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Apparently using they as a singular pronoun (to use instead of he and she) is hardly a new phenomenon. It dates back to 1375 in written records!

In fact, singular you is much more recent! Dating back to the 17th century! ๐Ÿ˜‚

Oh, this quote’s fun, and it shows that our gender-related issues has been going on for centuries:

In 1794, a contributor to the New Bedford Medley mansplains to three women that the singular they they used in an earlier essay in the newspaper was grammatically incorrect and does no โ€˜honor to themselves, or the female sex in general.โ€™ To which they honourably reply that they used singular they on purpose because โ€˜we wished to conceal the gender,โ€™ and they challenge their critic to invent a new pronoun if their politically-charged use of singular they upsets him so much.


I’d say it’s probably safe to use they in general. I do use singular they regularly and it’s the least fuss imo.

Weird dream 

I was in an open area close to my neighbourhood, near some public buildings. Suddenly I noticed there were flashing lights everywhere in those buildings, as if an alarm got tripped.

I looked up and saw a lot of planes coming from what I think was the northeast direction, they looked like old German WWII bombers with those iconic plus symbols on their wings. They were all dropping bombs in large numbers.

I tried to search for shelter and I headed towards the stone stairs at the closest public building, I intended to hide below them. I briefly hoped that my house wouldn't get hit so that my cat wouldn't be harmed.

Then my adrenaline had shot up enough for me to not be able to continue sleeping anymore.

I'm not really agreeing with the current RIVM-rules about corona, which is to say: there's no rules anymore.

You don't need to self-test. And only when you have symptoms and feel sick you should stay home. We have to give this the same treatment as you would with the flu or the common cold.

One of my coworkers is infected, just found out this morning. They stay at work anyway. We've had like 8 infections so far in the past week.

Whelp, just a matter of time before I'm infected with this new strain as well.

Been feeling pretty lethargic today after work. So much so that my laptop is still in the bag. The only devices I have on me are my phone, my Steam Deck, and my TV with a Chromecast dongle.
I think I need a bigger TV...

I've tried to cast the Steam Deck to my TV without needing a Dock, and while still being able to use the Deck itself to play the games.

In a weird way I managed to get this to work. I have a simple Chromecast, so not one with Google TV as far as I am aware. So I can't install anything on that thing itself, so I needed a workaround...

I installed the Steam Link app on my phone, started a cast of my phone screen to the Chromecast, and then started Steam Link on my phone. As soon as I used the Deck, the onscreen controls of the phone disappeared.

The result? I can actually play games on the TV while using the Steam Deck as my controller. I can see the game screen on all 3 screens at once. Suffice to say that action games aren't a great idea due to the fairly large input lag, but turnbased games or puzzle games are perfectly playable.

It probably would be a bit more convenient to get a Chromecast where I can put the Steam Link app on it. Might still do that someday. In the meantime.. well I've tinkered and I've succeed.
#SteamDeck #SteamLink #Chromecast #Android

I thought The Croods was a hilarious movie, but The Croods: A New Age topped it in the second half. ๐Ÿ˜‚

The first half was actually kind of slow, it needed to build up the story with cliche issues. Then the second half came along and it was a total rollercoaster ride that made short work of said issues. Got a lot of chuckles outta me because it all looked so ridiculous.

There's a good chance I'll rewatch it sometime because there were so many details that I likely missed. I loved it that they did a pose a few times and their names/titles came along, like it was some sort of anime introducing a character.

Can really recommend watching this too.
#Movies #TheCroods #TheCroodsANewAge #Netflix

The Croods was way more amusing than I expected. The landscapes are beautiful, the animals are quite varied and crazy, and this caveman family is just outright insane.

Lots of silly modern references, definitely not a story to take seriously. But if you can just sit back and watch (popcorn would fit here), it's just hilarious. And that sloth is a great support character.
#Movies #TheCroods #Netflix

I'm currently watching The Croods, and the animals in this movie are very interesting. ๐Ÿ˜„

Now.. would this one be a Moustodon?
#Movies #TheCroods #Netflix

Just finished the first episode of One Piece.

What the holy hell have I been watching, lol. A crazy-ass pirate crew ((nope, not a crew)) ((not together)) in the making. Looks pretty smooth, I think I will get highly entertained by this series.

Not entirely sure what genre this would be. It has a dash of this, and a dash of that. Adventure, sorta fantasy, the high seas, anime-ish stuff (the way they pose), just crazy stuff in general. And it seems to work out so far.
#Series #Netflix #OnePiece

Just finished watching The School of Good and Evil, and it was.... weird? Nice graphics, nice effects. The storyline just kinda went into all directions and actions didn't seem to have any long-term consequences at all. And the ending felt not quite finished? Huh, I've seen worse movies I suppose.
#Movies #Netflix #Fantasy

I'm amused at The Worst Witch's solution of having a character played by a different actor in a next season. They just make it so that it's an accident with a transformation spell, and after all the drama of trying to change back they finally decide that it's too late to turn back to their original look. ๐Ÿ˜‹
#Series #Netflix #TheWorstWitch

Gotta love it when delivery companies are like 'Your package will be delivered between 13:00 and 18:00'. Gee, why not just take the whole day while you're at it? It'd be nice if they could narrow it down more as time passes, but nooooo....
(This is about DHL in this case)

Happy 32nd birthday Linux. Hereโ€™s your damn cake. Go ahead and compile it yourself!

Mm, 2 Windows updates later and it seems fixed. At least, I can use it again. :geblobcatshrug:

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My oven seems to blow my fuses every time I try to use it. Eh... okay, I've cut up the pizza in 4 pieces and am heating them up one by one in the airfryer. It works, just not that convenient but it tastes fine. :P

Might be due for a new oven.

I currently enjoy watching The Worst Witch on Netflix. The 2017 series, not the 1998 one. I did watch some of the latter on TV before, but visually that sucked.

I guess I like the concept of a witch academy. I mean, I have enjoyed Wednesday as well, and Little Witch Academia. Oh, and let's not forget Harry Potter, shall we? Though I enjoyed the books far more than the movies.

Might be that I actually enjoy stories that's in the real world but have a connection with the magical unknown. I know I've read a few great books with this concept, like The Dream Merchant (Dutch: De gevleugelde kat), and The Cabinet of Wonders (Dutch: De ogen van Kronos).

Mm, I think it might be time to revisit a few books I have. Got a little itch now to check out this genre again.

Of all the Donald Duck Pocket storylines, I think Superdonald might be my favorite.

I just finished reading the Premium 1 pocket featuring Superdonald. I might buy more of this (in second hand stores, gotta be cheap after all) with more Superdonald stories. Those are fullblown long stories, which I like.

Another contender is DubbelDuck (DoubleDuck, kinda a 007 spinoff), but I don't see that storyline very often. I see there's a DubbelDuck one with Premium 16, but a shitton of Superdonalds before it.

RWB (Ruimtewezenbestrijding, aka Men In Black spoof) can amuse me as well, but it's a bit too random. Only seeing them in regular Pockets for now. Probably for the best, it's probably way too random for a real long story.

I think I've gardened enough for today. Removed weeds and trimmed bushes for 1,5 hours. I'm totally broken now. :blobbroken:

At least my front garden is starting to look more presentable. Some of those weeds were starting to grow taller than I am. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

It was great gardening weather, and the front garden is in the shadow. Still very sweaty work though. And, of course, very dirty. Literally so. ๐Ÿ˜‹

Ah yes, not gonna be a quiet day today either. Neighbours are back from their holiday and are working on their extension again. There's a lot of dust coming from there, sigh.

Quick conspiracy theory-defeating tip: Look at rich people.

If cancer was secretly cured? Why do rich people die of it?

Adrenochrome-induced youth? Why does Rupert Murdoch look like a peanut?

If psychology is Fake Capitalism Stuff, why do rich people have psychiatrists, mental illnesses etc?

COVID hoax? Why did rich and powerful people rush to get vaccinated?

Always ask who benefits, and who ISN'T taking advantage.

#politics #conspiracy #criticalthinking

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