"Urban forest restoration by trial and error is costly, and resulting failures are both discouraging to practitioners and condemning of future funding approval. Instead, we propose an evidence-based approach developed with partners and practitioners, informed by, ecologists and applied through practice oriented principles."

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I wonder if Kiri Wallace or Bruce Clarkson have accounts in the fediverse?


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Imagine if every university had its own #fediverse server. So for example faculty at a uni in Aotearoa could be @name@staff.uni.ac.nz. This could even be integrated with the uni's institutional repository, so that every time a researcher adds an article to it, a post is automatically added to their account with the title, abstract and link for the article. Could be interested into the official blogs a uni often provides to faculty and postgrads too.

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@strypey ID should be separate from services. In the age of Git hosting services making an certificate required to interact with them via Git, it should be worth a try getting academics to use keys like some computer practitioners do.

> it should be worth a try getting academics to use GPG keys like some computer practitioners do

Sure, but first the app interfaces for using cryptographic keys might need to brought into the 21st century. I'll admit it's been a few years, but last time I tried to use PGP regularly it was such a nightmare I gave up.

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