2+2 is easy enough. What is up with all of this uncertainty and confusion? The numbers just don't add up in many areas. I'm not sure why, but it feels like the calm before the storm. The last couple of days have been very unsettling. Can someone shed some light or is it just me feeling this way?

Covid-19 for one, our economy, what is really going on right now was the general theme of my post

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@82wrangler There is a suprising lack of detail in this post that makes it hard to respond to.. not sure what your referring to specifically.

@82wrangler Ahh, in what way isnt it "adding up"... seems to be pretty much as expected to me.. Epidemic hits, one we are long overdue for and narrowly missed before.. economy crashes as world is crippled...

Where are things not adding up in your opinion?

@freemo Death rates for one. If you look at the rates for the normal flu for example, they are much higher than for covid. So is a quarantine really necessary, or is the quarantine being done for other reasons? I have lived long enough to know when simple things dont add up, something is about to change... On top of that usally it is not a welcomed change!

@82wrangler No they arent, the death rate for a normal flu is about 0.04%, the death rate for Covid is measures around 8% but in actuality is probably closer to 3%. Much much higher.

@82wrangler With that said I wouldn't be surprised if governments use this opportunity to take advantage, they do that all the time. so concerns about oppressive changes on the horizon are completely valid IMO.

But claiming the mortality rate on COVID is no higher than the flu is dead wrong.

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