Ye gods, lol. The latest is epic. πŸ˜‚
I'd normally just put the image here, but this one is actually exceptionally long!

Connecting the dots, huh? :blobthinkingglare:

@trinsec No. I work with some DRs and comes from technology. Not of those people. Just normal research and connect dots. Up to you.

Whelp, always fun when mods are so buggy that you can't go play the game anymore. :P
I guess I'll have to do some other things until friend comes back so he can update the MC server to a newer version which hopefully has fixed those bugs.

Spotted the latest release of Suske & Wiske at the supermarket and bought it. I'm going to read it now, all snuggled up near the window in the sunshine! 😊

Had a good walk this morning, and the rest of the day I suffer this giant headache.

I'm getting punished for healthy activities. :P

Schools are supposed to be open today... but we have a snow day now! Well, that's at least a different reason than a lockdown! πŸ˜‹

Yesterday I went through great lengths to make sure my kitty's litterbox was ready before today's snow storm.
And what does my cat do first thing when I unlocked the kitty door this morning? Right, he ran outside to take a dump. In the windy snow. The litterbox is still clean. :P
Cats, I won't ever understand them!

Preparing for 1 week of Hoth-quality winter. I think I am good here.

*Eyes outside* I sincerely hope the neighbour just wanted to drain that flower pot, and isn't actually watering his garden in the rain. πŸ˜‹

Oh jeez. I had to fire up and redownload some plugins to be able to work on some ancient graphics stuff I did some 6 years ago.

I simplified those images and hope I can convert them to vector images now without making my poor software cry because of way too much detail.
It's not a ram issue, it's not a cpu issue. It's simply way too much. :P felt like home, though. No wonder, I had worked in it for over 10 years before I switched to Affinity software. With the right plugins (and there are a lot!) you really can do a lot of cool stuff with it.

My visualisation of L-space so far. It's close to halfway done, there'll be more walkways above and below. It's a delightful maze already. Instead of it being a library like L-space is, it's going to be my huge storage area. It needs so much acacia wood, but my buddies are helping me out here. :D

Nothing more annoying than a program that's crashed but doesn't realize it yet. *Stares at a frozen window*

Going to shower while your leg is still half asleep is quite the constant tingling sensation! :P

I'm playing on a Minecraft server with a bunch of good friends. My buddy wants to dig a tunnel to my place and create a train connection. Doesn't matter that he's about 5000 blocks away, he's gonna do it anyway.

So I decided to build a perron (station platform) for his arrival. I know where his point of entry is, let's see if he's as good at maths as I am. ;) I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, and for now it's good enough.

As soon as I unlock more stuff, I might upgrade bits here and there at this perron. For example... a real wide monitor with a large scrolling text of my station name is certainly a possibility. A large monitor with the current time and destinations is another. Just a li'l bit of LUA programming there. ;)

Okay, they wanted something to 'increase visibility'. They have 9 members on this board. So, a donut shape it is with 9 segments, with every member photo inside a segment. Oh hey, it looks like an eye!

They loved it. :P

The purple background stays. ;)

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Note to self: Threatening to create a poster with purple background with green stuff isn't very effective against young colleagues.

She thought that'd be a grand idea!

Oh geez. ;)

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It's all very nice that people at my job want me to design all kinds of stuff. Posters, forms, new document layouts, etc etc.

But ye gods, people, give me SOME FUCKING HINT on what to design. My brain's becoming mush on having to be creative all the time! At least tell me what you (kinda) want to see so I can work into that direction!

Sigh. Latest request was 'hey, here are some example posters, can you make one like those and here are the photos of the members involved'.
Sure.. but.. what? Who? Why? At least tell me what it is for! *cries*

If further information isn't forthcoming, I'll go make a tiny poster (A5!) with a purple background with green polka dots, magenta text, and place all the damn photos upside down! 🀨

I've made some observations of cats in Minecraft.

As soon as you manage to tame one (sneak and feed it fish), it'll follow you around mostly like a doggo. But it won't go attack mobs like a doggo, instead it repels creepers. I knew that part already but to watch it in action is hilarious!

Creeper: "Oh, a player! *comes closer* Sssshhh..wouldn't it be a shame if you lost all your good stu--OMG WHAT IS THAT A CAT AIEEEE! FLEE FOR THE HILLS!"
And when it is done running away, rinse, repeat! Just stay near the cat, you'll be fine! 😁

And once a cat gets on your bed... they actually go lie down! See picture below! πŸ˜‚

Mods without an in-game manual or even any fucking hint on how to use them are damned annoying.

My brain hurts more now. I snuck in dakuten kana while I wasn't paying attention. I think I can recognize them now as well next to basic hiragana. I should go to bed before I continue on the next phase, my brain does need a rest. :P

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