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🏆 The wait is over! AI4Life’s 2nd Open Call saw 51 fantastic applications, and now 7 projects are selected for Deep Learning support! Congrats to all selected and thanks to everyone who applied! 🙌

🎥 Discover what is and its impact on the field of and through the eyes of Joran Deschamps from @humantechnopole; and Craig Russell from @emblebi

🎥 We've interviewed Joanna Hård, CEO of Amun AI, a startup from KTH, who shares insights on their Hypha platform and the synergy with AI4Life:

Curious about the organization of AI4Life? Find out how the project is structured and discover who's guiding it by visiting our new Governance page:

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Delighted to share the recordings & open training materials from '#EuroBioImaging's Guide to FAIR BioImage Data' workshop that took place in May 2024. Check out these fabulous resources to support your #FAIRdata journey ⤵️

🚀 The AI4Life Denoising Challenge is now open for submissions!
🔍 Explore different datasets and showcase your skills in image denoising by competing on any of the four leaderboards: 2 on structured and 2 on unstructured noise.
📥 Submit by June 10th!

📢 Free registration is open for the Workshop & Uploathon hosted by AI4Life! Learn everything about AI-driven microscopy image analysis from top experts in the field.
🗓️ June 10-14
📍 Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
⏳ Register before May 26:

After a day and a half of in the cloud with by the IDR team, Damian Dalle Nogare takes over a practical session to apply several models for cell segmentation using

Day 3 wraps up with a technical session by Craig Russell, exploring the core concepts of and applying them in practice with PyTorch.

Check out the tutorial:

@gomez_mariscal leads a practical session, demonstrating segmentation using StarDist running locally using and @Docker

Wei Ouyang has introduced the ecosystem built around @bioimageio within AI4Life, including Hypha, BioEngine, the @bioimageio ChatBot... at the Microscopy data analysis@EBItraining course

Dominik Kutra from the ilastik team is guiding a practical session on using ilastik for tasks during the EBI course microscopy data analysis. His top tip: For any questions, be sure to check out! 🖥️🔬

Day 3 of the EBI training virtual course "Microscopy data analysis: ML and the BioImage Archive" is dedicated to AI4Life 🦒. We start with Anna Kreshuk lecturing on Ilastik and She highlights the need to have a shared format for models understood by all tools

Did you know that EMBL-EBI hosts several bioimaging resources? BioImage Archive, BioStudies and EMPIAR are now being presented by Matthew Hartley, Craig Russell, Ugis Sarkans and Awais Athar in the Microscopy Data Analysis course

🔬💻 The EMBL-EBI virtual course "Microscopy data analysis: machine learning and the BioImage Archive" starts today! The week comes packed with insights into , Bioimage Archive, AI4Life tools, and more!

📢 2nd Open Call Update: We've received 51 applications and completed eligibility checks & expert reviews.

Read more:
Next up: consultation phase! Pre-selected projects will be notified soon. Stay tuned for more updates!

🎥 Missed our AI4Life Virtual Pub session? No worries, you can watch it now:

Tools from AI4Life that anyone can use! 🛠️

💻 If you missed the AI4Life's hackathon 2 weeks back, you can catch up on all the developments in this article:

Thanks to all the amazing participants and AI Health Innovation Cluster for the sponsorship!

🦒 Curious about the story behind AI4Life's logo? Our latest post features a contest with explanations from project partners of why we chose a charming giraffe as our mascot. Congratulations to the winners!

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