Joined gab last night...Not sure why, but have some reservations about it....didn't when I joined here, was just feed up with fake news and dishonest people shoving their philosophies down everyones throat. Just my opinion but everything cannot be accepted as right or ok just because you want it, Right? Right and wrong exists just like honestly and dishonesty does. Consequences come with every decision we make, and is why we should carefully make them, because of the impact they my have on not only ourselves but our loved ones, friends, and neighbors. Just was on my mind...would love a few options about being a member on gab, I am not hard one way or the other but do try to stand for what is fair, right and wrong not only for myself but those around me and realize that just one decision no matter how small we may think it is at the time can chage the course of your life for years


Deleted the gab account....Not saying it was bad , but after looking around the site just not good for me...

However I did find a couple groups of interest such as learning online coding and vegetable gardening...maybe I can find something like that on here as well, not sure still learning

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Its a mess of a network and you can probably find other groups of interest in those subjects elsewhere. Its filled with nutjobs and extremists and shock posts.

Some people have some ballistic opposition to it, and if you are even remotely heard of being near it then they will block or ban you. Some will even go so far as to make in their personal mission to "cancel" you in all aspects, although to be fair they typically only do this if you actually say something terrible.

Go on git or google sometime to see the witch hunt of Fedilab about simply not implementing a hardcoded block to Gab. They didn't advocate it, nor advertise it, the developer just didn't think it prudent to make decisions on behalf of their users.

To be fair I'm all for freedom of association, and that includes from it, so that's their right... however if you crucify too many people about not sharing your personal jihad, you'll end up being as ostracized as those you seek to exile.

@82wrangler @greylaw89

Kris's post was right on - I am glad you went to see for yourself, and realized the content there can be pretty nasty.

I have had contact with other instances admins, in regards of our own instance being blocked because we don't block certain instances (gab and its affiliates) which they are opposed to. So we get black listed (in a failry large Tech themed instance, no less) for simply not blocking anyone unless there is a problem and it cannot be solved.

There is this hard nosed attitude, which I can understand (I do block gab and company from my personal account, not wishing to have arguments with them). But it's disheartening to see the positioning some people take (guilty by association, even if we did not wrong).

Free online coding and other courses, check out Wolfram University -- they have many free courses and are a nice place to learn.

@design_RG @82wrangler

Its a bit ridiculous. If they want to go all "6 degrees of Kevin Bacon"y on people, then they should set up a trial for themselves first. For knowing a guy that knows a guy that might have known Trump at some point.

I'm new to Mastodon, but I did a bit of research before joining and it seems this is / was a haven many of the people tired of the overarching portrait of society on Twitter fled to, particularly on the left. Gab was the haven for those on the right, and they were usually banned instead of self selecting out of the Twitter ecosystem like the leftists.

I understand the desire not to talk to banned shitposters all day, so I get their desire to isolate themselves.

I just want the freedom to manage my own choices, and I'll block Gab (and the numerous and ever larger porn instances) as soon as I am competent enough to do so. (Since the Federated Timeline is a bit.... schizophrenic... its not something I visit often anyway)

@greylaw89 @design_RG
Yes I am finding that timeline a bit frustrating as well so I found few posts on the local that interested me, then searxhed their follows and a few days later we are chatting...I like this platform and those I have had a chance to associate with, even muted and blocked a few that I had nothing in common

@design_RG @greylaw89
Thanks for the heads up, my job requires troubleshooting of photo eyes, plc and i/o cards as well and many other control circuits. Even if I do not become efficient, it would be another piece of puzzle to consider when

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