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* Letter to a Japanese Friend, Winter Solstice *

Just now finished writing a letter to a good friend, a Japanese lady who is my penpal via the Slowly app.

My friend sent me a nice letter and described some local customs, including the one that explains the image in the post.

Now the story is on my blog:

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* Memories, a visit to the Archeology Museum *

It started this morning, the thread. And over short posts, someone told a story. Of a Greek man, who lived in antiquity, by the Mediterranean side; in a city whose name is still preserved, and today is written "Marseille".

This series of posts was interesting, liked it and went to the top to find the rest.

Enjoying his post, I remembered similar thoughts, of History, and how things worked, how small bits and pieces came to me as I visited an exposition, at the Archeological Museum, in Lisbon.

Now the story is on my blog:

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A nice set of guidelines and tips for new Users 

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"The Web We Have to Save
The rich, diverse, free web that I loved — and spent years in an Iranian jail for — is dying.

Why is nobody stopping it?"

Amazing art on the post header. See the FULL SIZE image here, lots of detail:*DLI

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QOTO and off-topic Toots - long post 

The Atlantic's article mentioned in previous post is this one:

"The Supreme Court’s Wisconsin Decision Is a Terrible Sign for November

The justices are forcing citizens to choose between voting and staying safe from the coronavirus. This fall’s election could be no different."

We can't make this up. The Supreme Court of the USA is so badly bent, it's not even funny.

The Atlantic has a fresh article discussing possible outcomes for a November pandemic election...
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But their Wisconsin Republican mass-murder-at-the-ballot election coverage? Chef's kiss. The epitome of "Ha ha, only serious."

"Wisconsin Primary Voters Receive ‘I Voted’ Gravestones"

European Modern Architecture is one of my favourite styles.

Things have gone generally downhill afterwards.
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Museum Quadrat (1974-82) in Bottrop, Germany, by Bernhard Küppers

"Coronavirus: 'Pets no risk to owners' vets stress
By Victoria Gill Science correspondent, BBC News "

"Veterinary scientists have recommended cat owners keep their pets indoors to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus among animals.

But the British Veterinary Association stressed "owners should not worry" about risk of infection from pets.

"There isn't a single case of a pet dog or cat infecting a human with Covid-19," Dr Angel Almendros, from City University in Hong Kong, told BBC News.

Research has shown cats may be able to catch the virus from other cats. "

Sharp and athletic. Way to go, Aries.

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Don’t worry! I was close the ground. Being a cat, I wanted to climb the rocks, so Mom helped me out just a little bit. (Dec 2019)

A lovely Grey! Happy Birthday Alice...

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Happy Birthday to my sister Alice 🎈 She is 2 years old today 😻 Love you, little sis 😻🐾

A Gallery with beautiful photos of the SuperMoon which is happening again now.

Photo by Martin Bennett, agency AFP, take in Santiago, Chile.

Second image shows the actual distance between the Moon and our planel over time, with the largest Moon being at the closest range, like now.

A beautiful story that got mentioned in The Guardian. I immediately thought of mentioning it to our team, who have helped so many of us to connect likewise. Stay safe friends, and thank you.
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My Grandad is 93 and currently in isolation of cou…

Worth mentioning the in Brazil, copycat president Jair Bolsonaro is also pushing hard for this drug -- to the point of almost firing his Health Minister early this week over his resistance to wholesale usage of an untested treatment like this.

"Hydroxychloroquine: how an unproven drug became Trump’s coronavirus 'miracle cure' "

An excellent and detailed article on The Guardian, explaining about the initial French small scale study of the application of Hydroxychloroquinone, an anti malarial drug, for Covid-19 patients.

And the right wing wholesale adoption of it as a wonder drug. worthy, imo.

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