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Dive into our achievements, milestones, and publications. Stay connected with AI4Life!

🗓️ Mark your calendars! AI4Life is hosting a Hackathon & Solvathon event on October 10-13, 2023. Come and engage with the AI4Life partners, it is open to all! Secure your spot before the 8th Sept:


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Deadline TODAY to submit abstracts for #ASCB2023 talks - consider submitting to one of these microscopy / bioimage analysis sessions!

"Beyond pretty pictures"- focus on insight

"Deep Learning and AI in Cell Imaging" - analysis tools and methods


The AI4Life Summer Newsletter is out! 🌞🌴📰 Selected projects collaborating with our AI experts from the first Open Call, Hackathon/Solvathon after 2nd General Assembly & more! Don't forget to sign up for quarterly updates:


Get ready for a game-changing development! AI4Life and @LeicaMicro have joined forces to integrate models from @bioimageio into @AiviaSoftware. Industry-academia teamwork in action! 🔬🚀


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Nature Methods is out with a Focus Issue on the future of bioimage analysis. Lots of short opinion pieces… it’s great to hear our community talk about our community in so many different but inspiring ways!

Thanks @Rita_Strack for making this happen (and for inviting us to be part of it!



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@AI4Life The final selection of 8 AI4Life Open Call projects is now official!

But wow, we received so many good projects and are now trying to connect them to other helping hands!

Thank you all, the people applying, the reviewers, all supporters! 🙏

📢 Open Call update: We're thrilled to announce the selected projects in the first AI4Life Open Call:

Thank you all for your applications, we can't wait to dive in and start working on these projects!

New training videos! @cfusterbarcelo is working on automatically creating training videos in collaboration with @gtn. Learn how to use the BioImage Model Zoo with the new slide decks and videos:


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When Wei Ouyang is calling for an @AI4Life hackathon on Web and Cloud Infrastructure for AI-Powered BioImage Analysis at @scilifelab in Stockholm, many of us are delighted to join. 🚂 ✈️ 🚕
More info while the week unfolds!!! 😊

📢 Open Call update: All (164!) reviews are done for the 6️⃣1️⃣ projects that passed the eligibility check. Huge thanks to the 15 experts who helped us! Next step: processing them. Stay tuned as the international selection panel makes the difficult decisions in late June.
QT: qoto.org/@AI4Life/110254156610

📢 Open Call update: We received 72 applications!!! Our team is carefully analyzing them and is thrilled to see the diverse range of needs and field...

Looking for an engaging Friday read? Check out the comprehensive report by @gomez_mariscal in @focalplane_jcs, highlighting AI4Life's active participation at the 5th @NEUBIAS_ Conference:


@gomez_mariscal takes over from Dominik to perform boosted instance with @deepImageJ and run superresolution models in @FijiSc, all of them available in @bioimageio 🦒

Dominik Kutra from @ilastik_team help trainees with in ilastik, explore and discover the tools in the @bioimageio 🦒 and run the model zoo models in ilastik.

And now comes the hands-on session! How to look for a model in @bioimageio to segment Bacillus Subtilis bacteria? Can the model be downloaded and run? @gomez_mariscal teaches all this and more!

Day 3 of the @EBItraining course Microscopy data analysis dedicated to starts with @gomez_mariscal presenting the BioImage Model Zoo (@bioimageio). Discover this community website for pre-trained models in :


Time to dive into the world of bioimages and analysis resources at @emblebi. Matthew Hartley shows how to access/submit data in different ways at the @BioimageA and how important the metadata is for that matter! @EBItraining

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And now we move to ! 🔥 @guijacquemet takes the stage for an insightful lecture on the usage of Deep Learning in Image Analysis @EBItraining

And now we move to ! 🔥 @guijacquemet takes the stage for an insightful lecture on the usage of Deep Learning in Image Analysis @EBItraining

and Matthew Hartley start with an introduction to and how extracting meaningful information from images is challenging but possible thanks to methods

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