@freemo are you serious? Where's this from? Link? I read about the mandalorian and some other one but not Darth Maul.

@Wetrix I saw it posted from the official Star Wars group on facebook. Quick search came up with some references though: wegotthiscovered.com/tv/lucasf

@freemo hmm I'm not sure how I feel about this.

I'll have to see what the shows are like before I can honestly be excited about it.

I mean Disney is really pushing star wars but if the quality is going to suffer and we're just getting subpar crap pumped out to cash in, then I'd rather the shows never saw the light of day.

@Wetrix Yea I dunno. First few they released I liked. The first one felt way too rip-off of the originals. The others seemed to lack any real underlying philosophy or message like the others. They just come across lacking, just a cool universe with some space flights. I am a huge star wars fan and watched a lot of the stuff Disney did at first, but I'm over it now.

@freemo I kind of wish that Lucas never sold to Disney.

It'd be better to just have stingy old George with nothing being released then ruining the legacy.

I guess if I really wanted that wish though I'd wish Lucas made 4 5 6 and then got hit by a bus and 1 2 3 never existed along with the special editions 🀣

@Wetrix All I wanted was 1 - 3 sequels, then wait a decade and we can talk again. I dont mind continued content, just make it good! They had a legacy to live up to but they didn't care, it was just a cash cow.

@freemo Lucas destroyed that legacy with 1-3.

One word. BINKS

There was only way to go from there which was up, because after jar jar and little Annie we truly hit the bottom with a resounding splash.

@Wetrix Im not quite as harsh on 1-3 as you and many others. while i do agree they are well below the quality of 4 - 6, I still say they were decent and at the very least all superior to anything Disney has done.

Jarjar Binks I actually liked (I know everyone hated him). He had many good philosophical elelents:

* He showed rather well the prejudice of the jedi and how they look down on others .
* He showed how you dont need to be smart to be important
* He showed how the more enlightened jedi didnt write off jarjar so quickly, they saw his value
* This all plays in to the story as to how and why the Jedi fell, to show their arrogance and how they even began to be corrupted by the darkside in showing such behaviors. This is exemplified by Annies reaction.

@Wetrix 1 2 and 3 were bad i agree but i think they were miles above anything disney put out. At least it actually answered outstanding questions and exposed the moral and philosophical questions to some degree.

@freemo I better also but I'll definitely continue this when I get up 😁

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