about sleep, though, no matter how much I get, I'm always exhausted. Definitely next trip to Cambridge Naturals is going to be a trip where I spend dough. Not going to miss my alarm for another day in a freaking row.

@cambridgeport90 I'm fascinated by the subject of sleep. Have you ruled out a medical issue like sleep apnea?

@hashtaggrammar I think so ... Getting to sleep isn't the issue, seemingly. It's having enough energy during the day regardless of how much I get.

@cambridgeport90 Are you staying hydrated? A few years ago I had this issue and after a few frustrating appointments with my doctor, she finally figured out that I was dehydrated and she told me to drink coconut water.

@hashtaggrammar That could be. I never thought of that, to be honest. If that stuff any good, by the way?

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