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Long read. Fantastic perspectives on programming, software, architecture, teams, computing ... in a Q&A from Forth land

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Erlang achieves Dan Ingalls' Smalltalk goals 

Choice in software systems design seems hampered by the scaffolding needed to use shared memory and message passing between threads and processes. Dan Ingalls: "An OS has the things not there in the language. There shouldn't be one.". It was about but the VM seems to solve that, with shared binaries between processes and transparent message-passing across nodes. Maybe your language and database should run on the ?

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Greetings, people! I am a software developer. Outside of work, I use free/libre software almost exclusively. I am pained that we continue to allow nature and community to get degraded by crony individualism. We can do much better, e.g. the voluntary refugee concept.

I have been chuffed with the almost all of the time I have been on it. There is plenty of food for thought in many a toot out there. I am having to move off @wyatwerp now, and really happy to find a Fediverse instance that ... uh ... federates.

Emacs bankruptcy? Wanna see my VS Code config? 😂

#emacs #vscode

@laurahelmuth Yes, people care as long as it's not them giving up anything.

@laurahelmuth I wish there was messaging about reducing consumption to reduce environmental and climate damage

@laurahelmuth "Everybody almost cares", or "almost everybody cares"? A slight syntactical change but with a rather outsized effect.

@david_chisnall "the people who are most excited by AI in any given field are the people with the least talent in that field"
As many people will say, ChatGPT and its kind provide extremely good and detailed and helpful answers on all topics except the topics in which the one saying this is an expert. For these topics, ChatGPT performance drops from "very helpful and detailed and informative and correct answers" to "bullshit superficially resembling an answer in shape " 🙃

@david_chisnall No, you've got it. Coming at this from the writing/LLM side, the apex of AI writing is "mediocre," and I suspect the bigger the dataset gets, the MORE mediocre it will become.

It makes sense that average would represent an improvement for half the population. But very few people think they themselves are below average, except maybe in some specific area they don’t care much about. So who is the market for “become average”? My guess is it’s employers who assume all their workers are below average, and in any case don’t like paying them.

@lritter @david_chisnall Well said, though I'd personally phrase it this way: "People who are most excited by AI in any given field are the people who are the laziest in studying and practicing to become good in that field."

Mastodon is the world's biggest community of people who deeply love computers and also think that the world would probably be better off without computers

Every so often some Linux guy replies to me saying ‘no critical infrastructure runs Windows’, so I just gotta say, today is education for you.

- well, shit, seems like I'll get nothing done today
- because of the outage?
- what outage?

Too funny: In 2010 McAffe caused a global IT meltdown due to a faulty update. CTO at this time was George Kurtz. Now he is CEO of #crowdstrike

@ireneista @jenniferplusplus for sure. I don't think I would argue with anything you've said. Devs love to give away their agency to make things easier on themselves. That's the thing people often come to regret later.

This was my snarky way of saying ORMs are often attractive to people because they don't want to be bothered to learn the power available at their database layer. In fact they actively avoid it.

@jenniferplusplus the selling point of ORMs as opposed to the things we'd rather use is mostly that it lets the team include developers who only understand objects and not relations, but we would never want that, that's kind of the worst-case scenario even, because then we're guaranteed to get into problems the team can't get itself out of.

The Crowdstrike situation reminds me of Henry Ford's famous saying: "What doesn’t exist can’t break."

Maybe we should get used to increasing security by *removing* components and layers, rather than adding more.

#CyberSecurity #InfoSec #TechWisdom #IT #SysAdmin

Thank you Crowdstrike for helping to illustrate that Open Source is not the problem.

@klausfiend LOL why would I try to help put a stop to the funniest thing I've seen in weeks?

#TUG2024 in Prague has started.

Thanks to @borisveytsman who has opened the conference. @TeXUsersGroup and of course the local organizers.

I will try to provide some abstracts/insights below this toot. But there are also an option to watch most of the talks online (Sadly youtube, but it's possible):


#TeXLaTeX #TeX

I see the infosec industry has finally achieved security once and for all by shutting down every workstation connected to the internet

social status and "authority" are brain rewiring biological processes

your perception will be eroded by it, ending in gaslighting if not stopped early

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