that ever awesome vague error message from Mozilla: "The page could not be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified". This is a legitimate site, and it occurs on every single link clicked. Wonder whether the same thing happens in Chrome. Any advice on being able to click through to the site anyway?

finally got a list set up on mastodon. Dang, took me long enough, though. I have a thing similar to "monitored" on Twitter, though I think the sucky part? I don't think any my followers on here can subscribe?

Not sure if I will pre-order the pinebook or not, might just wait for the second batch as I'm not much into hardware tinkering, specially on laptops.

Also will have to try running with 4GB instead of 8GB on my current laptop, it should be fine as it is what I had before but I feel like mastofe development is not gonna be happy.
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Wondering ... just activated, and this is going to be a serious video venture, considering I've gotten rid of the silly 5GB quota. I have over 200 videos on YouTube, though, spanning from about 2009 onward. Where the heck should I start in importing my videos? Do you want all my '09 stuff, too? Or should I start from 2014? Hit me up.

"The best programs are the ones written when the programmer is supposed to be working on something else." - Melinda Varian

I keep reading "bujo" (short for "bullet journaling") as "cujo"

which of course gives me the mental image of rabid notebooks attacking people

I forgot how wonderful '70's rock voices can be. Only when your dad puts on that sort of station, then we all remember.

Does anyone have any suggestions for PeerTube self hosting and avoiding untagged NSFW content? Not that I view that sort of thing myself, because I don't, but still ... would be nice to know which instances to federate with, and which to block.

mischief levels are 49% and rising

(49%) ■■■■□□□□□□

Heading off to sleep; will see everyone in the morning my time, at least.

Talking about the potential of organizations hosting their own social media. Yes, @changeling is correct in pointing out to me the fact that they can't be sure to be promoted, though at least the open source side of the world can enjoy both fediverse presence and promotion. After all, are there not a couple Linux orgs who have fedi presences? I could have sworn. Any clues? I know Ubuntu does, Ubos, others?

I'm going to laugh, if, when I finally get my lab network up, my future machine is the first to join that domain. #1010

Oh wow, first time in a pile of years since I'm on gentoo, I think a compiled wine that used to work sort of broke.

I wonder if it's because of like… removing dbus.

Anyways, @changeling, where the heck were we? Oh yeah. You asked about Pleroma? It's my secondary account, the one that uses my alternate alias/alterego, you could say. That's defendCambridge, on Twitter, if you follow it.

just the other day i remembered we couldn't upload audio here and wished we could, cuz sharing music's fun. glad it's finally comin!

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