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In spite of your naturally sympathetic nature, you are intent ... More for Cancer bit.ly/yk3b9m

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Did you know that botox is a treatment option for adults with chronic ? migrainetrust.org/living-with-

RT @megarush1024@twitter.com: Dear conservatives who are currently pissed at Twitter: The independent web is always accepting new participants, we span the entire political spectrum, and we even have a way to communicate with each other across domains while ensuring everyone owns their content. Come join us.

RT @megarush1024@twitter.com: Dear everybody losing their shit over that “be thankful for working eyes” tweet: I have some thoughts and you’re gonna need to click: arush.io/dear-everybody-losing

I think I'll play some Oh Shit. Watched @liamerven@twitter.com play it during the stream archive last night and realized I've never played. LOL

RT @TFLN@twitter.com: Just found a grey hair in my beard. It’s finally happening. I’m becoming a wizard.

RT @radleybalko@twitter.com: Proposed: Anyone who was arrested or served time for a nonviolent marijuana-related crime not only gets a wiped record, they get to go to the front of the line if they want a license to sell marijuana legally.

RT @stevesi@twitter.com: Sleepless No More In Seattle — Later School Start Time Pays Off For Teens n.pr/2QvEPsT // I am so totally gen z.

RT @FactsInYourFace@twitter.com: If the earth didn't have the moon, our days would only be 6 hours long.

The latest The Windows Server Daily! paper.li/Cambridgeport90/15444 Thanks to @HammondRhys@twitter.com @Ailsa5740@twitter.com @BlueSkyIT_@twitter.com

having a cup of Java, fixing to download Markdown Monster to see if I can't blog on stormlighttech.org using markdown; the new editor drove me insane.

RT @PartnersNews@twitter.com: Between 2013 and 2016, deaths involving increased about 113 percent per year, researchers found.
Read the full story on .@CBSNews@twitter.com: ow.ly/fhJR30mYxp8

RT @Confluence@twitter.com: 18 non-corny teamwork quotes you’ll actually like: ow.ly/WXK030mXY5q

RT @braille0109@twitter.com: fuck. I'm proud of it. Oh dear ... You swore a total of 38 times in the tweets we analysed. It's a lump of coal in your stocking this year, you naughty thing.