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Long read. Fantastic perspectives on programming, software, architecture, teams, computing ... in a Q&A from Forth land

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Erlang achieves Dan Ingalls' Smalltalk goals 

Choice in software systems design seems hampered by the scaffolding needed to use shared memory and message passing between threads and processes. Dan Ingalls: "An OS has the things not there in the language. There shouldn't be one.". It was about but the VM seems to solve that, with shared binaries between processes and transparent message-passing across nodes. Maybe your language and database should run on the ?

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Greetings, people! I am a software developer. Outside of work, I use free/libre software almost exclusively. I am pained that we continue to allow nature and community to get degraded by crony individualism. We can do much better, e.g. the voluntary refugee concept.

I have been chuffed with the almost all of the time I have been on it. There is plenty of food for thought in many a toot out there. I am having to move off @wyatwerp now, and really happy to find a Fediverse instance that ... uh ... federates.

Why are there laundry appliances in some kitchens, when it's way more practical to put them in the bathroom? I find it gross, to the point I wouldn't willingly live in a place with a combined kitchen/ bathroom.

10 Build something on a proprietary platform

20 Get pushed out by the platform's money grabbing stunt

30 Learn about awesome free and open platforms that could full the void

40 Ignore all that and find new proprietary platform

50 goto 10

How about we move beyond the metaphors of both economic "growth" and "degrowth" and talk about economic "health"? Healthy being a state where an economy is fulfilling its core purpose; helping us get the resources we need both to survive - including a livable planet - and to thrive.

Wellbeing indicators are one way to measure that. Are there others?

#economics #EconomicGrowth #deGrowth #GreenGrowth

Looking for a (php) job.

Full remote or bicycle accessible (<16 km by ride).

If you need a senior backend developer (+20y of php / 43yo 😅).
Hire me only if you need high quality, precise, human readable code.

I am en engineer before being a developer, loving simple (≠ easy), reliable, sustainable architectures.

If you don't need me, but know someone else who can be interested, feel free to foward.

🇫🇷 French accent when speaking english, but open to the world.

The most unrealistic thing about intergalactic space whales with biological warp drives was that they hadn't all already been hunted to extinction.

The thing the Unity Incident has highlighted for me is confirmation of the kind of brainrot @neauoire talks about: people are learning the tool, not the craft. I see people all over talking about how they can't just switch because they *know* Unity (ongoing/in-dev projects aside, of course).
"Game design" is a skill. Unity is not a skill, it's a tool. The ability to carry a skill to another tool is something that modern software companies are actively trying to stop you doing. Do not let them.

I have tested today the Mailer from #haikuos and need to say -> that I fall in love with it.
I ask my self "why is this concept not finding on #linux or other platforms"
The usage of the file systems attributes is very interesting and that the service that will send and pull mails are split off from the tool to write and read, is great
That let me think about a different way how applications should build for a desktop, or not ? ☺️

> it should be worth a try getting academics to use GPG keys like some computer practitioners do

Sure, but first the app interfaces for using cryptographic keys might need to brought into the 21st century. I'll admit it's been a few years, but last time I tried to use PGP regularly it was such a nightmare I gave up.

@marutks Yes, but like why would you pretend to have an anti-feature?

> I tried suggesting this to our uni comms team and they just went ‘there’s no moderation on that site’

'You want the uni to have it's own website? But there's no one who moderates the whole internet'. #FacePalm

This is how badly 2 decades of DataFarming has distorted people's thinking about web publishing.

A person I will never stop talking about, mostly because he did much of his signature work in my hometown: industrial engineer Thomas Midgley, Jr., a man who one historian said "had more adverse impact on the atmosphere than any other single organism in Earth's history."

In the 1920s, his employer, General Motors, had a problem. Car motors of the time tended to violently backfire, or "knock," which could be disconcerting for the people in the car. Adding ethanol to gasoline solved the problem, but since ethanol already existed, General Motors couldn't patent it.

Midgley solved the problem by inventing a compound called tetraethyllead (TEL), better known as "leaded gasoline." He gave himself lead poisoning in the process, and TEL would go on to poison the rest of the world over the next sixty years. But GM could patent it, so by using their muscle to make it the standard, they got paid every time someone filled their tank.

After that glorious success, GM sent Midgley to their Frigidaire division to work on another problem. Refrigerators were in their infancy, and they depended on refrigerants that were toxic or explosive. This made them hard to sell to nervous hausfraus. Frigidaire wanted a safe, stable refrigerant.

Midgley solved that problem, too. He invented a new type of refrigerant that was dubbed a "chlorofluorocarbon," or CFC for short. You may be more familiar with it by its brand name: Freon. Freon didn't catch fire or explode, so Frigidaire was thrilled. But it would end up opening a giant hole in the ozone layer.

In 1940, Midgley contracted polio. He invented a complex system of ropes and pulleys to help him get in and out of bed. On November 2, 1944, he was found dead in his home. His contraption had strangled him.

I work in tech. Tech is full of Thomas Midgleys.

This person Blocked me right after posting this:

Not just Muted, Blocked. Because I disagreed with them and gave a reference with disconfirming evidence. No attempt to back up their claims in any way, or persuade me.

Tells you everything you need to know about the quality of their "thinking" on the subject.

Stallman isn't the only person subject to this kind of Stalinist dogpiling either, eg;

@weirdwriter @trisquel @jcsteh @devinprater @fsf

Companies that give you a lifetime guarantee are incentivized to kill you.

"We've been killing conversations about software with "That won't scale" for so long we've forgotten that scaling problems aren't inherently fatal. The N-squared problem is only a problem if N is large, and in social situations, N is usually not large. A reading group works better with 5 members than 15; a seminar works better with 15 than 25, much less 50, and so on."

#ClayShirky, 2004

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"Graeber and Wengrow’s strategy is to fire enough arrows at the Standard Narrative and its Enlightenment origins to open doors for certain freedoms, although they do not offer any one narrative with enough scope and escape velocity to suggest how humanity should use its freedoms."


This is exactly the point. It's not for any writer to tell anyone how to use their freedom. To do so is to betray the project of defending it.

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Yet there are people who casually throw the word "apartheid" around to describe examples of Tino Rangatiratanga (Māori self-determination). Things like self-management of media, health, education services, open to all. Recognition of mana whenua in local government. Māori co-governance of public services.

I find it curious how these same people are horrified by the supposed "misuse" of "apartheid" to describe the treatment of Palestinians by the state of Israel;


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