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Have been experimenting with lately, and it inspired me to create a with most of my publications, the free ones at least :blob3c:
You can visit the page via
It also comes with a nice view ^^

I have added information about type, , status, licensability, places where to download... There's still much to be done, will populate more in the coming weeks :blobaviator:

The awesome part about Notion is that you can ... a lot! Until you get what you want in the order you want :blobaww:

I know that there are libre alternatives out there, have tried various, but couldn't get them to work as I wanted to, they still need some development. Affine is an awesome project, for example, but not quite there, yet.

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Have united all my notes about ( ) into 1 , It covers:

Hope this will help some and.. In case you spot some imprecision or error, please please, do point it out! :ablobderpy:

Spot a 24hrs dynamic change ^^ actually, it is 23:59:58 hours.
connection, .
There's something like 1 second between IPs and cell change (same ), next time I should try to see if I would loose an session or if a transfer would break during this change....

... or, I could ask the community!
Have you tried it yet or any idea? I think the session would break, don't you?

I have just finished this , in which 310 pictures have been generated with the same seed, only difference is the amount of samples, which increased progressively from 1 to 310.

These generations have then been upscaled using the realest-general-x4v3 upscaler model and as software.

This the result:

If proprietary brain implants become a must have in the future in order to stay competitive in the work market, I just really don't know what I'd do. Could someone start working on a Foss alternative for that please?! 😅

What size do you think the USB stick to be?
My guess is 32G faked as 128G :blob3c:

and (?)

I now notice that I didn't share the picture with the Happy Easter, but the clean one :blob3c:

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FraYoshi wishes you a ! ^^
This bunny has been generated using and , using the on . Simple text added in .

Thanks to all the creators of all these tools, which made this , possible ^^

Easter Bunny on a Latte.

Added a couple scripts to rapidly compress pictures to the ^^
I use them to create files ( has a limited amount of space that offers to their users) and to create compressed copies of files I do not want to share in full resolution or just want to use for my ^^
SafeCreative code, in case you end up exporing the service: 9XZKH9 (10% discount)

, 2 good in a row on !
I was listening to crushcrushcrush - Paramore

when an ad started with August Burns Red - Backfire, which I listened and then opened.

In , Sky Caught Fire - Guilt appeared, and I opened that too! :ablobaww:

Unfortunately, the adventure ended here, no more ads after this :blobaviator:

🚇 Why you shouldn’t hang out at the end of railway tunnels 👇👇

RALLY📣 This Saturday, we're calling it like it is: Big Media and Big Tech are cannibalizing the digital future of #libraries.

❤️Fight, librarians, 🐦EFF, + 🐦internetarchive are demanding better.

Join us & invite all your #BayArea friends at


Second time in a couple of years and still causes me deep emotions... I have now stopped because the connection does not permit to continue and I'm at the part where Haku <spoiler alert> is risking his life, and even if I already know how it ends, I'm feeling a great pain inside. Poor Haku... And poor 'Sen', she is giving him the precious bitter meatball.. the one that she thinks could bring her parents back to human form...

Feeling a great pain inside. Only a masterpiece like this could cause these kind of emotions on people ✨

Do you also feel deep emotions watching it? How many times have you watched it? I might have watched 1 and a half, but have listened to the soundtrack many times, just magical 💙

Petrified Yokai Dog - #AiArt #AIStory 

In the depths of a forest in Japan, there lived a beautiful yokai dog with a unique coat of fur. It was a mixture of brown and black, with each hair strand containing unique elements that made it almost indestructible. The black fur was rough and sturdy, while the brown one was soft and flexible.

One day, a group of humans stumbled upon her hiding place. They were frightened by her beauty and power, and they attacked her with swords and arrows. The yokai dog tried to defend herself, but she was outnumbered, and she was struck by a powerful spell that turned her into stone.

For years, the petrified yokai dog remained hidden in the forest, forgotten and alone. But one day, a young girl stumbled upon her while exploring the woods. The girl was fascinated by the beautiful statue, and she sat by her side for hours, talking to her as if she were alive.

As the years went by, the girl continued to visit the statue, bringing her offerings of food and flowers. She told the yokai dog all about her life, and the yokai dog listened, her eyes glowing with a strange light.

One day, as the girl was sitting with the statue, she heard a soft growl. She looked up to see the yokai dog standing before her, alive and well. The petrification spell had finally been broken.

The girl was overjoyed, and she and the yokai dog became the best of friends. They explored the forest together, and the girl learned all about the world of the yokai.

And so, the petrified yokai dog had been given a second chance at life, thanks to the kindness of a young girl. Together, they lived happily ever after, exploring the mysteries of the forest and the secrets of the yokai world.

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