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I have no idea if this will work out and I may have to end up cancelling / rescheduling meetings if they become impractical, but if you want to meet me at , I’ve set up a schedule for 15-minute 1-on-1 chats:

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Latest post is a big one: “Why you shouldn’t invoke setup​.py directly”

A lot of people don’t know about this because we haven’t been great about getting the word out. This blog post is in part an attempt to remedy this.

Please help spread the word!

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From the archives of my blog but still very relevant: "pytz: The Fastest Footgun in the West", about why you probably shouldn't be using pytz:

Now that I’ve released this on a Friday afternoon, time to run off to go apartment hunting and make myself completely unavailable for a few days! Byyyyyeeeeeee!

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Hot off the presses, we’ve just released the latest version of tzdata, bringing us in line with the upstream 2022b data:

See release notes here:

(Or upstream:

Hi everyone 👋

I'm a devops/sysadmin guy from Sweden.

My main interests are tinkering with software and/or electronics. Everything from small arduino projects to setting up full blown kubernetes clusters, which I also happen to do for a living.

At the moment I'm also trying to take more control over my data, so selfhosting stuff and trying out community driven services. Hence my presence here 🙂


AntennaPod is turning a decade old in about a week! 🎉
To honor the occasion, we would like to invite past, current and future users to celebrate.

Join us for a get-together and connect to on Friday 22/07 at 18:00 CEST!

The agenda includes looking back at how the App has evolved throughout the releases. A great opportunity to socialize with the core team, occasional contributors and fellow app users.

Add it to your calendar and get a reminder:

Definitely not worth $4000, but if I were on Jeopardy and got this clue, I would have been very sorely tempted to answer, “What is 01189998819991197253?”

The branding of this restaurant in Madrid is really sending mixed messages about its legitimacy.

Every day as a parent, explaining why your kids need to do not fun stuff that is good for them:

It inspires great trepidation and ambivalence when I find something new that belongs in my “What to do when the bug is in someone else’s code” talk (, but I think patchy has earned a slide.

Or, as the kids say, “Thanks! I hate it!”

My son just tried asking me a joke riddle, translated into English from German. As you might expect it was based on a pun. Fortunately, the pun was translatable, unfortunately he's not an experienced translator, so I got "What walks without feet? Water!". So close...

D… does the Travel Town Museum have a (decommissioned?) nuclear powered train?

Also saw some Cedar Waxwings in a tree right across the street from the swallow. This isn’t my first time seeing those, but they’re still reasonably rare (and not to mention pretty).

Too bad it’s such a dreary day…

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Saw this gorgeous tree swallow on my “walk to work” this morning. Been seeing this one and another one around these last few days, but this season is the first time I’ve ever seen them!

Dear Shokz Corporation,

I dig all the cool pictures of people running with your bone conduction headphones on, but maybe you could also have one or two photographs of like… all the buttons, and the location of the charging port?

Despite actually wanting a new phone, I ended up having my existing phone repaired because I couldn’t find a satisfactory phone.

Plus side: my phone’s battery is no longer bulging out the back.

Down side: I have been forced to opt out of the cycle of consumer electronic churn!

I frequently notice folks asking or answering questions like "how many contributors does this open source project have?" or "how much contribution is this project getting?" is an example of why those aren't simple questions.


I'm Sumana Harihareswara, a woman in #NYC New York City. I have a consultancy, Changeset Consulting and provide short-term project management services for #freesoftware #FLOSS #opensource projects. I'm writing a book on maintainership skills and have accidentally developed expertise in #Python packaging tools.

I'm married, a stand-up comedian & fanvidder, a frequent poster on #MetaFilter & #Dreamwidth, Indian-American. Just moved from!

Who needs airline status when you can get boarding priority by traveling with young children?

So relaxing…

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