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If you paint a donkey with zebra's colors, will it become a zebra or still remains a donkey?

Facebook plans to change its name as part of company rebrand – report | #Facebook

Buddy works at a recycling center and found a MacBook from 2009. Apparently it needs to be charged with a MagSafe thingy. Are there alternatives to that since he doesn't have this MagSafe thingy? Ordering a $80 one from Apple seems a bit excessive for an ancient MacBook that might or might not work.

Playing a bit of Reigns: Her Majesty.

During coronation I had to spray my perfume at the end of the rite. I do this by dragging the bottle of perfume from my inventory to the head of whoever was talking to me. Fine, I can do that.

Hurray, the coronation's a success! It's over now!

Next person I speak to happens to be a nun, I wanted to spray her as well. So, dragging the perfume bottle over to her head. She went away.

The king popped up, asking why I'm throwing stuff at people now!
I decided to 'spray' the king as well. He went away.

The archbishop came up. He reprimanded me that I can't simply manipulate this court with any old object I have in my bag!
Eh, whatevs. *Throws bottle at the bishop*


Finally got around to vectorizing my old avatar so I could easily modify it for whatever insane idea I have got in mind... like Halloween right now. :P In November I might change it to a St. Nicolas theme, whee. For now I enjoy being spoooooooooooooky!

Right, I probably should go to bed. :P

Google Live Transcribe is one of the most useful apps on my phone.

What is it with Asians and games? Deadly games at that! First Squid Game and now Alice in Borderland. At least I won't be bored for a little while!

I kind of got bored with all the open space in the void of SkyFactory 4, so I've started afresh and created a new world in a CompactSky scenario with limited space available.

At first in a Compact Machine with 3x3x3 space with a pair of bonsai pots and an axe. Now I've got some more Compact Machines added; A pair of 3x3x3, a pair of 5x5x5, a 7x7x7, and (via the nether) an 11x11x11.
I gotta reorganize some stuff now that I've got access to more space, but it's keeping me busy again.

It does help that I already got some prestige earned from my earlier play in the void world. I've unlocked a bunch of useful features. The bonsai hoppers were definitely a must here. The rest is a bonus.

It sure is snug in here.

Just finished watching Squid Game. Damn, that is some series.

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I find the concept of sheeple interesting.

Because people who use that word are a little bit like alternative lifestylers, who see themselves as free thinkers without acknowledging they too are following a particular trend.

When it comes to vaccines/covid, to call everyone following the safety measures 'sheeple' implies that those who are against the rules came to that conclusion themselves without any influence from anyone else. ...

#sheeple #covid #vaccine #propaganda

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Do not buy NFT made with my art.
Do not make NFT with my Creative-Commons artworks.
If you respect my art, remember and apply this.

Here is my article about what just happened:

#NFT #NFTCommunity

Google Sheets can teach Microsoft Excel a thing or two thousand about user intuitiveness.

For Excel I have to look up every fucking detail on how it has to be done because they don't follow any fucking standards.

There's actually very little reason to search for better armor when this Glitch Infused armor set gives me the power of Flight and immunity against fall damage, and has some neat enchantments on top of this all as well.
Having Flight in void worlds is really handy. And a basic necessity.

The Glitch Infused Sword itself does 28 damage which is good enough for what I need.

If you're not a gamer, and you don't understand why people would want to spend time gaming... don't worry! It's apparently a bit of an acquired skill! Just like people who never read don't have a reason to pick up a book until they learn to!

This video was a very interesting look into how a non-gamer would react to current videogames as observed by a gamer!

So, don't worry if you don't grok Skyrim or any of those so-called 'grand' games. Not every game is for everybody. That said, even Patience is a game. ;)

Since I'm kinda in a gaming funk (just too tired) I've decided to try out a new Minecraft modpack instead. At the moment I'm trying to figure out how SkyFactory 4 works, seems cool so far. A skyblock-style modpack but without Ex Nihilo, means likely no sieving for resources. That's a nice change as Ex Nihilo tends to become exceedingly grindy. Nice if you can automate it, but it's still grindy.

At the map generation menu there were a gajillion different map styles possible, some of which made me laugh. Like, a tree on a block of dirt, in the middle of a hollow glass cube... surrounded by lava. Or even ender fluid, yeah, good luck expanding your base! :D

For now I've gone with the SkyFactory Tutorial map, for a bit an easier start while I'm figuring things out. I've noticed that each map has the option for prestige unlocking, which is interesting. Haven't seen meta-progressing in Minecraft like this before, since prestige is unlocked globally for every map that's got prestige enabled. The prestige rewards definitely are interesting as they enable getting a Hopper Bonsai (useful!) or even Ore Excavation (definitely useful!). I'll just have to figure out first how to gain prestige points.

Hopefully going to have a relaxing Saturday afternoon with this.

Not something one'd expect to find on their desk at work, but apparently there's some ancient stuff stored in the storage sheds at my job. :D

They were cleaning out, and because 'it is techy' naturally it has to be 'dumped at the IT office'. Lucky me! I'm so taking those things home with me! :D

Decided to boot up some game I never played before (by scrolling through my huge game library and then just checking if I'm in the mood for that type game I randomly stopped at).

I landed on Tricorne Lab. Turns out this is a puzzle game that went from 'meh' to 'oh my fucking god my brain is melting!'. The difficulty ramps up very fast. :P

The nice bit is that it introduces one type of tool functionality per level at first, but later on you need to use a shitton of them together in one level.. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

First work day certainly is interesting. The floor has been cleaned so badly that it feels like walking on chewing gum because it's so sticky. I've already lost my shoes twice. :P

Had a chat with a buddy earlier this evening. I just learned the sign for 'conspiracy theory' from him. I don't know if it's an official sign, but it totally made sense.

Just form a triangle shape with both your hands and thumbs. Look through the triangle with one eye.

That's it! 😜

What I've noticed when playing RTS games is that I'm a turtler. I take satisfaction in totally building up my area/station/empire/whatever infrastructure and then 100% dominating everybody. Speedruns ain't for me here.

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