So I am starting a HAM community.. Think apache for Ham radio. The idea is to address the state of open source software and standards in HAM radio.

Anyone, particularly open-source devs have any interest in talking to me about this, even if its just to make sure their ideas are considered as I launch... but people who want to help more directly are welcome too.

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@freemo Intersesting idea! See,, and open is funding a lot of open source projects in amateur radio. Does your project have a website?

@freemo I don't have a lot of personal time to do proper stewardship over my cross platform AX.25 implementation but it was my attempt to make it trivial to do packet radio in macOS and the BSDs, and implements the full 2.2 standard and with little porting effort can be a good stand in for the ailing Linux kernel implementation.

@xan I just upgraded my own cross platform AX.25 implementation... finishing up the refactor... maybe we should join on that too (it is going into this project)... Or maybe you should move your project over to my new inclubator, we can at least help with resources.

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