Anyone know if there is a gym in that is reasonably close to the convention center that will sell me a short term membership while I’m at PyCon?

A cable machine, dumbbells and an elliptical is enough to do my whole workout.

@pganssle Union Fitness does day passes but is technically across the river if that fits your definition of "reasonably close"

@JasonMilletary I don’t have a great sense of how easy it is to get around over there. Looks like a 20 minute walk, which doesn’t sound too bad.

Do you know if Pittsburgh has those scooters or some other casual non-car way of getting around that could make that any faster?

@pganssle We dont have scooters anymore (2 year trial program expired without legislative approval). There is a bike share (POGOH) with e-assist bikes although I am not sure about the availability (more so on the North Side).

Best non walking option would be the bus. There should be several routes that go along Penn or Liberty that cross over the Warhol Bridge and take you close to the gym.

@pganssle Also it looks like Etage Athletic Club downtown has day passes. That would be a shorter more direct walk.

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