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Just want to remind our users at that Advertising is the one of the only things that'll get you instantly banned here. I've had a lot of advertisers come through, so, fair warning! If I see it, you're on your way out the door!

Love Dave, one of your friendly Mods. <3

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Something random-

I've been reading up on ancient Canaanite religion recently, and it is a very interesting subject. Particularly when you look at it as the precursor religion to what would eventually become Judaism.

A lot of the god names are maintained in Hebrew- which is, itself, a Canaanite language- the only living (Although you could say resurrected) Canaanite language. Yam (long A, Yaam) for instance is one that is super easy to spot because the word, in Hebrew, for ocean is still yam.

It's a very interesting thing to study for me, as a Jewish person and a secular Zionist who ascribes to the notion that the Jewish people are the aboriginal people to the region of the world I've chosen to make my home.

However, from a history standpoint it's particularly interesting to see where my culture and the religion associated with said culture came from and evolved from.

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@freemo Hi, Freemo! Great to be here, thank you.

I'm just a dude living a life in Tel Aviv. I'm no expert when it comes to STEM, and certainly not professionally educated in any such field but I am certainly a fan.

Outside of my interest in general knowledge, I'm into gaming, table top role playing, and have been a member of the telnet based Mu* (Mush/Mud/Mux) online Roleplaying communities for just about two decades now.

I'm big into discussing different topcs, always happy to learn something new, and share my own personal experiences and knowledge with any and everyone.

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This lack of time for working on Fedilab becomes to be annoying! I started to work on polls for Mastodon but, I also want to add #Pleroma admin features and the playlist for #Peertube... Well, I need time but that will be done.

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Very happy to share this with you today! Commissioned by @ryanlittlefield ! A cool mastodon with a fresh pizza !!

#MastoArt #mastodon

Chag Purim Samach to my Jewish Friends on Mastodon! :D

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Happy Purim @Surasanji. Enjoy the day to its fullest!

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Its today.
The famous festival of colours.

Wishing every Qoton a . Have a colourful day! 🏳️‍🌈🎊🌈☂️

I'm def playing Scottish Pokemon Trainer when Sword and Shield come out.

Starter? There is only one choice: Sobble.

I'm kind of loving this whole Scottish Pokemon Trainer memery.

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Selfie, eye contact. | Selfie oogcontact Show more

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okay the smell of brownies is doing a lot of curative work

It is important to note that my kitty does absolutely love me.

I know that this is like some kind of transference or something, but when I say 'I love you' to my cat she often meows back in a similar vocal pattern to what I make when I tell her that I love her.

I can't help but think she's saying 'I love you'. I mean, logically I know she isn't, but my heart says 'OMG THIS CUTE KITTY LOVES ME~ <3 <3 <3"

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Good morning. Got my coffee going, trying to wake up. Already exhausted going into the day- this won't be a good way to start things, I don't think. :/

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look at this beautiful head to torso ratio on this lad

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I'm really feling 'The Power Of Love' by Huey Lewis right now.


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