My thoughts on Meta's strategy on launching an ActivityPub-based social network are simple.

Embrace, extend, and extinguish:,

Embrace: Look, we've launched a shiny new Twitter clone!

It's not an empty new social platform, like Google Plus was. You can already access all the content on Mastodon and all the other ActivityPub-based platforms!

We've seen the light! We now embrace open networks!

And it's so simple!

All you people who wanted to switch to Mastodon, but freaked out when you read the word "server" and thought it was too complicated for you, no fear! We've done away with the confusing choice for you! It's a super simple UX!

Extend: Our shiny new Twitter clone now integrates seamlessly with Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more! You can even get notifications in Horizon Worlds!

Oh, we're not integrating our other platforms to ActivityPub. If you want one easy platform for Meta's social media platforms and ActivityPub, our Twitter clone is your only choice!

To advertisers and media, we'll let you boost posts too, for a tiny fee!

We'll feature you prominently on our new algorithmic feed.

So don't bother spinning up your own Masto instance, join us instead!

Extinguish: As of 1 July, we are depreciating support for ActivityPub.

Also, effective immediately, our privacy terms have been updated. You won't believe what we hid on page 76.

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@ajsadauskas @main @fediverse @technology the extinguish part is difficult for them or anyone. If Musk did anything well is to prove that a substantial part of the user base are power users who will rather migrate than endure a platform that’s losing capabilities.

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