So after trying out several cheaper pens with every sort of nib under the sun, including some specialty nibs, I finally decided on the type of nibs I want in pens I carry with me. I decided to carry three fountain pens on me at all times, one with a Flex Nib, another with a Fude Nib, and finally a third with a Music Nib.

The Music Nib will give me a broad wet italic cursive good for fancy lettering. The flex nib is perfect for everyday writing as well as giving a lot of control over line width, and the Fude Nib is extra fancy and my favorite for signing my signature.

After sorting that out I ordered three high-end fountain pens with the various nibs. This one just arrived with a solid 14K gold nib, it is a Flex Nib but with a very unique and unusual design. Its a great nib, I wrote my signature below it, one of the best signatures I've attempted so far.


@freemo Meanwhile... I carry around a black Pilot G2. It writes okay I guess.

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