I let whatshouldiplayonsteam.com decide for me, and it suggested that I go play EvilMorph, a hardcore platformer.

So I did.

Ye gods, the controls suck! Ye gods, movements are inconsistent! Ye gods, I die so often! Ye gods, the fucking game's cheating! Ye gods! YE GODS!

I stopped when I managed to get 50% of its Steam achievements (which was mostly dying X times), that's probably the best I can do because I refuse to 'git gud' for that stupid first boss. ;)

There we go, solved all 50 puzzles of the game Leashed Soul. Not a difficult one, though I did wish they had an undo move feature. It was fairly relaxing.
Just wish there was an ending story, since they bothered to have some sort of intro story. Also wish there were achievements to show off with.

*Cuddles cat something fierce*

*Sees cat washing himself in spots where I faceplanted him*

.. I just showered! :P

Right now it's like a blizzard but without the cold. So, lots of rain and wind! Hope it'll be over before I gotta bike to my free dinner!

Whew, I finally finished it, I've completed Tales of the Neon Sea. I'll 100% achievement-mop it up another time, but the story's pretty great, a neat cyberpunk adventure game. Just dislike the time trials a bit but thankfully it's unlimited tries and easily back into the action.

I found it pretty unique. Nice blend of stories there, nice view from the cat as well. WASD controls (well, in reality just AD controls), so not a typical point and click adventure game. Though it'd probably still be categorized as one.

You know it's a good game if the story draws you in and you just want to continue playing so you can unravel the plot. Also partly why I dislike time trials, they're just distractions from the story, just lemme continue the game already without having to quickly finish some random puzzle first! Though I have to admit that the puzzles in the side quests were pretty good! Especially the ones in the wine cellar was nifty.

The game ended with a cliffhanger, and I pretty much do want to play the next game if they plan to have a sequel. Damn yeah, let's unravel more plots!

This is what your cats are secretly doing when you're not home. So if you still think that cats won't take over the world someday, think again!

Tried to play a basic deck of Ascension via Tabletop Simulator. That was a terrible experience because of the godawful GUI of TTS. It's also 1000 times slower than playing via the official game, heh. I think it'd be more fun to do this IRL than to do this via TTS, but kinda hard to do when your buddies live overseas.

You know a game is pretty good if you go to bed late because of it.


I definitely won't need to water the garden the coming time. In some provinces there's been some floods again (but nowhere as bad as before in Limburg). Here it is just wet.

Those 2 transplanted butterfly bushes look like they'll survive splendidly, they're growing new leaves. Yesterday I removed some dead leaves and they look a lot better already. Can't wait until they grow huge as well and draw in a lot of butterflies.

I also had to remove a lot of Haagwinde (Convolvulus sepium), it keeps growing everywhere and is a real pest. Beautiful flowers, though... but that'll be the only flowers you'd ever see if you don't put in effort to remove this plant. :P

Been having regular migraines the past few weeks which is annoying. The ever-changing weather probably doesn't help matters much. I'll just have to relax today (I'm glad I shopped yesterday), pet my cat regularly, and probably do some chores. At least it's not that hot and sunny now.

Hell yes. If Covid doesn't do it, my Zombies will! :P

Current Google Doodle is a little JRPG style adventure game with an Olympic theme. ;)

*Snickers at the disastrous result of picking up those printers in 7 Billion Humans*
(At level 17)

Burp. Free food is always nice! πŸ˜‹

Played some Railway Empire again and actually finished the first chapter for a change. I'm still trying to get to grips with its signalling system. I'm used to facing an arcane type signalling like you'd find in Transport Tycoon Deluxe (more specifically, OpenTTD).

But here I have to remember a few things:
- Trains will never collide with each other.
- The trains can see in one go whether a track's in conflict and will simply wait until it is not anymore.
- That means signals don't need to be as detailed as in TTD, they're purely for the efficiency.

I'll continue playing with chapter 2 soon and see if I can do the tracks a bit better.

If you like to read Steam reviews and also like to waste a lot of time, why not play some 'it's ok, i guess'?


My streak is at 16. :P

Took a walk today. During the walk I passed by a mini-library (basically 2 bookshelves in an enclosure, protected against the elements), it was nicely filled with books.

I checked if there was anything interesting and I saw 2 Star Trek novels hidden between other books, I took both. Next time I'll bring some other books that I don't like enough to make up for it. ;)

Oh boo. I got to the endboss again in Caveblazers, but he's cheating! :( I did get a lot further this time, but he has a stage 3 which is basically omnipotent bullshit!

Someday! *Shakes fist*

(It was a great run though! Lots of blessings for my archer! Just the endboss was more OP than I was! :P)

Ah darn. Buddy and me tried to hack the lua files of Ascension in order to play with a higher honor pool.

At first it didn't quite work out until we changed some more code, and then we could play. But we did hit the game's internal limit of 60 honor, so stuff just... stopped working beyond that point. (We've set up for 400 honor initially).

And I had such a great insane card draw too! 😭 60 honor is way too short for some of those decks!

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