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Have been experimenting with lately, and it inspired me to create a with most of my publications, the free ones at least :blob3c:
You can visit the page via
It also comes with a nice view ^^

I have added information about type, , status, licensability, places where to download... There's still much to be done, will populate more in the coming weeks :blobaviator:

The awesome part about Notion is that you can ... a lot! Until you get what you want in the order you want :blobaww:

I know that there are libre alternatives out there, have tried various, but couldn't get them to work as I wanted to, they still need some development. Affine is an awesome project, for example, but not quite there, yet.

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Have united all my notes about ( ) into 1 , It covers:

Hope this will help some and.. In case you spot some imprecision or error, please please, do point it out! :ablobderpy:

Very likely my last image of 2023, this is the Jellyfish Nebula (IC443), the remnant of a supernova in the constellation Gemini. The two large orange stars are Mu and Eta Geminorum, two red giants at the feet of the rightmost of the two "stick figures" that form the constellation Gemini.

Full resolution + annotated versions and technical details on Telescopius:

Image license: CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0

#astrophotography #astronomy #nebula #deepsky #photography #astroberry #kstars #ekos #phd2 #darktable #raspberrypi #astrodon

Just put together an early "merry xmas" online for you all 🎄 ❤️

Not done yet but we still have a few days :blobcatgiggle:

Source, use however you like:

Pro tip. Give your midlevel male programmers the title of Seniór Developer, abbreviated Sr. Dev. They will think its a promotion and work harder.

Hey everyone! I'm guessing a lot of you will be buying last minute gifts for people, and those tend to involve gift cards. Be very careful when you're buying these off-the-rack at retail stores that sell gift cards for various popular restaurants and brands. Especially those that are not in particularly tamper-proof packaging.

A friend just shared some photos he took after buying a bunch of Dardens restaurant gift cards for some gifts to clients. They didn't discover until leaving the store that several of the cards had been tampered with, their PIN scratch-offs re-covered with look-alike scratch off stickers. Also, the phony ones seem to have goofy looking barcodes, like they were scanned and printed by a laser printer without enough ink.

The trick here is the thieves pull the card out, scratch off the PIN part, record that, cover up the pin with fake tape, and then shove the thing back in the packaging and put it back on the shelf. Then, when someone buys it, the thieves can access the value on the card the minute it is activated (purchased).

The image shows two of these cards that are non-tampered (left) and two on the right that were. These cards can slide right out of their packaging with a little wiggling, and slide back in the same way.

Some stores keep their gift cards behind the counter for this reason. Might be best going for those instead of the ones in aisle 19.

"describes" the to the general public as a new type of , during the signup :abloblamp:
I wonder if I should take it as a good or bad news.. :blob3c: surely a bit disinformative :ablobderpy:

are making bold moves these years!! Congratulations ! 💖

We've got some exciting news to share for Android developers! We are partnering with Google and The Forge to work on optimizing our Vulkan Mobile r...

I don’t understand email. How do I know which email service to choose? Won’t I be stuck only communicating with people on the same server? How will people find me? What if I don’t like my service and have to change my email address? Or if my service goes out of business? Why do some email providers charge money and others are free? Will I get ads in my email? It’s all so confusing. Why don’t we all agree on one giant email server that we all use that is secure and benevolent and free?

.. A of mine dies...

I was saving to buy a perpetual license of by , when I discovered that they decided to stop selling "perpetual" this year... Now 1yr of costs twice the annual cost of the . I guess I will say to as artist unless I get a very highly paid job..
Thanks, even-more greedy Foundry.
Luckily, I restarted using this year, thanks to the of @pixeltrain3d !

More and more are becoming only... what a era to live in...

More than 5 million 20th century vital records (birth, marriage, death & naturalization docs) from the Maryland State Archives have been made freely available on the Internet Archive for public use, thanks to efforts from Reclaim The Records:

Almost ready to go 🔴 - change to , from

I found that the Kailh Box Brown switches were a little bit too and hard for my , so I've opted for the Cherry MX Red instead.
On this , I'm changing them and testing the new and feel.

youtube and twitch

This fascinating timelapse of an orb-weaver spider building her web is even more remarkable considering she removes it before dawn each day and constructs a new one every night to avoid daytime predators.

Credit: dinaoren0/tiktok

Criminal complaint against Google Ireland ltd. now also filed.

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