Ha, neat. Managed to get a perfect score there.


Mm, this one was actually enjoyable to play. I also like the little touch that there's definitions of the words below after solving.

Felt a bit down today so I decided to work in the garden for a while. Now there's a corner in my backyard that's very clean, I guess that makes me feel a little better. :P

I've removed a shitton of tough grassy weeds which was almost everywhere, and then moved a lot of rubbish to the shed. It's nice to see this spot very empty for a change.

nerdlegame 127 2/6

Oh, huh, okay, that went pretty smooth. ftw.

Finally finished reading this book, The Thursday Murder Club written by Richard Osman. Yup, the guy who's presenting in Pointless and Richard Osman's House of Games, both currently on BBC. I was interested in this book because he's proven himself with a fairly dry (British) humor in those game shows that I liked and hoped to see the same in his book as well.

It was an fun read. A retirement community has a small group of geriatrics who try to solve murders. On Thursdays, mind you, because that's when the Jigsaw Room is available for their meetings. Conveniently they've also found a name for their club.

At first just cold cases, but then a real murder pops up. Oooh, exciting! So they try to solve that one. They get in touch with 2 cops who were assigned to the murder case, quite interesting how they got in touch too. And then another murder happens. Ooh, even more exciting!

Suspects start popping up left and right, but are they really the murderers? They learn a lot more about those suspects than they thought, but did they even get closer to solving the case?

Anyway, it's a nice read. Every character is clearly defined. You'd expect Joyce to be overly excited at the prospect of getting jailed, you know.. she'd get *experience* in what it's like to be a prisoner! Oh and would you like a slice of cake please? Elizabeth is quite the pushy person, it's gonna be done whether others want it or not! And you can count on her on solving a few side cases! Ron's good at impromptu commentary and Ibrahim happily joins in with some facts.

I see there's a second book out in this series. I might seriously consider to give that one a read as well so I can continue reading about the antics of those octogenarians. Or were they septuagenarians? Either way, pretty damn old!

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Since Mastodon is the elephant app, that makes all other social networks irrelephant.

OneNote and Excel need to mate and get babies and have a half-wiki solution. :P

Oh well, I'll just make a database in Obsidian instead and utilize Dataview like there's no tomorrow.

A garden view from my backdoor. I've made sure that whenever I walk under that tree (which consumes the upper half of this picture), its branches won't touch my head. Been trimming it over time for exactly this and it's great. :)

I'm not overly tall, though, so visitors will still need to duck. And they do want to duck because that tree's filled with murderous tall needles. I call them 'moordnaalden' in Dutch. :P

It's starting to become tradition that my dad and I are doing DIY stuff in the rain. :P

Well, ok, the new shed actually gave us shelter for the most part. There's that!

*Tries to write in English about a Dutch thing*
*Fails miserably*
*Gives up*
I don't think my brain wants to English this morning. :P

Weird Dream 

Oh right, before I completely forget about this weird dream, I'd better jot this down. It's funky, funny, and just outright weird. If you want to make a novel out of it, I demand to be credited!

So, my dream last night was about monsters absolutely scared of cute looking baby wild animals (like a cutesy cartoon cheetah and such, just in 3D. If you know the game Space Ark, it's pretty damn close). Monsters live in the forest, they have to flee. Farmers insta-demolishes forest (just like you'd see in cartoons basically) and make farmland. The cutesy wild animals drive the monsters away for them...

Then somehow I'm in a small group of.. well, humans. Found a large metal door, opened it, and locked it behind us, so those cutesy animals couldn't chase us anymore (we're not monsters... but hey). We'd entered another forest area, kinda level-locked by that door like in games. Saw some monsters which were shy. Ok fine. Saw some sort of a .. uh.. sorta starport Inca style with fancy sparkly lights, and we had the idea we have to leave this planet before the cutesy wild animals and the farmers took over the whole damn planet, ultimately flattening everything to convert into farmland...

It really got weird.

Oh one of the monsters (which kinda looked like a giant hippo from Madagascar) wasn't happy with our presence. So they went off to open that door.. but then regretted it instantly as those cutesy wild animals started chasing them, and suddenly the previously hidden forest was fast getting flattened and demolished and insta-converted into farmlands and my group had to hurry up to figure out how to call a starship to leave that place...

Then I woke up, wahhhh. :P

(I also remember one of those monsters being a tiny body with a huge alligator head, cartoon style...)

I like reverse image search. That way I can figure out what plants I have in my garden. :P

I'm still busy with the Kittens Game. I've got a city going with 180 kittens, 225% happiness, and they've expanded into space. Pollution's at an all-time low.

I'm more and more convinced that we should let cats rule the earth!

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Another half an hour of work done in the garden, I think that's the last bit of outdoor activity for me today. It's way too hot. :P

This time I tended to my grapevine. If a leaf even has a tiny bit of mold on it, it's taken off. I'm not overly worried about the vine getting bare, it's amazing how fast this plant will regrow its leaves. I prefer nice big green leaves over drab crumpled grey ones.

I should've done this sooner, but the construction of the shed took all my attention. Ah well. The affected leaves are mostly gone now, it's just a matter of maintaining it from now on which should be easier.

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Half an hour of sweeping in the garden and I'm already totally drenched in sweat. :blobsweats:

At least the garden's largely clean now. Will tend to my grapevine soon, there are a lot of leaves with mold that I have to remove before it spreads even more. First, time to cool down a little.

Nifty detail: My old patio table fits exactly in the shed. Kinda a makeshift workbench there. :)

Oh, it's the time of year again that stores are advertising those little pools you can set up in your backyard.

I might actually consider getting one if this summer is going to be hot and dry.

I think I've enjoyed enough outdoors for today. Filled a whole trailer full with large branches and brought it to the 'milieustraat' (a city-funded dump site that recycles, basically). It's a bit too hot to do more work now, we've already been at it for about 2 hours. I'll sweep and clean up my garden tomorrow if it's not too hot.

After two weeks of holiday, time to go back to job. Heh. Prepping backpack and bike now...

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