Not every day that you can manage to put a card battler game in an infinite loop and hang your system. A hard reboot was in order. ;)

For details: I was playing Ascension with the Immortal Heroes set. I regularly got the Wandering Askara cards, where if you banish both cards you get another turn after this one. Then those cards get dumped in The Void Pile.

I was far enough into the game where the Void Pile already had been put into the Center Row quite a few times. And ultimately there were only 3 cards left in the Center Row, the Void was empty. So I decided, eff it, I'm getting bored with replaying turns over and over again, I had so many points that the AI never could catch up anyway.

Yeah, the AI decided to eff it too. :D I guess it was never meant to go that far into the game with an almost empty Center Row!

I see Coolblue trucks passing by a lot lately. I guess they're doing great business. Wonder which part of them is the most profitable right now. Maybe the solar panels division?

I truly hate being sick. Full sinuses, full nose, chunky snots, ears and throat hurty. Yeah, I'm not really enjoying today here. :P

Ow, that hurts. Halfway back home a hailstorm decided to greet me. With a lot of enthusiasm. -.-

What the hell is Explorer Search smoking? I was searching for a certain keyword in the right area, no result. I thought I lost those files. I decided to search in my NextCloud instance to see if it's still lingering around there. I got a hit. I checked the folder, ... but that folder is synced! I checked my laptop again, and yes, the file is there! But Windows couldn't find it!

Moronic. :P

If you work with markdown and have to display spreadsheets regularly...
Bookmark this site.

You'll thank me later. :P

It sure's been crazy weather-wise the past few days. Right now? Snowing with big snowflakes. Earlier it hailed. Then it was sunny. then snow. Sunny. Snow. Hail. Sunny. Etc.

The snow doesn't stick around, though. Although maybe it will this evening, no more bright sun to melt them away.

Tomorrow it might still be crazy like this, and after then I hope the weather's stabilized and we get to face warmer days. I'm tired of this coldness out there.

Boy boy boy boy, what a clusterfuck. But as expected, Fanatical did the extra mile by re-distributing the new keys around to everyone who bought a bundle with that game in it years ago. Kudos for Fanatical, best bundle site I know of. Even better than Humble the last few years.

For me (and in general, everybody who bought that bundle) this issue's resolved. But the shitstorm just started for the devs as apparently the accused publisher was 'not amused' and is possibly going to take legal action.

Whee, drama!

I really couldn't care less of the outcome, but eh. *Grabs popcorn* ;)

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Whee, it's snowed, and the snow's gone already. There might be more precipitation like this in the coming time.

We do have a saying for this month:
April doet wat 'ie wil.

This is going to be a cold week.

I should buy aubergine more often. The airfryer is actually damn useful here. The whole house now smells of grilled vegetables and garlic. Yum!

For people not aware, IndieGala does have a page with a bunch of freebie games for anyone to play.

There are quite a few nice games in there, and at a quick glance there are at least 3 games featuring cats. ;)

Watching some random new non-serious series on Netflix to figure out what I'd like to watch the coming time. Stumbled on Family Reunion. I'm not entirely sure yet what to think of it, it starts out pretty corny though there were some nice bits too. Hope the corniness gets toned down in later episodes, otherwise it feels too forced, and forced jokes never become great.

Oh, neat. Now the devs kinda realized they've been dumdum and should've contacted the bundle site to compare keys against so that keys of legitimate customers would not have been revoked.

Chances are that the bundle site will redistribute the new keys, at least I'm expecting that scenario.
Not going to solve 100% of the issues here, but it will at least be a godawfully huge chunk of the players in that time period.

That game dev is totally fucked with its reputation, alright.

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Wow, that's a new one. Bought a game from a trustworthy bundle site years ago, and now it got its key revoked because the dev has some issues with the publisher or some such? Like, what? What's that got to do with us, the players?

I'm now seeing a big review-bombing unfold on the store page of that game. Very curious how that's going to get resolved but I can say the reputation of that dev is utter shit right now. Like, yeah, that was a great idea to revoke keys of probably tens of thousands of players after 3 years. /s

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why did nobody tell me that a fucking bartender in west virginia declared himself mayor he could lobby for a bridge to be built (because, like, kids were dropping out of school and all the industry in the area was closing because you couldn't get there, and ... after some of the local owning class decided that only the company got to use their service road)

and he reached out to various parts of the local government, and he got stonewalled, so he reached out to the foreign aid office of the fuckin' SOVIET UNION

and the soviets sent over a goddamn journalist to write about the situation, and the state pretty much immediately went "umm yeah we'll build the bridge" so that this village didn't have to get foreign aid from the Soviets

it's Vulcan, WV; look it up

W00t! I finally beat The Master in Fate Hunters. It ain't a Slay the Spire, but it's still a good card battler!

My winning setup was with the Arcanist. Upon leveling up I went Magic Missiles as much as I could, or at least a duplicator card to make a copy of it eventually!

After the first few lootings I just stopped picking up loot altogether if it was not a healing potion or extra XP. I couldn't care less about mundane weapons which only did 1-7 damage if one of my Magic Missiles could do 10+ damage!

That was fun. I'll see someday if I can win with the other classes as well.

Bored? Time to go play some Fontemon, then!
Finished playing Fontemon? Go make your own Font Game!

Wow, uh, trailers for mobile games have come a long way. Whoever made this should try to make a full blown movie, that was seriously some watch.

And then I look at the game screens of Warpath and I'm like 'meh'. Such a contrast. ;)

I'd definitely watch the movie!

That magpie is at it again. It's picking up twigs from the ground. I dare say that one twig is almost too large for the bird, since it had trouble flying away with that. :D

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