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A nice set of guidelines and tips for new Users 

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7 Signs someone is a Witch. 

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"The Web We Have to Save
The rich, diverse, free web that I loved β€” and spent years in an Iranian jail for β€” is dying.

Why is nobody stopping it?"

Amazing art on the post header. See the FULL SIZE image here, lots of detail:*DLI

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Don't feel bad, you are seeing a dialogue and a democracy at its best.

If you understand better what this instance is all about, you can help by trying to post more along the lines that help make it an attractive place.

There are many, many instances, and lots of places for "General", one liner, micro blogging kind of posts.

Those more or less baffle me, as I had always written in Forums, longer posts, rich content was usual. Some bantering was normal, but Forums also allow different areas - so there might have been a part of the Forum where off-topic posts were acceptable.

Here, we all post and it shows in one single Location -- the Local feed, and every post anyone makes is bounced all over the planet; occupies disk space, uses network data transfers to reach the remotest corners.

Sometime in the future, Mastodon should support a purely local instance - a posting area that does NOT go out to the network at all, and would be ideal for banter, little jokes, etc.

Even when that happen, we still need to not irk the people who come here for the Science, Tech, Eng and Math content.

Don't be sorry, just adjust if you like and join the discussions. If you are friendly, a good thing is to post a welcome response to any new user making their first post.

I know it's always important, and I was at the receiving end of that welcome not long ago, indeed.

So I try to respond to their posts as soon as I see them, and this can be done by any member of the site.

I have been aroudn the Sun a few times, we all learn and grow. Carry on, little sister. Thank you.

πŸŒ„ 🌠 ⭐
@freemo @moonshine

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QOTO and off-topic Toots - long post 

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Is there such a thing as Rate-My-Instance ? 

Some Lovely Linux desktops I have seen. 

Not too many users, but a verbose group. Another instance I hang out at. :thumbsup_hmn_g1:

Adding a second screenshot, Pinafore is just so delightful as a client. Look at the Image description box, to assist our visually impaired users. :love_parrot:

@nolan It does not have this problem with another instance I also use it, and supports 10,000 chars. They are running Glitch-soc there, which seems to communicate the limit to Pinafore fine.

Man, I love Pinafore! What a nice and FAST client...

If I could only get it to allow me more than 500 characters... Pity it right now shows 356 chars left.

when this account at Qoto allows up to 65,000 characters. I had tried it weeks ago, it became my fave with it's speed and sleek interface.

But I am verbose, and neeeed the extra characters.

@nolan , any suggestions? Sorry to bother you.

Unix Programmer's Manual November 3, 1971 

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@design_RG @realcaseyrollins @maison_faim @Curator
Curator is awesome as is that instance. If you like home grown art they are the person to follow and the instance to check out!

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Is there such a thing as Rate-My-Instance ? 

Is there such a thing as Rate-My-Instance ? 

Great fun to see my Mastodon post, the original above, crossing over there via Birdsite Firefox extension.

TW post is at

Not usual for me to ask, but... A quick question.

Any way to post an image in a toot without having to upload the image into the message or copy/paste into it?

Tried <img src:" " tag and it doesn't convert to an image.

Reason for asking - hate to be re-uploading and taking space on servers with multi copies of same thing. TY.

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Me: * googles "Free Speech Mastodon Instance" *

Google: Oh you mean "Nazi Mastodon Instance"

Me: Heck no!

LOLZ.... πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸˆ

I'm so over the cats chewing on/ jumping in the christmas tree 😐 the internet's given me a few solutions, which one to use... πŸ€”πŸ˜„ why do cats hate christmas?! πŸ˜‚

For Halloween this year, lucky Rolf of Warwick and Sherry both dressed up in Style.

"Kiki's Delivery Service" is one of my most loved by Studio . Superb drawing and story lines.
I just found out that my friend Sherry is going to look after me on the evening of Halloween ag…

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@design_RG πŸ‘πŸΎ which is why I might just make this account my main.

429 Throttling, you say? 

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