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Time to resolve the world's only remaining argument.

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25,833 accounts
+4 in the last day
+43 in the last week

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'I am Lance Boyle, and you'd be too, if you were me!' *snaps fingers then does a double thumbs up cooler than The Fonz*

Megarace is cool just because of Lance Boyle. The actual gameplay kind of sucks, that didn't age well. 😅

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Some people believe there's no purpose to "liking" something on Mastodon since it doesn't affect any algorithm.

Not the case.

It does something incredibly valuable: it acknowledges people.

Which is incredibly powerful, and is all the more important *because* it's not connected to gaming any algorithm.

By liking something on Mastodon, you are doing it honestly -- without any agenda at play other than that you like it.

So go ahead. Click that like button for its own sake.

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Would Fedi like to hear the story of a cult from an insider?

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*Takes frozen dinner out of the freezer*

'Best before November 2019'

*Cooks, eats*

I guess I'll find out soon whether I'm still alive. :P Had to spit out the salmon bits though, not that nice tasting anymore. The rest seems fine.

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And now I've finally finished the story of Horizon Zero Dawn! Quite epic, just as epic as human stupidity so this is definitely epic! I had to roll my eyes a few times at the actions that were taken in the game that led to this catastrophic chain of events. There were some bittersweet moments where I had to shed a tear or two. Also groaning at the very end, and it's pretty clear that this story'll continue.

I'll be looking forward to play its sequel in a few years' time (since it has to be ported to PC first and all that). Not often that I play an AAA game, but this one was good even though it was very crash-prone and refuses to run with my browser open. Also lots of Dutch names in the credits. :D

Achievements-wise I'm at 93%, just missing 5 achievements there. Two of those are kinda a bitch, so not going to replay this game anytime soon. Maybe another time when I feel like roaming around this world again.

Time to go search for something else to play now I guess.

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What are the biggest difference between how you feel on mastodon and how you feel on twitter?

Have helped set up a 'Tovertafel' at job (a beamer with sensors to interact with the stuff, projected onto a table or floor). Next week I'll help calibrate it further and try to get it connected to the school's WiFi.

Thing's kinda cute. The default games are a bit meh, but I think they'll be great for kindergarten. Once we actually get connected we might have access to a boatload more fun games which'll be great for the whole school.

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Played another fine session of Horizon Zero Dawn. Deeply immersed in the main story, and saw some epic moments. More cutscenes than before because those epic moments are getting so epic that they can't be captured well in normal gameplay. I'm close to finding out my character's origin, and the 'why' of things.

The latest chain of events in the game got finished at a nice time, it's about bedtime now. ;) Another time I'll continue and possibly be close to finishing this game.
Achievements-wise I might be close to around 90% completion, I don't think I'll bother with the 100% for a while if ever.

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OK, language weirdness question.

Someone recently said:

"I just about caught the train."

Did they catch it or not? Perhaps it depends whether you think of English as (one of) your first language(s).

As always, if you're happy to do so I'd be grateful if you'd boost for reach, and to get beyond my circle of followers.

Thank you!

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