I know there was supposed to be stuff I needed to send to somebody earlier, but what was it? I think it had to do with Stormlighttech, though? Good lord. I’m rally losing my marbles.

Have I ever been sure of everything I’m doing? Never, and still even today.

Great. newcomers in my group seem to be having issues with their email addresses; friend’s has a typo in it, which I’d fix for him if I knew where in our system I needed to, and then his alias is also sort of broken. Hopefully it’s not the same for our other new guy. His name’s even mor... cambridgeport90.micro.blog/201

Was just considering what to do with some future plans I had for a project. WondThinking this particular community needs an open source organization to show them what their community potential is.

The moment you realize that a friend is just as consumed with the act of packing Dell PowerEdge as you …

Then again, other members of the IndieWeb still have Facebook accounts, so many deleting mine is way too drastic of a move, in light of the fact that I’m moaning an event that never directly affected me in the least as the basis for my rage.

Wish I knew how to disable email alerts on facebook. Too bad applications can’t get the message that I really don’t give a shit.

starting to feel a bit apprehensive on a Tuesday; beginning of the week, but something still feels off. Have no clue what, yet. Keep you updated.

I’m never posting directly on Twitter again, I don’t think, unless someone replies to me, that is.

it’s all whether or not SolidCP gets installed that I can finally join the IndieWeb in full. oly thing is, Tarathiel’s running, but I can’t seem to properly to connect to him at all. One of my currently two SQL servers.

Let’s see what happens; posting now to Medium, Twitter, and Mastodon. dang it all, this is going to be fun once I add my Wordpress blog in here; will probably end up with clnflicts all over the friggin place.

Waiting for #nsa director to also be arrested for doing just this every second of the day in virtually all major countries in the world (this is true BTW, unlike the mere >allegation< against #assange and Manning -- >both< now unable to speak) https://twitter.com/GnosticPlayers/status/1116341496024846336

I'm evidently a bit crazy. Just discovered that evidently I tried to email myself a test? What the fuck?

Just got a Micro.Blog site up. Just need to then associate it with my external feeds eventually, as well.

One of those shitty as all get up days, I guess.

The #Keybase proofs system is launching tomorrow. I've just finished a couple of last-minute patches, need to get them in, release rc2, so that 2.8.0 can launch tomorrow as well

And oof, I have not written a release blog post yet

You will be called upon to help a friend in trouble.

Coworker: pandas are underrepresented in the furry community

Me: are you sure ur not a furry?

Her: yeah I just really like pandas and it would be cool to be one I wanna be a trash panda

Me: okay but are you really sure tho

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