What do you hardcore users use for radio logging?

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This right now is actually my top choice... I wanted TLF as i wanted a CLI tool... but as far as I can tell TLF cant **download** from any service only upload... so im likely to to go with cloud log.

I bought a 1 month subscription to test it and see if I like it enough to commit... if I do I will likely put in the effort to dockerize it and host it.

@freemo it’s pretty good. I had to nuke it once and reinstall but only because my LXC container got corrupted. Easy installation.

@wardrup well if your running off a properly maintained DB with backups and all that shouldnt be an issue, and it should rarely if ever corrupt I would think...

But yea one reason using a service that can download from LoTW is largely because i want to feel my logs are secure even if i loose everything .

@freemo a hardcore linuxer would probably use #vim or #emacs for everything. πŸ˜‰πŸ™ƒπŸ˜‚

@dd0ul wasnt too happy ar first glane... Finally decided to host a CloudLog.

Thanks for the answer

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