I normally have pretty atrocious handwriting. I've been spending some time lately trying to practice and improve my hand writing and decided to start with my signature. I wanted to try to come up with a slightly fancy prettier version of my signature. This is finally what I came up with. Not entirely happy with the F but its the best I could come up with so far.

I also included a picture of my old signature for comparison.

@freemo Is publishing your signature not a security issue there?

@hashtaggrammar I thought about that. Not really it isnt used as any serious type of security measure anymore. It is pretty common to publish signatures on products too

@freemo @hashtaggrammar It has to do with its architecture, if I'm not misunderstanding.

Even if someone cloned a signature, they would still have to know the pre-image to be able to have a different image for the same hash.

Any reasonably strong hash value would require insurmountable computation power to reach a collision.

So the danger of publicly showing a signature is reduced.

What do physical signatures have to do with cryptographic hashes, im confused.


@freemo Ah gotcha you mean physical signatures.

I thought you meant digital signatures.
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