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Greetings, people! I am a software developer. Outside of work, I use free/libre software almost exclusively. I am pained that we continue to allow nature and community to get degraded by crony individualism. We can do much better, e.g. the voluntary refugee concept.

I have been chuffed with the almost all of the time I have been on it. There is plenty of food for thought in many a toot out there. I am having to move off @wyatwerp now, and really happy to find a Fediverse instance that ... uh ... federates.

@MikeElgan But, was Peru's president a rich, entitled white guy whose daddy set him up in business? It makes all the difference. Apparently.

When the country decides to treat healthcare as a business, then exploit the labor out of “a moral calling,” then pass pay cuts that prior generations have continued to can the can down the road rather than actually solve, while seeking to extract as much profit for the groups and admin and middlemen, you get a system on the brink of collapse due to short staffing. There isn’t a labor shortage, there’s a shortage of people willing to continue to be exploited. Same as every other field right now.

It bears repeating that humans have known for about 100 years (via model theory) that #semantic models of #syntax are usually not uniquely determined by that syntax. Now imagine what happens when a generative #nlp model is trained using only syntax. Do you feel lucky?

We’re asking readers to not engage in any
platforms tomorrow and stand with us on the digital picket line! Read local news. Listen to public radio. Make something from a cookbook. Break your Wordle streak.

Proposal to stop referring to covid in the past tense and climate change in the future tense.

Our family was at a restaurant and I was about to teach our kids the game "hangman" while we waited for the food, but before I said the name out loud, I realized that was kind of fucked up, so I took a second and came up with "dancing robot" which the kids love and we play all the time, now. There's no need to normalize brutal executions to have fun with your kids. #parenting

@thezerobit Can you at least point me to someone else's collection of evidence?

I'm frustrated because I've had conversations with our admin and I don't think he's some kind of crypto-Nazi. The qoto timeline, which anyone can see, is in no way full of hateful garbage. (There is some awful stuff in the qoto *federated* feed.)

At the same time, there are all these rumors about qoto that nobody seems to be able to back up.

People on both sides seem reasonable and kind; I don't understand why they're fighting.

Not using words such as "basically" and "essentially" or "simple" and "only" is a constant struggle.

"Pointer compression in Oilpan"

Love it! Great work.

I cut my professional teeth designing these sort of bit twiddling optimizations.

Whether you are running on a 16-bit, 32-bit processor, or on a 64-bit pocket super computer—sometimes every bit and ever cycle matters.

I will soon have witnessed both the beginning and the end of the Information Age in my adult life.

@tommorris It is perfect for firehosing.

Massively produced plausible non-truth can easily overwhelm a recipient. Kind of a DDOS for knowledge.

@tommorris You’re brave! As soon as I discovered this AI of unknown morality wanted my phone number to register I decided not to bother. 😳

@swrogers Actually, the newest release of #Emacs has #HaikuOS support!

The might be a reason to try out this amazing OS again.

27 years ago: Netscape and Sun announce JavaScript, “the open, cross-platform object scripting language for enterprise networks and the internet”

why call it bird site when ‘the fowl place’ is right there and a much better pun


A man walks into his local library.

Man to the librarian: "Do you have a book about Pavlov's Dogs and Schrodinger's Cat?

Librarian: "Ah now that rings a bell, but I'm not sure if it is there or not"

Out of nowhere, my nephew just asked, “Do you think Pavlov thought about feeding his dog every time he heard a bell ring?” and now I’m going to be haunted by this question.

@TerryHancock @yoshimitsu There's no money to be made. I have plenty of donations to cover server costs, but if I'd bill the hours I've spent.. it's not nearly enough. But it's still hobby so doesn't need to be.

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