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What should I use instead of and for a web application in Node.js in 2023? Can someone summarise pros and cons of the most popular alternatives? I see way too many…


Alternatives to :

Koa, which can either replace or complement both Express and Connect.

Fastify, which looks straightforward and very similar to Express. Plugin for templating (supporting Handlebars, Mustache, Pug and EJS): @fastify/view.

NestJS, which seems too convoluted and probably redundant since it works on top of either Express or Fastify (?).

Meteor: more of a platform. No tutorial for vanilla JS (only for React, Vue, etc), and not oriented towards SSR.

I’ll probably go for or .

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@tripu I don't know which project you have in mind, but I would very much would like to do something with Django and htmx (htmx.org/) or unpoly (unpoly.com/).

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