy #space #deepsky #nature #clearskies #astrophotography #photography

@astro_jcm Already 5 years ???

I also remember it like it was yesterday. Probably on of my busiest observing run on HARPS. I was the observer the night before and participating in the live stream the TSE day. I slept only 3 hours.

But the result was just AWESOME (my first TSE !), although I was expecting it to be more dark.

My own video of it:

This solar #eclipse happened 5 years ago today, but my memories of it are as vivid as if it had been yesterday. I lived in #Chile back then, so I hopped to ESO's La Silla observatory, which was in the path of totality.

This was my second total solar eclipse, but the fact that we were at high elevation made it unique, as we could see the shadow of the #Moon coming towards us from the Pacific Ocean. My humble pic below doesn't make it justice!

#astrodon #astronomy #astrophotography #science

Unique, twisting dust lanes are prominent in this Hubble image—an edge-on view of lenticular galaxy NGC 4753. That dust likely was pulled in during a merger with a dwarf galaxy more than 1 billion years ago. Credit: NASA, ESA, and L. Kelsey.

RockYou2024: 10 billion passwords leaked in the largest compilation of all time

researchers discovered what appears to be the largest password compilation with a staggering 9,948,575,739 unique plaintext passwords. The file with the data is titled rockyou2024.txt

#RockYou2024 #password #passwords #dataleak #security #cybersecurity #Hackers #hacking

What do you think about us providing an official #AppImage for the 4.8 release?

🇬🇧Things are moving: Vote on #ChatControl postponed to Thursday! Keep going, contact your government and organise more protests. Now is the time to act!

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@signalapp @Mer__edith We still have one day to stop this #ChatControl mass surveillance madness, especially if you're from IT, FI, CZ, SE, SV, EST, GR, PT. Act NOW:

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