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From the archives of my blog but still very relevant: "pytz: The Fastest Footgun in the West", about why you probably shouldn't be using pytz:

boosting @elysdir

Do you want to download an archive of an entire Yahoo Group? Here’s how. But do it today, because you may not be able to do it this way after tomorrow.

I guess it's #introduction time-

I'm an audio engineer, multimedia developer, and occasional indie game dev- Previously employed by several research institutions in the field of accessible media / accessible research, currently looking for remote / semi-remote work for my incredibly niche skillset.

I'm in to Python, Rust, and Unity/C#, but I've got eyes on Elixir in the future.

I love hackathons, all things procedural, and anything with wheels.

I'm an absolute New Englander, but I've lived in Washington, California, China, and Spain. Currently based in Honolulu.

Here's what I've been making in between the twin existential ennuis of freelance work and trying to find a stable job:

Movie idea: thieves find that the security software for their target doesn't handle DST correctly; if they can pull off a heist during the first 1AM-2AM period no one will notice. Climax has the protagonist sliding out of camera range just as the clock ticks from 1:59:59 to 1:00.

Mastodon is prone to bubbles.

When you look for new people to follow you check the public timelines, which by design mostly contains people already followed by people on your instance. It's hard to break out of that.

Here's what you do.

1) Go to but change the last bit to a hashtag of your choosing.

2) Click boost on all the cool stuff.

Also, use hashtags in your own posts and boost cool stuff with gay abandon!

#mastodon #meta

"Oops, I used my work computer for this by 'accident', better put '© Google' on 'The Sweathogs meet Dracula'."

Most tech contracts in the US stipulate that the company owns any IP you produce under some conditions. You can use this to give your employer a weird IP portfolio. Personally, I'm looking forward to Google owning an extensive collection of "Welcome Back, Kotter" fan fiction.

Thanks to Mozilla's #MOSS and Chan Zuckerberg Initative
for supporting the PSF
($407,000 USD in total) for transformative work on pip & on Python packaging user experience. Looking forward to working on this with
and contractors-to-be-named-soon!

huh, interesting little blog post about .gitignore:

What's in your global gitignore?

Very happy to learn:

"Today the Thunderbird project is happy to announce that for the future Thunderbird 78 release, planned for summer 2020, we will add built-in functionality for email encryption and digital signatures using the OpenPGP standard. This new functionality will replace the Enigmail add-on, which will continue to be supported until Thunderbird 68 end of life, in the Fall of 2020."

PSA: Someone has apparently typo-squatted a package with a similar name to dateutil on PyPI and is serving malicious code on it!

Please check that you depend on `python-dateutil`, no other variants. (The malicious package is `python3-dateutil`).

From the python-dev mailing list:

> Having tried comp.lang.python with no response, I turn here...

MFW a property testing library keeps finding increasingly obscure bugs in my code.

Just finished putting the stickers I made in Austin on my laptop. That tesselation is very satisfying.

Sad to hear that my favorite FOSS Twitter app, #Twidere ( is abandoned. Thanks to the author for the awesome project, which also supports

Is it just a meme that people need talking points memos to have Thanksgiving conversations with their relatives, or do people really have that much anxiety about interactions with people outside their filter bubble? Or was it always this way and it was just less public?

how do you handle secrets (like API keys) in your small #rust CLI projects?

Do you think Darius Rucker released this album to help him remember the answers to his "security" questions?

Is there a good book on the basics of statistics and stochastics? Preferrably in German, bzt english would also be okay.

I would like to do some stuff with data analysis in Python but I think a solid mathematical foundation would do me a favor here.

#Question #DataScience #Python

Shameful admission: I don't know how to use tmux. Does anyone have any good resources for getting started quickly?

I usually learn best by jumping right in.

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