It's not a dance! It's a firebending form! It's thousands of years old!

- Oh yeah? What's that firebending form called?

*Grudgingly* ... the Dancing Dragon..

- *Laughter*

The only reason why I'm not going to use my robot vacuum is because I don't want cat barf everywhere. :P

Just had a nice walk with my mom through the neighborhood. Sunny, dry, slightly warm. Saw a lot of nice plants, trees, and houses. This is worth a repeat sometime soon.

Man, this trackball is starting to annoy me. The rightclick usually results in double rightclicking, which ruins my fun in games.

I seriously am considering throwing it hard to the floor, grabbing a hammer, and smashing it to smithereens.

I seriously am considering that, yes.

It would be SO satisfying for torturing me like that for the last month.

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You know, Avatar the Last Airbender is actually a story about Zuko (and Iroh)... Aang's team is just there for the side quests!

Clearing out a cultist wooden mansion atm. What the heck are those cultist quacks worshipping?!

Wow, The Lost Castle mod is amazing. A castle full of Evokers and Vindicators, it is huge. You can clearly see that it's a whole culty castle with distinct areas (brewery, armory, temple, etc). And everything is gorgeous to look at. They're obviously a very decadent cult! (As if their woodland mansions weren't already obvious)

Damn! That was a good trap! It didn't even involve a trapped chest so I thought I was safe! They sneakily used a comparator behind the chest! As soon as I removed it, a bunch of sand fell on top of me. Smart! :D

My status in this modpack FTB Legend of the Eyes: I've so far collected 9 out of 12 eyes. Might see if I can get the rest tomorrow.

I've got a reasonably automated factory now, material shortage is a thing of the past. My armor and weapon are nicely beefed up, so I feel confident to take on those challenges. I just finished some big ones like slaying the pharaoh, and of course ransacking that pyramid afterwards. Always pillage and plunder! Even though I have no clue what to do with all that looted crap now. πŸ˜‹.

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It's a little sad that people are gonna publicly rant about something while they have blocked the person who can fix the issue.. :nkoFacepalm:

It's okay you block half the world but please stop publicly bitch about it if other won't do the same

At that point you're not much better than those who need to be blocked

Stop managing others people instances, thanks

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Are you just catching up on the bonkers story about the lawyer using ChatGPT for federal court filings? This is a thread for you.

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Hey y'all, i know you know this, but while you definitely shouldn't use GPTs for legal research, also don't rely on GPTs for RESEARCH, PERIOD.

They are neither giving nor TRYING to give you intersubjectively associated and derived facts; they are not even remixing factual CONCEPTS into new forms.

They are modelling human biases out into digestible bullshit with a statistically-determined high probability of being swallowed.

That is all.

They don't have to be this way, but, at present, the people making them have no incentive to change them. So. Don't lean on them for fact stuff. It's not what they do.

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In absolute terms, both Mastodon and Instagram punch above their weight. Twitter and LI are just below. And FB is, no surprise, extremely low.

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TIL that in Industrial Revolution, you don't _need_ servos or retrievers to filter the item pipes. Those are only required if you want to push/pull items out/in. Filtering can be done anywhere on those pipes.

Took me way too long to figure this out. Buddy didn't know either, lol.

Time to remove those gajillion retrievers and replace them for one servo at source instead. :P

I decided to use this Minecraft Etho Hopper Clock and added some redstone links (wireless redstone signals) to control my timed crafting.

It works nicely now.

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Been busy the past hours trying to figure out how to craft with Minecraft physics. :P

All I really really _really_ want is a hopper with a filter. But all we have is uh.. well, nothing. No hoppers have filters in this modpack. Except for brass funnel from Create, but that leaves out half a water block and the filtered stuff needs to be immersed fully in water first.

Just gravity ain't enough because I carry a magnet and stuff is dropping at light speed and I really don't want to lose the convenience of a magnet here.

Might do something stupid with redstone, that's my next option. I really need a timer that's like.. 10 seconds or something, which is kinda a problem here as the only timer block this pack has is way too short. But if I can pull this off...

Man, I have a headache already. I bet rocket science is easier than this!

Ghehehe, I always love it how Toph regularly puts an emphasis on her blindness in a cheeky way.
'I've held books before, and I got to tell you, they don't exactly do it for me.'

Just designed something quickly at job as a cover label for a box containing bandaids and thermal/isolation blankets. I made it more visual than necessary. πŸ˜‹

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I finally figured out how to set up a website on my own computer in my own house, something I'd been trying to do for a long time. So my game, Algebrain, is now available for you to try for free via that method at this URL, at least until I get a power outage:

This is an improvement over the previous URL in that it's set up with SSL which means you can play with a game controller (e.g. an XBox controller or PS3/4/5 controller or whatever controller you may have for playing PC games), and also the multiplayer mode should work. Feedback would be appreciated both in terms of whether you have any problems accessing the website (e.g. warnings or errors) and also feedback on the game itself (i.e. is it fun, did you find any bugs, does it succeed as a proof of concept, etc). I'm definitely a noob at web admin so I probably screwed up something.

To see the controls for using a game controller, go here:

I also documentated the steps I had to go through to set up a website on my own computer in my own house:

It was frustrating how difficult it was compared to setting up a webpage through a service or through a server that you rent, which I've had little difficulty with in the past. To me that discrepancy is a gaping flaw in the structure of the internet. If we want a free, open, and democratic internet, then why should it be /easier/ to share my stuff from someone else's computer who I pay a fee to, rather than just sharing it from my own computer? The common advice I hear: "it's only $10/month" and "that's less than the cost of maintaining your own computer" is dogma as far as I'm concerned. The server I'm using is an old laptop with a broken screen which would otherwise be basically garbage, so my method is free and saves resources.

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