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Latest post is a big one: “Why you shouldn’t invoke setup​.py directly”

A lot of people don’t know about this because we haven’t been great about getting the word out. This blog post is in part an attempt to remedy this.

Please help spread the word!

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From the archives of my blog but still very relevant: "pytz: The Fastest Footgun in the West", about why you probably shouldn't be using pytz:

In Python 3.11+ datetime.datetime.fromisoformat( accepts any number of decimal places in the seconds component, extra digits are truncated (not rounded)

>>> datetime.datetime.fromisoformat('2011-11-04T00:05:23.1234567Z')
datetime.datetime(2011, 11, 4, 0, 5, 23, 123456, tzinfo=datetime.timezone.utc) #TIL #Python

Quick #Python packaging tip: if you ever find yourself wanting to type `import src.anything` or `from src import anything`, turn back. `src` should never be part of an import.

Now I just need to figure out why my server computer freezes up whenever I turn off the monitor it’s connected to and I’ll be a happy man. 😅

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For the past few years, my computers have failed to wake up the large 4k monitor connected to my dock, which has been a source of great annoyance to me.

Just a few days ago I came across something that suggested maybe the issue was that the monitor needs HDMI 2.0+, so I bought a newer HDMI cable and now it works perfectly, so if you are having a similar problem, might be a good idea to try a newer cable.

Anyone know if there is a gym in that is reasonably close to the convention center that will sell me a short term membership while I’m at PyCon?

A cable machine, dumbbells and an elliptical is enough to do my whole workout.

I recently optimised .startswith() and .endswith() to be more than 4x faster than before. Before, a bulky slice-and-comparison operation (s[:n] == other) would be faster; now the idiomatic variant is faster. Keep on writing idiomatic code!

- PR:

Python 3.13 time.time() on Windows now has a resolution of *238 ns* instead of *15.6 ms*: it's 65 500x more accurate! The feature was requested 11 years ago (2013)! Better late than never 😉

Extremely excited to share my team at NVIDIA is hiring for a full time role working on ✨ open source Python packaging projects ✨ like Warehouse, pip, and more!

If you are or know someone excited about open source Python development, especially focusing on open source packaging projects, please take a look! And if you have any questions for me, please reach out.

Please boost for spread!

#python #opensource #getfedihired #fedijobs

When you say #PiDay, I hear #PyDay. Let's celebrate this day with a special episode with a special guest: sitting Steering Council member and #Python core developer, Emily Morehouse-Valcarcel!

We're talking about the Steering Council, progress bars, least and most favorite parts of Python, and of course, assignment expressions.

I'd use a walrus emoji, but the best we've got is a tuskless seal! 🦭 There's no anonymous crow either...

I logged on to twitter for the first time in ages because I wanted to contact someone whose preferred contact method was twitter DMs, and twitter suggested that I “interact with [my] timeline more” to help them learn that I’m human.

With the current state of twitter, I’m not sure that “likes to interact with this website” is a particularly common trait among humans…

On the plus side, I suppose this means I’ll have a backup motherboard if the new one ever goes out. Maybe I should get a backup CPU as well to reduce downtime.

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Hmm.. My personal “local-only” server went down a few days ago, I think because the MB died (first it was starting and showing red for the “CPU” and “DRAM” LEDs, then it stopped booting entirely).

It’s still under warranty, but when I do an RMA from ASRock I get an internal server error 500. I suspect that even when I finally get them to accept the RMA, it will be some time (weeks?) before I get a new motherboard. I could have a new motherboard from MicroCenter for $120 this evening, so I guess I’ll just do that.

I'm looking for additional suitable reviewers for the Journal of Open Source Software (@joss) submission:

State-Averaged Orbital-Optimized VQE: A quantum algorithm for the democratic description of ground and excited electronic states

Anybody able to review this submission for JOSS, or suggest a reviewer? The review is mostly done but needs an additional reviewer to step up to get it over the finish line.

I bet the joke was on them when they got to the afterlife and the Shabti figurines kept drawing portraits of them with extra fingers…

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So apparently AIs have been taking human jobs for almost 5000 years now:

Another probable reason for the decline, and eventual end, of retainer sacrifices is the creation of shabti-figures. Shabti-figures were mummy-shaped figurines, meant to replace retainer sacrifices; “… the responsibility for carrying out tasks on behalf of the deceased was transferred to a special kind of funerary statuette, known as a shabti-figure”.[2] These shabti-figures were believed to carry out a wide variety of tasks, including everything from cultivating fields, to irrigating canals, to serving the deceased.

Do you work in a university? If so, request that they run a Tor node.

It's a good thing to do.

#censorship #privacy #tor

@freemo Is there any kind of “status” page for that is independent of the mastodon instance? Or somewhere that lists known issues?

I’m experiencing significantly degraded performance and I feel like it would be good to have a place to go to find out if this is scheduled maintenance, a DDoS attack, or something else.

Heh, I just noticed that it looks like virtualenv seems to use the “COVID-time” version of :

Version 20 starting in 2020, still version 20 now… 😛

I think at this point setuptools_scm (and other tools like it) have probably caused more headaches for me than they’ve solved.

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