Notizia straordinaria: a Psychological Science Accelerator è stato assegnato l’Einstein Foundation Institutional Award 2022
Il segnale verso una ricerca inclusiva e democratica è enorme.
Nicholas Coles, l'attuale direttore, sarà il prossimo speaker agli - Online Seminars on Open Science - di @italianrepro, che quindi potrà congratularsi direttamente per questo traguardo così significativo per il cambiamento in atto nel mondo della ricerca.

"The network brings together scientists from over 70 countries and has been making key contributions to the democratization and diversification of psychological research”

“What can happen throughout academia is a siloing of expertise into small clusters of individuals who have direct power relationships with one another. What is exciting about the Psychological Science Accelerator is that this is a grassroots network of individuals from across the globe who have come together to try to disrupt that pattern.” (Suzy Styles)

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