I hugely appreciate how Star Realms is a card battle game with very clearly defined rules and layout. Its setup is so simple that it can be used to understand other card battle games.

I've played Ascension before. It looked pretty interesting, but I didn't fully grok how it should be exactly played. Not much later I discovered Star Realms and have been playing that a lot ever since.

Now I'm trying out Ascension again. This time they have a tutorial (I just don't remember it being there last time), and I used Star Realms as reference. That made understanding Ascension SO MUCH easier!

All those various groups in Ascension; Enlightened, Lifebound, Mechana, Void.. they're comparable to the factions in Star Realms. The Mystics, Heavy Infantry, etc? That's similar in idea to Explorers. And the Constructs? Those are bases, plain and simple. Just an extra in this game are Monsters, but once you got the rest down that's not too hard a concept to grasp either.

Once I realized those similarities, I've been able to really enjoy playing Ascension. I can actually go explore the various DLCs now that the game has, each one changes the gameplay a little. But the basics are there.

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