Heard this morning that the packages were inert...not explosive. So could possibly be motivated to send scary but harmless packages that could only result in negative media for Trump 2 weeks before election day?


@SecondJon We have a word for Scary Inert packages here in Israel- Terrorism.

Something sent with intent to cause panic and terror, or to intimidate someone.

Actually being explosive or not is secondary to disruption these items cause. Same with sending a senator an envelope full of baby powder.

Agreed. I didn't mean to say the packages were a good or harmless thing overall, I should have been more precise.

But I still wonder who would be motivated. If someone who likes Trump, then they're an idiot, as it inevitable turns media stories against Trump. If someone on the left seeking the news pre election, then we have a different problem.

I don't know that anyone knows who is behind it or their motivation, I'm curious. Wouldn't put it past whoever leaked Ford's info for political purposes, but we don't know who that was either.

@SecondJon Hopefully the FBI will get their person soon and we can know for sure.

In my experience, this sort of thing is usually set off by a misguided individual. The actual reason behind it might not be logical at all.

@Surasanji @SecondJon I agree, it's mostly likely a misguided individual, not someone with that much political foresight. How Trump and other government leaders respond to the threat is a different story. Also, I'm sure we'll get the info once it's confirmed. No leaking necessary.

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